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Info: Harmy & ronwlim box set, now for sale! (Movies NOT included)

I just want to thank you for making these files available for free. This is truly a thing of beauty. Thank you for taking the time to create such a thing. I’m going to try to print and assemble this myself, but I’m not very talented when it comes to arts & crafts. Should you decide to make a second run I would definitely be interested.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

ChristmasLights said:

I just wanted to thank everyone here, Harmy especially (obviously), for this project. I assembled a box set using Spheretronic's art and gave it to my dad, who was born in '67 and saw every OT episode in theaters on opening day. He was absolutely blown away by the project, he loved it. Here are a few images of the box set:      

Higher-res links:

I know my folding isn't perfect -- this was my first ever papercraft project. If I did it again I'd be able to do it much more cleanly.

Also, I know the print job isn't perfect. Shockingly (or not?) Fedex Office's printers wouldn't accurately reproduce all the colors, at least nowhere near as well as Spheretronic's original post. The print job was only like $5 total though, so I can't complain too much.

Can you give me some advice on what kind of paper or card stock I should use for this project? I am going to attempt to create this box set for my step dad. I think I can handle the printing but I'd be happy to hear some tips before I take the plunge. 

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

genocyber said:

Nearsighted Scrappile said:

pitpawten said:

aaaaaaaaand looks like he already posted it and I missed it...sorry for the dupe.

spheretronic said:


 Would it be possible for someone to make this box for me or anyone that can't do such things? Please LMK.

 Likewise. I would also really appreciate it if someone could help make this up for me. I'd gladly pay for the costs to cover it. I have no blu ray burner of my own and my local print services are very fussy over copyright shit.

 I would also like to request help in acquiring this packaging and possible burned bluray discs. I am willing to pay whatever costs and I will even send you blank blurays to replace the ones you burn for me.

My step dad's birthday is coming up in a little over a month. We just had a lengthy discussion about the subject of film alteration. His all time favorite films are Star Wars and The Warriors. Both of these movies have been trashed by horrible special edition style altering. He doesn't even know about the fan edit and preservation community. Getting something like this would truly make his day. It would really blow his mind. I would love to share something like this with him. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. 

When/Why did you become an OT purist?

I'm not an OT purist and I think the idea is foolish, especially if you know the history of the production of the first three films.

I just want film history to be preserved for future generations. When people walked into to see Star Wars in 1977, they didn't watch the Special Edition. That's not the film that started it all.

I didn't care if George wanted to tweak his films. They're his movies. I just wanted him to care about preserving film history.

Would this forum even exist if George had followed Spielberg's lead and released both the original theatrical trilogy and special editions at the same time? (And I'm talking about good releases, not the GOUT.)

But alas all of this discussion is pointless and this very forum has proven that George was right when he wanted to destroy his own history. The most popular topic on this site is about a fan project that is nothing more than another "special edition." It's tampering with film history far exceeds the damage done by Lucas.

Seriously, a wise man once said, "you'll strain at a fly in you swallow a camel." So criticize the prequel films all you want, but most of you are just as bad as the guy who created those cinematic disasters.




Jake Lloyd: "My entire school life was really a living hell."

Having met Jake on more than one occasion I can say he's definitely a nice guy.

Honestly, when I look back at all the hysteria about the prequel trilogy I'm a bit embarassed. Yeah, they're not great, but they're also not as bad as people thought 10 years ago. Far worse things have hit the screen since that time including Twilight and Avatar(d).

I remember getting into a 10 page argument with some wanker on this forum just because I dared to say that I took my kids to see the Clone Wars movie and we all had a good time. Apparently that's blasphemy in the eyes of certain ass pained faboys.

Info Wanted: ANH.....Revisited or Purist???

TV's Frink said:

Crygor64 said:

Sorry folks, while I know my harsh words may have ruffled a few feathers, and I'm glad some of you took the time to write detailed responses (which I read but did not agree with), my point is still entirely valid.

Your point is not valid because you are in the WRONG FUCKING THREAD AND FORUM.

If you don't like fanedits, that is your right, but GTFO of the fanedit forum.

You need to calm down and get some manners.

A question was asked and I answered it. If you don't like my reply GTFO off the internet. Seriously, maybe you don't understand. The Internet is a place where people share their opinions and ideas.

Info Wanted: ANH.....Revisited or Purist???


fishmanlee said:

heres another point: Adywan uses the "Less is more" approach, George does not

Doesn't matter. Changes are changes.

And Adywan surely does NOT use the less is more approach. Instead his idea of "improvement" is to add more tie-fighters, more AT-ATs, etc.

How does that help the story? How does that "improve" the original trilogy? It doesn't.

As a purist I know the OT is a product of its time. Its perfect in its imperfection. Adding more stuff only hurts these classic films.

Info Wanted: ANH.....Revisited or Purist???

Sorry folks, while I know my harsh words may have ruffled a few feathers, and I'm glad some of you took the time to write detailed responses (which I read but did not agree with), my point is still entirely valid.

Some of us don't feel the original trilogy needs "improvement." If you condemn George for making changes and yet you support Adywan and his "Extra Special Editions" you are a total hypocrite. There's no denying that truth. I'm not saying this to flame or to cause trouble, its just the truth. And someone needs to say this. Its loooong overdue.

This forum has roughly 60,000 posts. 30,000 of those posts are in two topics related to Adywan's "Extra Special Editions." If George has seen this is must make him laugh.

For once, it looks like he finally got the last laugh.

Info Wanted: ANH.....Revisited or Purist???

Akwat Kbrana said:

Crygor64 said:

I am a complete purist. I think the very idea of adding new scenes, new effects, etc makes you just as bad as George Lucas. It also undermines the very reason they created this forum.

*George must sit back and laugh when he sees the most popular topic on this forum isn't the petition, but rather a fan edit that is basically "the extra special edition."

*(assuming he's actually seen this forum)

I was going to give you a detailed explanation as to why the two cases aren't even remotely comparable, but I thought better of it. If you're too dense to figure it out on your own, then why bother?

You were going to, but you couldn't. That's the real truth. I'm sure you're smart enough to understand the irony created by the popularity of the Adywan Fan Edits on this forum.

This web site is called Original Trilogy for a reason. And yet the most popular subject on this site isn't the petition for which it was created, but rather a steroid-pumped fan edit that is nothing more than "The Extra Special Edition."

You know what would "improve" Star Wars? More digital Tie-Fghters!

(For the record, most people feel Star Wars does not need improvement.)

Info Wanted: ANH.....Revisited or Purist???

TV's Frink said:

Crygor64 said:

I am a complete purist. I think the very idea of adding new scenes, new effects, etc makes you just as bad as George Lucas. It also undermines the very reason they created this forum.

That's ridiculous.  Go away.

Nope, sorry, This is completely valid.

The entire point of this web site was to preserve the original trilogy. And that's mainly because most of us were disgusted with the changes made by George Lucas.  Some of us feel art should remain consistent to its original vision. Adding your own changes makes you just as bad as George Lucas, if not worse. (At least he can say "they're my films.") 

No amount of insults will change the truth.

George has finally won the battle with the OT purists on this forum. And I'm sure if he's seen this place he knows it.


Info Wanted: ANH.....Revisited or Purist???

I am a complete purist. I think the very idea of adding new scenes, new effects, etc makes you just as bad as George Lucas. It also undermines the very reason they created this forum.

*George must sit back and laugh when he sees the most popular topic on this forum isn't the petition, but rather a fan edit that is basically "the extra special edition."

*(assuming he's actually seen this forum)



Star Wars on Blu in 2011?

Vaderisnothayden said:

It'll probably be the se but worse -in other words more changes.

This is how I feel.

I've been anticipating the inevitable "extra special edition."

Maybe anticipating isn't the right word...

Baronlando said:

With Star Wars (on top of having to beg to get the first versions at all) we have this totally annoying secret mystery of what and when the eventual set will be. Multiple versions? More changes and if so, what are they? Coming out next year? Three years? "Oh, we can't tell you that now! It's a secret, and someday if you're really good, we will bless you with the knowledge."



Star Wars: Deleted Magic Revisited - Now @ MySpleen.cc (Released)

<span>Description:</span> <span>by OCPmovie
This is a very interesting documentary about the making of the first Star Wars film (and to a lesser extent Empire and Jedi) including a look at some of the deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage, and notes on subtle things that you might have never seen or noticed before.

original film name: Star Wars
film studio name :Twentieth Century Fox/Lucasfilm Ltd.
Date Original Film Was Released : 1977
New Runtime : 1hrs 49m
Cuts removed/added/extended : Too many to mention

DVD Details:
1 – The VIDEO_TS folder – all set to burn.
2 – This NFO file – Please do not remove.
3 – A JACKET_P folder
4 – DVD-ROM extras – Original screenplays for Star Wars (4), Empire and Jedi.
5 – DVD-ROM extras – Four video files (Lost Cut Crawl, Anatomy of a Dewback Pt. 2, Rough ROTJSE
ending, and AOTC Droid Ship Cutscene) – for more information, check the disc.
6 – The DVD label artwork

Type………………: Movie
Platform………….: Video_TS folder
Burn Tested……….: Yes
Video Format………: DVD/VOB MPEG2 – 720×480 4Mbps (average value)
Audio Format………: Dolby Digital 2.0, 192 kbps AC3
Main Movie Runtime…: 1 hr 49 min 31 sec
Other Clips Runtime…: 0 hr 36 min 26 sec
Original Format……: 23.976 (NTSC)
Genre…………….: Documentary/Science Fiction
Size………………: 4.44 GB

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:

Orange Cow productions: Star Wars – Deleted Magic
Lost Scenes And editing secrets of Star Wars

In March 2005, I created a DVD called Deleted Magic and released it for free, on a non-profit basis, on the internet. It was very popular. I’m told that Clive Young’s book Homemade Hollywood called it “The best documentary ever made on the making of Star Wars.”

In 2009, I decided to revisit the major deleted scenes of Star Wars. Most of these scenes had only been released in low quality, 12 frames per second, on CD-ROMs in the late 90s. I used the program Twixtor to generate new frames and restore these scenes to 24 frames per second – not a perfect solution during fast motion, but jaw-droppingly successful during dialogue scenes, and an improvement that is like night and day. I combined a multitude of new sources within the same frame to restore the Jabba the Hutt scene. I animated a shot of Luke and a Treadwell droid, and a shot of Ben attacking with his lightsaber during the Cantina sequence. I have restored these scenes to a quality never seen before, and placed them on this disc for you, edited into the original, unchanged Deleted Magic feature documentary from 2005. Enjoy.

-Garrett Gilchrist, June 23rd, 2009

With many thanks to:

Mark Johnson
Brad Cook
Peter Lopez
Jambe Davdar (Jabba the Hutt scene)

A note that the special features also appear in slightly better quality than on the original Deleted Magic … ripped directly from other fine fan DVDs. The 1977 crawl does not appear this time round due to disc space (I had intended to use the version from my own Star Wars Classic Edition 2.0).

Slightly different menu music this time round.

You might find subtle references to two of my other fan DVD projects.

The object of Deleted Magic Revisited was to recreate my original Deleted Magic DVD from 2005, but with new versions of five major deleted scenes. I had edited these scenes in 16×9 aspect ratio to preserve their quality. However, the original Deleted Magic was edited in a 4×3 aspect ratio, due to the many different sources used in the film, and the onscreen captions.

So, it was impossible to place the new material into the film seamlessly. Instead, there’s an ugly jump as to another track as your DVD player switches ratios.

I tried to place these switches in inconspicuous places, reediting some material from the original Deleted Magic in 16×9 to make the transitions easier.

I’ve recreated the functionality of the original Deleted Magic DVD, not an easy task, as it’s a very complex DVD full of subtitles, photo galleries, many chapters and tracks, “stories”, alternate audio, different versions of things … I retyped the extra subtitles, recreated the image galleries, etc.

Enjoy this new version!

persons involved: Garrett Gilchrist a.k.a OCPmovie

For more information of preservations and fanedits, visit the following sites:</span>


2009: State of Star Wars

I enjoyed the CW Movie for its camp value and the over the top schtick. (I almost liked it for being bad.)  Plus I took some kids to it and we had a lot of fun despite its shortcomings. 

On the other hand, the CW TV Series is excellent. It makes great use of the characters and the imagery. Yes, it can be a kid show at times, and you do have to be patient with it, but watching the program is always rewarding. And its a great thing to share if you have youngsters around. Its not the sort of thing you have to feel bad about watching.  In a way, its better than the prequel trilogy.

I eagerly anticipate the release of any new Fan Films, Fan Created DVDs and Fan Edits. They have always been an obsession of mine. I love Star Wars DVDs. I follow almost every single project. I currently look forward to the mythical, long awaited "Magnolia Fan Episode III" and Adywan's ESB project.

I didn't know about "The Making of ESB" book until this thread. That's certainly something to look forward too.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Trilogy released in the Blu-Ray format.

I'm also a Star Wars gamer, so I'll be keeping my eye on anything that comes along.

I still pick up the odd Star Wars collectible. I'm far from a completist, but I'll be waiting for a thing or two.



<strong>The Clone Wars</strong> (2008 animated tv series) - a general discussion thread
HotRod said:
C3PX said:

I am really not surprised. The "movie" did bad because parents didn't want to dish out ten dollars for a ticket. And so many people were unsure about it. The TV show was free, so anyone could feed their curiousity for free.


 Mmm ....not in the UK though. We poor bastards have to subscribe to the movie channels to watch the bloody thing!


Still, I'm one of those who did take their kid to watch the film (although he fell asleep as soon as it started) and didn't think it was that bad at all. So I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing the TV series when it finally airs over here...which should be in a couple of weeks.

My experience was similar to your own. I brought a slew of kids to see the CW movie. (I have 13 neices and nephews.)

I found it silly but also entertaining and quite enjoyable.  Maybe I was infected by the enthusiasm of the children, but we all had a great time and I really enjoyed the show.

After wathing the first two eps I can say I look forward to the rest of the series. I liked the first episode more than the second. (There was some strange logic in the second episode. People talking in space?)  And I love Asoka. I just like how she looks. I also think the actress who does her voice is doing a fairly good job.