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Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

TV’s Frink said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

Tobar said:

lovelikewinter said:

Why do people give a crap about Snoke?

Because he destroyed Luke’s Jedi Academy by seducing Ben Solo to the Dark Side? How is that not interesting?

Because Rian says it isn’t.

Lol no.

DrDre alone has gone over that countless times on the TLJ Review thread. Do we have to discuss that again?

The Last Jedi Digital/Blu-Ray Release: NOT Theatrical Cut?

LexX said:

Forceboat said:

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the end credits music in the film was different from the one on the soundtrack. For some reason, there has been this long-standing thing about changing the end credits in every single Star Wars film, with the exception of A New Hope (the end credits on both the film and the soundtrack are the same; unless you count the Special Edition’s film end credits, which wound up having sections repeated because of the added credits). Boggles the mind. Oh well, that just creates for us a sort of bonus track, doesn’t it?

I don’t remember the PT soundtracks other than ROTS, which had longer version on the soundtrack, but I’m pretty sure TESB and ROTJ have the same music on the soundtracks that are in the films?

Pretty sure TESB’s is the same. Not sure about RotJ though.

The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)

DominicCobb said:

Collipso said:

No clue why it was the blue one.

Weird, I feel like this has been explained multiple times.

Sorry Dom, it was, and I understood. Your reasoning and the way you put it was very convincing and showed me new light - what I meant is that at first I thought it was simply to tell the audience that Luke was a trick. It was explained multiple times indeed.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

In a way. I think the PT scripts lacked focus and neeeded more rewrites in terms of how the story would unfold and the series of events flow into one another and improvements in the dialogue. But the story would have flown really well had the execution not been so bad imo. So not a complete rewrite/reimagine, just tighten things up a bit.

The Place to Go for Emotional Support

Possessed said:

Collipso said:

Possessed, your fight against alcohol is an example to me. You gained my profound admiration.

Don’t admire me. I’m only even alive because I can’t get a gun and I’m too chicken shit for any other method of killing myself. And I’m only still sober so that the few people who still give a shit about me don’t get upset.

Sorry for the late reply, but hard disagree - it takes a lot more courage to fight on than to just give up. You can tell yourself these things that you wrote, but I think you’re more than that and I think you know it. I wouldn’t consider you “too chicken”, I’d say you’re too brave to give up, if anything. So… there’s that.

Mfm has a very good point too.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Ash, brother, you have no idea how similar your whole situation with her is to a previous situation between me and a friend, one that lasted for almost 5 years (which is a lot given that I’m 17). I loved her with all my strengths - I thought she was the love of my life. She was everything I wanted. And I, of course, was her best friend, that is all, thank you very much. And she was a very cold person, so sometimes she’d be very rude and harsh to me, to the point where all of my friends have at some point told me to get away from her for her coldness alone, not even thinking about my feelings toward her. Well, anyway. It ended because last year something happened: she got interested in me. I was so amazed. I didn’t know how to react. Of course, that naturally led to a big time fuck up by me. And, of course, she went away. Scared. Never wanting to try again - especially now that she had given me a chance and I had (pardon my recurring language) fucked up that bad. So, reluctantly, and with much help from several friends, we got away from each other. I mean, I got away from her. She sort of wanted to get away, but I didn’t - but it had to happen. It felt like losing an arm. Heck it felt like losing half a body, but it happened. We got away from each other for 3 months. That had happened before - but what was different about those 3 months last year, is that I found someone new. Someone that felt the same way. And it was so so so undescribably refreshing. Then we got close again, but as friends*. Both of us moved soon after too, and now we’re some good 2000 miles apart, so my romantic feelings towards her were going to have to end one way or the other.

*: she’s still definitely my weak spot, and probably is going to be forever. I’ll have to fall pretty hard for someone else not to feel really attracted to her, and I don’t think I’m capable of falling that hard for someone other than her as of right now. But what do I know. Literally.

My advice: get away. When people told me that: "yep, I know. I prefer to be in this situation, as painful as it is, for reasons ___________ and ______________.