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The Place to Go for Emotional Support

my stepgrandfather passed away sunday night. it was a peaceful death after years of tough fight with cancer, which i hope made it easier on him, but it sure seems cold comfort to me, because he’s gone now, and i miss him. i only found out he passed away earlier today, days after it happened, and that’s because i don’t really have as much contact with that part of the family anymore (it’s complicated), but he was always there for me and we always had an awesome relationship and really good talks about pretty much everything. he was a very, very nice and kind guy and i hope that he rests in peace.

Indiana Jones trilogy regrade, using the 2003 DVDs as a reference

DrDre said:

Collipso said:

hello! i was looking through the index and found this thread - i’ve always loved the dvd colors, so this thread was an exciting find. do you still work on this, dre?

I haven’t worked on this in a while, and in the mean time my hard drive crashed, and I lost all my files. So, I would basically have to start from scratch. 😦 At this point I’m working on a number of other projects, so this one is pretty low on my list of priorities, sadly.

oh, ok. take your time DrDre - i recently came to the conclusion that your projects are some of the most interesting in the site, so i’m pretty much looking forward to all of them. keep up the good work and congratulations 😃

Last movie seen

Harry Porter and the Philosopher’s Stone & Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: definitely my 2 favorite HP movies. they’re the only ones that are similar to their respective books, which matters a lot to me, and the color grading on these pleases me a lot more than that of the other 6 as well. williams’ score is superb, incomparably better than that of the rest of the series. richard harris’ dumbledore is much better than michael gambon’s, too, which makes a heck of a big difference, especially on rewatches. the special effects in the first two movies are also much better than the sfx od the other 6 - they rely a lot more on practical effects which stops the movie from turning into a CGI mess, like the recent Fantastic Beasts.

Prisoner of Azkaban is really good movie in the franchise imo, because while it differs from the book and the other 2 drastically, i like what it tries to do with the franchise. but the rest is just not as good as the first three, unfortunately.

Ranking the Star Wars films

even though i warmed up to tfa, i still cannot watch it without getting really pissed. the movie up until the falcon shows up is actually pretty good, and i still rewatch that half hour-ish from time to time. but oh boy… after that it’s just unwatchable to me, and it’s basically because of rey. i can’t watch the mind trick scene anymore, for example. or rey vs kylo. it just makes no sense. much like anakin destroying the donut in tpm (read: anakin in tpm) made no sense. so yeah, while tpm is still ‘enjoyable’ to me, tfa definitely isn’t, and i think it’s because qui-gon is the main character in tpm and the annoying ones are on the side. with tfa it’s the opposite. but i may still try to fanedit tfa to my liking - even though i don’t think i’ll ever be able to sit through the mind trick scene. ever.

tlj on the other hand might still get a big smile out of me (especially with darthrush’s fanedit that should be coming out in the next few months). my biggest problem with tlj nowadays is that the rey, kylo, luke and snoke plot is absolutely wonderful but feels like a completely different movie from the rest. and the rest… is not so wonderful.

all that said, both of the movies when they came out were absolute disappointments to me. tfa a lot more so than tlj. oh well 😦

i loved r1 though, and i’m looking forward to watching solo.

my current ranking:

  1. Star Wars
  2. The Empire Strikes Back
  3. Return of the Jedi
  4. Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  7. Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  8. Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Ranking the Star Wars films

The Autistic Asexual said:

MalàStrana said:

darthrush said:

Unpopular opinion: Despite his unreasonable 0/10 ranking of Rogue One, I find Mala’s opinions to be interesting and fun to read.

I give it 2/10 now ! (don’t ask me why… maybe because I feel no SW should deserve 0… and I like the soundtrack, the visual, and even if it doesn’t make much sense at a story level, the Vader’s big scene is brillant).

Rogue One’s story doesn’t make much sense?!! WHAT THE FUCK! I’m gonna have to leave this forum because of the goddamn stupidity that you assholes spew from your shit-holes!!

troll alert

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

rey is extremely charismatic and a very likeable character overall. she has some very interesting stuff that she has to figure out about herself that would make her an awesome character. unfortunately she suffers from overpoweredness, which makes me lose my interest in her and even find her annoying. (plus i don’t think she’s well written in tfa)

jyn is likeable even though she’s not an active protagonist and while she has somewhat of an arc it’s not a very well developed one (even though i quite liked it and thought it was very compelling) which ends up hurting RO a lot.

cassian imo is the most interesting character in RO: he had lost himself in the war and ends up finding his way back to the light with jyn, i think. i should rewatch the movie, but i remember cassian being a well developed character.

sure if you like rey she’s a much better character than the other two. objectively she’s miles ahead from any of them. but i dislike rey, so, to me, rogue one’s characters are far better.