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Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general

On a different note, I've been listening to clips of the various dubs of DB as I go through the jp subbed version. Obviously the Funi dub is the easiest to find, and honestly I think it would be the worst if it weren't for Hamony Gold's dub changing the names of everyone. The Blue Water dub is bad, but still better than the Funi dub. Of the dubs, the Funi/BLT dub seems to be the best one, but it only covers the first 13 episodes. Of course, I haven't heard a single segment of the Harmony Gold, Animax, or Filipino dub, so as of the dubs I heard even a little of...

Japanese with subs > Funimation/BLT > Blue Water > Funimation

What do you think of this opinion?

On yet another note, is it possible to combine sources to get the best detail of both? Like the DBZ Dragon Box (Funi or Toei, it doesn't matter) and the Level Blu-Rays? Or the Funi/BLT VHS tapes and the first saga set (VHS of course has lower resolution, but the saga sets are poorly encoded)?

Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general

supervillianx51 said:

Dale Kelly's last Episode was 179 Free the Future, and some point around episodes 145-150 on DVD FUNimation started getting Hebert to redub the Narrator ultimately erasing Dale kelly from the product.

Wish they would do a Rock the Dragon release for the original broadcast dub of episodes 54-276, the original single DVDs don't contain every preview, and all of Dale Kelly's hilariously bad but funny Narrator material isn't completely available in a studio quality release.

Interesting fact, a lot of the FUNi previews for Z aren't the same as the original Japanese previews which is why there aren't any dub previews on the FUNimation Dragon box

Doesn't the Westwood/Ocean dub use the censored Funi release in all but the last four episodes? I'd bet that if a Rock the Dragon style release was given for the rest of DBZ, the Westwood dub would be included in it.

Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general

I just finished episode 68. I can't believe that they managed to sneak a frame of boobs (with no nipples) in a show for kids. How they can show perverts and porn stashes on a show for kids is something i'll never figure out :P.

I also can't believe how much they dragged the destruction of the Red Ribbon base. What took 4 episodes could have easily taken 2 or even 1. Ironically, I felt like Aggressive!Lunch's character development from always hostile to at least showing loyalty went too fast, to the point that I felt like I missed something. Am I right in saying that DBZ is even worse than that with its pacing?

edit: I forgot to talk about the Dr. Slump crossover episodes...why is there living poop? Placed on sticks? Do people eat the poop?

Don't answer that...

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, is about to hit Sweden's cinemas in 3D, dubbed into Swedish, a move which has infuriated die-hard fans and prompting them to lobby for a boycott of the film.

At first I thought the boycott was because it was TPM, even though it's my favorite of the prequels.

I don't understand what's wrong with dubbing when it comes to kids/family franchises, and Star Wars is just that. I'm sure the subbed version will still exist. Besides, what if the dub is very good?

Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general

Thanks for the wake up call bkev (although it's really my bedtime :P)

I guess I got so caught up in the preservation aspect that I didn't even think of "give me free stuff" as a reason for not releasing it to the public.

You say he's sending the tapes to FUNimation, eh? Good luck with that, considering how lazy they are with their DB releases (First they start out with the competent Level sets, then they decide quality is too expensive and release the heavily DVNR'd and 16:9 cropped Season Blu-Rays. The main reason to choose the Season Blu-Rays over the Orange Bricks is that the Blu-Rays pan and scan rather than just crop. Of course, most, if not all of the DB Blu-Rays have lossless audio, but is it really worth it? If FUNi releases another Orange Brick/Season Blu-Ray type release with the Original Broadcast Audio, I guarantee that certain fans would rip said audio and try to sync it with the Level sets and/or the Dragon Box (either FUNi or Japanese) video.

edit: What does "Hulu hash ad" mean?

edit 2: Just noticed this. Looks interesting...

edit 3: I'm an idiot.

Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general

I listened to small clips of the English Uncut Funi dub of the original Dragon Ball, and wasn't impressed, so I'm sticking with the original Japanese. Shame it's stuck in mono, and it isn't even Dragon Box quality of course. If only Kei17 wouldn't be so greedy and release all of the Original Broadcast Audio to the public.

As for the subbed version, I've seen up to (but not including) episode 50. A pretty wild ride so far. Sometimes I'm amazed that it was shown to children in Japan considering the...crude humor. Although I admit it did make me chuckle a little.

Honestly, of the sub releases of the original Dragon Ball, what do you like the best?

1. Saga Sets

Pros: not as zoomed as Blue Bricks.

Cons: First 13 episodes only uncut in Australia, meaning PAL conversion is likely.; poor compression.

Meh: Japanese Title cards.

2. Blue Bricks/*******.*** um....

Pros: Better compression/quality than Saga Sets; First 13 episodes are uncut (and may or may not have new transfers); probably cheaper than Saga Sets.

Cons: More zoomed than Saga Sets; Mild DVNR applied (nowhere near as bad as the DBZ Orange Bricks and the DBZ Season Blu-Rays)

Meh: No Japanese Title cards.

3. Hulu

Pros: Everything is free and legal.

Cons: Linux support is abysmal; commercial breaks (and fade ins/fade outs)

Meh: I have no idea what transfer is used, and how it compares to the other two English releases.

I know I haven't gotten that far yet, but I'm considering watching the original DBZ with subs instead of watching Kai first. Do the Funi Dragon Box subs cover everything, including the recaps that other releases lack?