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What is the copyright status of the post 1997 special editions?

I’m almost certainly going to be long dead before this question becomes important (thanks Berne Convention), but I wanted to ask anyway. You have the original unaltered trilogy, copyrighted 1977/1980/1983. Then you have the 1997 Special Editions, which I believe are copyrighted for the same year, given the mention in the closing credits.

What about the 2004 revision? Or the 2011 revision? Or the 2019 revision? The closing credits for the original trilogy have never been altered since the 1997 release. When the 1997 SE eventually enters the public domain in the 2100s, will the newer revisions immediately be placed in the public domain alongside them, or have they been copyrighted for their respective dates? And what about foreign dubs?

schorman's HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation (Released)

DvdPlayerHacker said:

How would these compare to the 2011 blu rays? I remember someone once saying these were 1080i rather than 1080p but I can’t really confirm that source.

That depends on what aspect you’re referring to. I believe the main sources that schorman uses were originally 1080i50 tv recordings from europe. That is, the footage was sped up to 25 frames per second and a 2:2 pulldown is applied. To remove the interlacing, all that is necessary in this case is to merge every two fields. The footage is then slowed down to 24000/1001 and sync’d up with the dvd audio.

TPM and AOTC use completely different video masters here than in the 2011 Blu-ray. ROTS has a different color palate in the 2011 but doesn’t look that much different otherwise. The original trilogy takes the 2004 master and some fixes, but also some more unnecessary changes.

At any rate, the 2011 Blu-rays have a higher bitrate than schorman’s, and the 2020 UHD Blu-rays have an even higher bitrate. (the prequel trilogy masters are very similar to the 2011 Blu-rays, while the original trilogy uses brand new masters)

I think it depends on what you’re looking for.

For the original trilogy, if you’re ignoring options like team negative one’s work, D+, Harmy’s etc and want to choose only between schorman’s, 2011, and 2019/2020… there are areas where the 2004/2011 master looks better and areas where the 2019 master looks better. Schorman’s is less altered than 2011 and 2019, but if the 2011 changes don’t bother you than it really doesn’t matter which of the three you pick. That said, if Maclunky bothers you, then you can ignore 2019 ANH, but that’s the only “major” change the 2019 master has in all three films from the 2011, so…

Concerning the prequels: If the 2011 changes for ROTS don’t bother you (some added moss in Kashyyyk, some added sound effects for the clones), then it doesn’t really matter which of the two versions you pick.

The Phantom Menace, aside from visual changes like CGI Yoda and audio changes like the removal of the “Vote now!” chanting, one of the biggest changes is that the video masters are very different. I believe the 2001 master might have more edge enhancement. The 2011 master might have been better if it wasn’t smudged to oblivion. The 2019 master adds one minor change to the podracing sequence, but it’s not something you’d notice unless you were looking for it (a visual change when Anakin was reaching out for a cable)

Attack of the Clones, the biggest thing the 2011 and 2019 masters have going for them compared to the 2002 master is a bigger bitrate and and even bigger bitrate. The quality otherwise is a definite downgrade, and some scenes are rearranged for no apparent reason that interferes with the music (anakin and obi-wan flying through a power coupling, yoda stopping the pillar from crushing anakin and obi-wan and count dooku escaping). I’d stick with the 2002 master, but the 2011 and 2019 don’t have any significant changes between each other (the 2019 might have a better color palate than the 2011? I’m not sure)

The last thing of note is that for all six films, the 2019 masters are very slightly cropped on the top and bottom to match the sequel trilogy’s aspect ratio.

Star Wars 1977 70mm sound mix recreation [stereo and 5.1 versions now available] (Released)

Not that I know much about SE audio mixes, but I was under the impression that only ANH got a brand new audio mix for the 2004 release (largely inferior to the 97 mix), while ESB and ROTJ’s audio mixes were based on the 97 mixes with some changes, much like how ANH’s 1993 audio mix deviated from the original 35mm stereo mix a lot more than the 93 mixes of ESB and ROTJ.

edit: Oh, didn’t realize that I bumped the thread by accident. Sorry.

How bad is the crop of the 2019 master of Empire Strikes Back compared to other releases?

I know that the 2019 master of Empire Strikes Back is zoomed in and moved to the right compared to the “HD Branch”, to the point that the end credits are no longer centered. However, in comparison to other releases, both official and unofficial, I don’t know how problematic it is. For example, with A New Hope, the Silver Screen Edition shows more picture than the HD Branch, which shows a slight amount more picture than the 2019 master (owing mainly to the crop to the sequel trilogy’s aspect ratio), which IIRC shows more picture than 4K77. However, I don’t remember 4k77 getting the complaints 2019 Empire has received.

Does 2019 Empire show more picture than the various pre-2004 masters or the various fanmade scans? How bad is the shift to the right, anyway?

Info Wanted: Is there a way to see the Prequels in their original theatrical version?

ChainsawAsh said:

…if you’re trying to download an HD project, you need to own the official Blu-Ray first.

Are you sure about that? Stuff like the schorman HDTV preservations are overall closer to the DVDs than the Blu-rays. Perhaps the Blu-ray’s are “close enough” for the OT, but certainly not Ep 1 and probably not Ep 2 and 3.