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Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great pleasure I am releasing my fan edit, 'Star Wars: Episode 1: Army of the Republic'

To be completely honest, I felt it would be easiest to start with the fan edit by HAL 9000, known as ‘The Approaching Storm,’ as a foundation for further editing; just to get that out of the way.

  • Fanedit name: ‘Star Wars: Episode 1: Army of the Republic’
  • Original work: ‘Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones’
  • Fanedit release date: October 26, 2023
  • Original runtime: 2:22:27
  • New runtime: 2:00:26
  • Type of fan edit: Feature
    Change List:
  • Light blue, instead of yellow, Star Wars logo and text crawl.
  • Re-written text crawl.
  • Text fades in showing which planet we are on now.
  • Added in lightsaber duel from ‘Kenobi’ series.
  • Cut out as much Jar-Jar as I could, but I realized that his request for emergency powers for Palpatine is important, so I ended up keeping that.
  • Cut scene of Zam Wesell deploying her droid, so the killer worms can be more of a surprise.
  • Implemented “Grandmaster’s Jam Session” from ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ into the night club scene to add to the alien nightlife type of environment.
  • Added in scene of droid analyzing toxic dart; Obi-Wan’s line “I know who can identify this” has a good lead-in to the next scene, in my opinion.
  • Cut scene of Anakin and Padme basically arguing politics; in the original film, there are so many things that, as an adult, made me wonder how these two could end up together, and this was one of them.
  • Right after Anakin’s montage of searching for his mother, Shmi Skywalker, there’s more of a hard cut to the next scene; I felt that would be more appropriate than the traditional SW wipe transition.
  • Right when Anakin begins to strike back at the Tusken Raiders, there’s a hard cut instead of a wipe; I felt it would be more appropriate and hit harder.
  • In the scene of Republic Senators overlooking the clone troopers, I used “Vode An” in the soundtrack. It’s an epic Mandalorian song, and I feel like it fits with the Mandalorian background of Jango Fett; plus, I feel like it fits with the dramatic anticipation of going into full-scale galactic warfare.
  • Last but not least, inserted a teaser intro for Ahsoka Tano in a way that I think would be a little cheeky.

That should cover all of the changes.

I understand if my fan edit may or may not be one of the popular ones.

At the end of the day, I’m simply trying to have fun and make what I would like.

Thank you for understanding! 😃

If you would like a link to watch my fan edit, feel free to PM me. 😃

The Star Wars Fan Edits Request Thread: Request the links to Star Wars fan edits here

Recently, I attempted to re-visit HAL9000’s fan edit, “The Approaching Storm,” but it looked like the video was gone, for whatever reason.

Because of that, I’ve been re-editing “Attack of the Clones,” using his edit list for reference.

Figured I’d still ask:

Does anyone have a functional link to “The Approaching Storm”?

Thanks in advance!

Evangelion: (Dark) Angel Cut

Basically, I enjoyed the recent Evangelion tetralogy, but I realized that I had an itch for the older series.

I thought, “This isn’t what I remembered.” What I realized I did recall was the helter-skelter montage known as ‘Death and Rebirth,’ which actually does a shoddy job of summarizing the series.

Ended up watching all 26 episodes and then ‘The End of Evangelion.’

After brainstorming a bit, I have a solid plan to edit together the 26 episodes into three movies, with ‘The End of Evangelion’ being the fourth; I already moved the credits from the middle of the movie to the end.

Also, I found three synthwave covers of three songs from the series, which will play during the end credits; currently trying to find a good apocalyptic-style song to play after ‘The End of Evangelion.’

Currently, this is a work in progress; I’ll keep y’all updated.

Serial Experiments: Lain: Episode 1: Weird

While reviewing the first episode of the anime series ‘Serial Experiments: Lain,’ I had an idea:

The very first scene can be removed in favor of introducing the title character and also maintaining a greater sense of mystery surrounding her deceased classmate.

I’m compressing my fan edit right now; will upload to Google Drive soon.

Montage: Anakin and Ahsoka

The other day, I ended up revising a montage that I had in ‘Labyrinth of Evil,’ a fan edit that combines several episodes from ‘The Clone Wars.’

This time, I played around with including more of a variety of shots that show Anakin and Ahsoka fighting and growing throughout the war.

Also, I made sure to include a scene where Anakin saves Ahsoka, as well as a scene where Ahsoka saves Anakin.

I like this version of the montage much better.



Revenge of the Sith: A Novel Fan Edit (released)

Re-wrote the novelization of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ into the present tense and removed some scenes I felt weren’t as vital to the rest, similar to my fan edit of the film.

Re-arranged some bits in the very beginning so that it starts with an action scene, in the Battle of Coruscant, and then explains the situation in the Galaxy at large, etc.

Inserted a few scenes from the ‘Ahsoka’ novel, as well as the scene of Ahsoka talking to the Jedi Council.

This has been a nice passion project, but right now, I may want to let it go for a bit while I focus on my work life and trying to improve my self in general.

Eventually, I may re-visit this novel fan edit and attempt a better version of this. We shall see.


It’s all written in manuscript format, in a Courier font.

Also, it’s kind of unusual in how each new chapter begins on the same page as the last one; it’s all one continuous document, with no page breaks. It’s a thing you rarely see in novels, and I figured I’d give it a try here.