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Help with my small project ...
Incorrect - there was a remix done in 1985 as well. Also, the EditDroid disc doesn't use the DE other than video - the audio is the 85 remix, quite different from the DE mix but still not the theatrical one. There is one laserdisc that has the original, theatrical stereo mix non-time compressed. I believe Neil has capped it, if I remember correctly - you may want to ask him about it.
Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: Marvolo
...2 years ago in this thread...

I read that and thought, "2 years? Bullshit ... " then realized ... this thread HAS been going on 2 years ... holy shit ...

As for those covers, I remember them - they're the Criterion-style covers, not bad. They also have something I needed for mine - credits in the "definitive edition" font!
Star Wars DVD Covers
Here's something I've been working on for the past few days, based exclusively on the 1990/1992 VHS set (the one I grew up with as a kid):

Many thanks to Sluggo for providing me with a scan of the Empire VHS back. This is NOT done, obviously - there are two things I need to finish this one, and one of them will help me finish the other two:

1) The Vader/Luke picture used in the photo montage on the back in the highest resolution possible
2) This font:

Also, if anybody has scans or pictures at ANY resolution whatsoever of the backs of SW and ROTJ, I will greatly appreciate it if you'd send them to me via PM or post/link to them here. If you'd like a trade of some sort, I've got a very high-res ROTJ poster scan and a fairly good SW one, plus very nice textless versions of all the Struzan one-sheets.

Of course, I'll be more than willing to share these once they're completed.
Blade Runner Finally Gets It's Due
Originally posted by: greencapt
I am all for extras but don't want to buy 3 or 4 versions of a film to get one that I actually want to view.

I equate this 4-versions-in-1 BR release to the Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition set. I bought that not because I wanted the European cut, or the extended cut, or the theatrical cut. I'll typically watch the theatrical cut anyway. I bought it so I could have the choice. Which is exactly why I'll buy this BR set. I understand your point of view, but don't equate this to Lucas - he's still giving you a choice. Granted, you do have to get all the other versions at the same time to get the one you want, but isn't that better than not getting it at all?
The Official Lucasfilm Response
I'm seriously considering gathering everything SW-related into a big-ass box and mailing it off to Lucasfilm. Along with it, a nice little letter to the effect of, "If you don't want to treat these historic films with the respect they deserve, I'm done with you. I have excellent LD rips of the OUT that look at least as good as your DVDs will, and that's all I'll ever need if that's all you're willing to give us. Thanks anyway, though."
Lord of the Rings - FOTR - The Book-Cut
Agreed - please continue to release these in MPEG format. I'd love to have all these in full DVD quality, not piss-poor XVID encodes (bad memories of the MagnoliaFan edit torrents ... ). I'd like it even better if these were released in VIDEO_TS folders of .VOB files, but that's not an issue as long as they're in DVD-compliant MPEG.

I'm going to try the pulldown thing later on, too.
New DVDs NOT 16x9

May 17, 2006
Jim Ward
Senior Vice President, Lucasfilm
P.O. Box 29901
San Francisco, CA 94129

Dear Mr. Ward:
I’m writing on behalf of any fan of Star Wars who has been waiting nearly ten years for the original versions of the trilogy to be released on DVD. All we’ve been asking for are the best possible preservations on the most modern format, currently DVD. A new 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, no digital enhancements, one of the original sound mixes, all done with care to preserve film history. I’m writing this because, even though Lucasfilm has announced the release of the unaltered trilogy on DVD, we do not believe we’re getting the best possible preservation.

I am an immense fan of Star Wars – I have been since 1995, when I first saw the pan-and-scan VHS tapes from the eighties. I fell in love with the characters, the story, the music – everything. Then, in 1997, I was excited that the films were being released in theaters again. So, I went to see Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi in the theater for the first time. I was eight. Even then, every time something different than I remember came on the screen – the “improved” Mos Eisley, Cloud City, or Jabba’s palace; Jabba in Star Wars, the new ice monster in Empire, or the bird-beaked Sarlacc in Jedi – I thought, “Why? Why did that need to be changed?”

Seven years later, after its conspicuous absence from the most modern format, the Star Wars trilogy was finally released on DVD. Needless to say, I was as excited as when the excellent original versions of the Indiana Jones films were released. As I watched the films, however, I discovered to my horror that they were the 1997 Special Editions. But, worse than that, they had further alterations, to the point of replacing the original actors!

Don’t get me wrong – George Lucas has every right to do whatever he wants to his films. They’re his property, not mine or anyone else’s. However, he has no right to suppress the original versions – they should be preserved in the best form possible. Currently, that best form is DVD. Needless to say, I was excited when Lucasfilm recently announced the release of the original, unaltered trilogy on DVD. I’ve been following the news of this release closely.

Many complain of the lack of 5.1 sound, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest – 2.0 surround is perfectly acceptable. I’d prefer the original mono mix for Star Wars, along with the original stereo and six-track (4.1 on DVD) mixes for all three, but the 1985 or 1993 stereo remixes are just fine. Others complain that you have to buy the 2004 editions again to get the originals. Again, I don’t mind. But one recent rumor brought forth by a respected DVD news site has me and many other fans extremely upset: the apparent lack of an anamorphic transfer.

I, and many other Star Wars fans, own a widescreen TV. I own many DVDs, the vast majority of which are anamorphic, or 16x9 enhanced, or any other name you wish to describe it by. A few, however, are not. Watching these non-anamorphic DVDs on a widescreen TV is near torture – the quality is horrible. Even on a 4x3 “fullscreen” TV, the difference is startling. If these releases are truly non-anamorphic, it will be a stab in the back to all the Star Wars fans you’re trying to appease.

It seems to me that this may be Lucasfilm’s – or, more specifically, Lucas’ – attempt to show the “high-quality” Special Edition transfers (though those are plagued with problems that I won’t get into here) against poorly-done laserdisc-master transfers of the originals, to prove that “his” versions are better. If this is so, I urge you to persuade Lucas to reconsider. He can release his saga sets with the prequels and his versions of the originals as many times as he wants, as long as the unaltered originals are available in the highest possible quality alongside them.

I strongly urge Lucasfilm to take the same care with these releases as Universal did with E. T. That release should be Lucasfilm’s model for the new Star Wars DVDs – a good-quality, anamorphic transfer, with no alterations to the original print. If such care is taken and the quality of this release is to today’s standards, bootlegging will stop and fans will no longer complain. But if the release is a sub-par, non-anamorphic former laserdisc master, the bootlegging will continue and fans will be just as adamant as they have been since 1997 about getting the original versions in the highest possible quality.



Suggestions? Good? Bad? Too damn long?

what dialogue tracks?
Luke's line in EMPIRE:
Original 1980 35mm stereo (and all subsequent remixes until the SE) mix: "you don't taste very good"
Original 1980 70mm 6-track (and SE): "you were lucky to get out of there"

Han's line in JEDI:
1983 35mm stereo (and all releases after until SE): "It's alright, trust me."
1983 70mm 6-track (and SE): "It's alright, I can see a lot better."

There are many other 6-track/stereo differences, but those are the main ones in each film. (SW has too many to count.) The reason these 70mm lines are in the SE is they used the original 6-track mix as a basis for the new 5.1 mix.
The Official Discs Will Be No Better Than What We Have!
Originally posted by: lordjedi
Has anybody stopped to wonder why Lucasfilm, with the resources they had access to in 1993, would bother using a laserdisc rip when they probably have access to the digital masters? If Lucas is anything like me, I'm sure he didn't just make a master laserdisc and then throw away the uncompressed digital master. He probably saved the entire thing in extremely hi-res on servers somewhere. Wouldn't it be far easier to go back to that master than it would be to capture a laserdisc rip and then remaster that? Sure, that's what we fans do for our preservation edits, but that's all we have access to. I think it's a safe assumption that LFL has access to digital masters that can be used to make a very nice looking DVD.

This would also explain the whole 1993 comment. As has been said, it's not going to look as good as the 2004 DVDs because they're not going to have Lowry do any color correction on it. I imagine they'll take the digital master from 1993 and stick it on a DVD. And even if they don't, it can't look any worse than what we already have.

That's EXACTLY what we're saying it will be - and people still have the nerve to bitch about that.

There's a saying where I come from that we would all do well to remember: