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Info Wanted: Is there a way to see the Prequels in their original theatrical version?

ChainsawAsh said:

…if you’re trying to download an HD project, you need to own the official Blu-Ray first.

Are you sure about that? Stuff like the schorman HDTV preservations are overall closer to the DVDs than the Blu-rays. Perhaps the Blu-ray’s are “close enough” for the OT, but certainly not Ep 1 and probably not Ep 2 and 3.

Info: All Star Wars films released in 4K HDR on Disney Plus: 2019 SE with more changes

So, if this is a completely new unreleased master that, additional changes aside, is objectively better than the 2004/2011 master, how will this affect the Despecialized editions and projects like it? Is Harmy going to cancel the 3.0 of ESB and ROTJ, and then do a 4.0 of all three movies based off these new masters (assuming they don’t appear in higher bitrate form on 4k Blu-ray or something in a year or two)?

Info Wanted: Best copy for Prequel Trilogy?

@Mackey256 You forgot about the Renegade Grindhouse 1080p version of Empire Strikes Back (which could be paired with the no-DNR versions of 4k77 and 4k83 until 4k80 comes out), as well as the Dreamaster version (which could be paired with the DNR versions of 4k77 and 4k83 until 4k80 comes out).

Here’s my thoughts on the best 97se and theatrical prequel releases:

For 97 ANH you can choose between Harmy’s Respecialized version (which is a 720p reconstruction using multiple sources and masters) or the Team Blu version (a 720p upscale which limits itself to SD 97 SE masters, most notable some DVD recordings of SD DTV broadcasts). Both versions have the DTS Theatrical audio included. It’s not as fair a comparison as Despecialized vs 4k77/Grindhouse ESB/4k83 though due to there being no pure 97SE masters in HD/4k released yet. Waiting for a fresh 4k transfer.

For ESB and ROTJ my recommended choice for the 97 se is althor1138’s Laserdisc preservations due to them also including the DTS theatrical audio. If you don’t mind being limited to the Laserdisc AC3 audio you could also go with Adywan’s 1080p reconstruction of ESB. Still waiting for a fresh 4k transfer.

For TPM, the DTS audio has been synced to Adywan’s SD theatrical reconstruction. Whether you use the muxed mkv or mux it yourself is up to you. Still waiting for a fresh 4k transfer.

There aren’t any good theatrical sources for Attack of the Clones, and there aren’t any fan edits which try to reconstruct the theatrical cut for the purpose of syncing with the DTS audio. If you really want to watch this version of the film, your best option is probably either the Centropy SVCDs or the edited UAR version made by spoRv.

You picked a bad time to ask for episode 3. My suggestion would be to wait for v2 of Schorman’s theatrical reconstruction.

schorman's HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation (Released)

I’m not sure if my post never appeared or if it was deleted for mentioning a file name that I shouldn’t have mentioned.

Along with again wanting an update of the theatrical reconstruction of ROTS, I’d like to see the Backstroke of the West fandub synced and included in all future updates of your ROTS encodes. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the original source for it is.