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Star Wars 1977 70mm sound mix recreation [stereo and 5.1 versions now available] (Released)

Not that I know much about SE audio mixes, but I was under the impression that only ANH got a brand new audio mix for the 2004 release (largely inferior to the 97 mix), while ESB and ROTJ’s audio mixes were based on the 97 mixes with some changes, much like how ANH’s 1993 audio mix deviated from the original 35mm stereo mix a lot more than the 93 mixes of ESB and ROTJ.

edit: Oh, didn’t realize that I bumped the thread by accident. Sorry.

How bad is the crop of the 2019 master of Empire Strikes Back compared to other releases?

I know that the 2019 master of Empire Strikes Back is zoomed in and moved to the right compared to the “HD Branch”, to the point that the end credits are no longer centered. However, in comparison to other releases, both official and unofficial, I don’t know how problematic it is. For example, with A New Hope, the Silver Screen Edition shows more picture than the HD Branch, which shows a slight amount more picture than the 2019 master (owing mainly to the crop to the sequel trilogy’s aspect ratio), which IIRC shows more picture than 4K77. However, I don’t remember 4k77 getting the complaints 2019 Empire has received.

Does 2019 Empire show more picture than the various pre-2004 masters or the various fanmade scans? How bad is the shift to the right, anyway?

Info Wanted: Is there a way to see the Prequels in their original theatrical version?

ChainsawAsh said:

…if you’re trying to download an HD project, you need to own the official Blu-Ray first.

Are you sure about that? Stuff like the schorman HDTV preservations are overall closer to the DVDs than the Blu-rays. Perhaps the Blu-ray’s are “close enough” for the OT, but certainly not Ep 1 and probably not Ep 2 and 3.