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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

Ginge said:

Now with your release, I found your “Despecialized Edition” credits to come way too soon after the main credits for the film finished. Your credits come up while the music is still playing in fact. If you truly want to honor the original film to how it was played originally, this is an absolute no, no… it’s almost as bad as what Lucasfilm did the credits in 1997. 

Actually I know that while credit is certainly due, I've always been a little uncomfortable with the Despecialized Credits myself.  When other cultural artifacts are restored, there there is sometimes a plaque about the restoration, but that plaque is typically placed near the artifact, not directly attached to it.  The Despecialized Credits always seemed a little bit like graffiti to me.  I'd prefer for the credits to be placed on the disc or case art, or if they must be in the disc contents due to how it's distributed, in a text file or even an unused subtitle track.

I feel pretty uncomfortable complaining about this because I really do appreciate this and feel that credit is absolutely due, but I just wanted to add my voice since the topic has been brought up.

If GL changed his mind about releasing OUT, but with a few tweaks.....

Sure, we'd love it.  It's not like we're fanatics or anything.*

But really, even if he approached this with the best possible intentions, isn't it a given that he'll screw up color timing and sound at the very least?  But even then I'd appreciate it as a much better source for proper restoration projects.


* Okay, that was a little tongue in cheek but I'm serious.  Minor cleanups would put him well within the boundaries of what other directors regularly do.  Sometimes I wonder why they bother and wish they wouldn't, but I don't begrudge them for it.  Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blood Simple, etc.  A certain amount of change is, even if not desirable, tolerable.

Adventures in Raising the Next Generation of Original Star Wars Fans

Just wanting to give this thread a better bump.

There's not much TV watching in our house (yeah one of those), so I've got a four-year-old who hasn't seen much in the way of movies in general, and in particular hasn't seen Star Wars. External influences aren't a big concern our town, he's more likely to come home with dreadlocks and a bongo than a Jar Jar backpack (and frankly I'd prefer it).

Thanks to Harmy, I can now start him out right, probably around age 5. And in spite of the availability of the GOUT and Laserdisc transfers, I've gone quite a long time without seeing them at all myself and will enjoy coming back to them (sadly, George's embargo against Star Wars has kinda worked for me, haven't seen it in a decade, maybe more).

Anyway, here's how I plan on handling the SE's and PT: if asked about the "larger Star Wars world", or specifically about characters on Star Wars lunchboxes that aren't in the movies, I will say that in addition to the three Star Wars movies, there is a huge amount of novels, comic books, fan fiction, cartoons, fan-made movies, and even fan-made edits or the original movies--most of which isn't very good, but if he's interested I'd be willing to pick up a novel or comic book for him and he can see for himself. As far as I'm concerned the PT's are on equal footing with fan-made movies (the fan in this case being named George), and the SE's are just another fan edit, and if my kid wants to peruse the world of Star Wars fan fiction, he's welcome to it, but George's fan fiction isn't getting priority placement in the pile just because of who he is.