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Toy Story (1995) 1.5K restoration in 3D

At any rate, compression was not my intention. Here’s a corrected version of the textless teaser trailer in 2D and 3D, using the exact same videos used to encode the faulty, compressed version, but run through FFMPEG with specific instructions not to compress, unlike last time.

Current version of the restoration’s teaser trailer is v1.0.1. Future versions will utilize an improved color grade, which will be gradually applied as I go through each scene meticulously.

Toy Story (1995) 1.5K restoration in 3D

I used the original teaser trailer video, as reused by the Mouse House as its Disney+ trailer, as my reference (and even I’m certain it wasn’t a perfect recoloring job, I had to separately do each individual shot to get close, and even then I only got a few shots just right), and I used a 10-bit full side-by-side 3D rip as my source. I was planning on recoloring the reconnaissance mission sequence properly first, since that was the first scene to be animated, so I was hoping for a good idea on what it’s supposed to look like colorwise in the current absence of an easily-accessible accurate color reference near me (assuming Disc 1 of the Ultimate Toy Box was taken straight from the original digital files and not a 35mm print; also, I haven’t yet captured my French Canadian VHS, so I can’t currently use that as a color reference, practically speaking). Also, I’m deliberately doing it at a lower resolution (1536 pixels wide) because that’s how it was originally made, and I figured the pre-existing 3D version from 2009 would be a nice bonus, especially for the chance to see it in 3D with 35mm colors.

Toy Story (1995) 1.5K restoration in 3D

As promised, here’s the textless teaser trailer, in 2D and 3D. What do you think of the color correction job I did?

UPDATE: This version of the textless teaser trailer is outdated due to unintended compression when combining the video and audio files with FFMPEG. A corrected version without video compression has been encoded.

Toy Story (1995) 1.5K restoration in 3D

Update: I’ll post the textless teaser trailer in 2D and 3D tomorrow, which just so happens to be the 25th birthday of the original teaser trailer (from what I can tell, it was attached to the theatrical release of Pocahontas).

Also, since my last update I’ve acquired the American 3D Blu-ray and Ultimate Toy Box collection. Unfortunately, Disc 3 of the latter (the Special Features disc), from which I’d been hoping to grab content for a deluxe edition of this restoration kind of like the laser videodisc release, came in scratched all to hell, so if anyone has a clean rip of that disc and can send it to me via PM, I’d much appreciate it.

Star Wars: Ultimate Edition

Well, so I have a way to kill time in the age of COVID-19, on 12 Beran 0 A.C.V. local time, I figured I might as well do some actual work on the effects. For example, I was hoping to include an option for viewing parts of the opening sequence, i.e. most shots that take place in outer space, in IMAX, kind of like how IMAX redid that part of the film for a Nova documentary on special effects. For the time being, of course, I’m going to have to do the IMAXified shots in Blender, and since I feel I’m going to need some guidance for such a large-scale effort to recreate the shots in IMAX in a way that meshes well with Rogue One and the sequel trilogy, I’ll do a gradual breakdown of the sequence.

Linked below for the next week is my Blend file in its 1.0 state. No animation, just an initial attempt to get Tatooine and its moons in a good position for where the very first shot finishes up.

ETA: Forgot to mention, there are also no textures in this incarnation; I figured I’d ask for input on the texturing before I applied anything. However, there is an initial rendition of the IMAX starfield, which I created using this tutorial.

The Magic School Bus in 4K (1994-1997)

Right now, I’m working on A Magic School Bus Halloween, and I’m using the DVD clips as much as possible, and the original videotape recording the rest of the way through, i.e. where no equivalent has yet seen a DVD release. Everything is generally cropped only 16 pixels each at top and bottom, with additional cropping only to hide artifacts, but I’m going to have to redo the closing credits sequence due to my source being cut off at the end.

Film Odyssey (1972)

This is a KCET motion picture anthology consisting of films from the Janus library. All films are presented in their original languages, with subtitles. As I currently cannot access the interviews that were broadcast alongside each episode, I’m doing them as vanilla with the usual PBS trimmings, including the Xerox sponsor tag, but as a bonus, I’m also doing them in their respective original aspect ratios, and including trailers for upcoming episodes of the anthology.

The episodes are as follows:

  • Jules and Jim (1:56:46) [TV-14 L]
  • The Blue Angel (1:56:46) [TV-PG S]
  • Grand Illusion [TV-PG LV]
  • M [TV-14]
  • Seven Samurai [TV-14 V]
  • Beauty and the Beast [TV-PG]
  • Ivan the Terrible Part I [TV-PG V]
  • The 39 Steps [TV-PG V]
  • The Rules of the Game [TV-PG V]
  • Intimate Lighting [TV-PG DL]
  • Potemkin [TV-14 V]
  • Barrier [TV-PG]
  • Classic Shorts I [TV-PG]
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari [TV-PG]
  • Orpheus [TV-PG]
  • Knife in the Water [TV-14 LSV]
  • The Overcoat [TV-G]
  • Our Daily Bread [TV-G]
  • Yojimbo [TV-14 V]
  • The Last Laugh [TV-G]
  • Sawdust and Tinsel [TV-14 DLS]
  • Man of Aran [TV-G]
  • L’Avventura [TV-14]
  • Classic Shorts II [TV-PG]
  • Two Daughters [TV-PG]
  • The Young and the Damned [TV-14 DSV]

Links will be made available via PM on request as they’re released.