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Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

I’m wondering if Snoke tells Kylo that in order to become a Sith, he must face off with not only Rey, but Luke as well, in order to become a true Sith. If he kills them, he WILL be as powerful as Vader.

I think in a way, it will be a mirror of TESB, where Luke rushes to fight Vader, so will Kylo Ren, but in doing so, it will be his down fall. He will get injured and actually have to where a breathing mask, just like Vader did, modified of course. However, we probably won’t see that mask until Episode IX.

Luke wanted so much to be Jedi and he fulfilled that destiny. Kylo is the exact opposite, he wants to be a Sith and will do ANYTHING to fulfill his destiny.

As for Rey, that’s a completely different story, one that will make more sense after Episode VIII.

What other spinoffs should Disney make?

I would like to see the Han Solo film, the post ROTJ Boba Fett film, as well as Rogue One. It doesn’t matter that we are getting these films now, it matters when the younger generation can watch all of these in chronological order.

I hope we get a very young 50-100 year old Yoda film, but what would it be about? You could see the ancient Sith attacking Yoda’s planet/species leaving him and maybe a couple of others left.

Darth Bane, I would love to see that too.

In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon?

I think the best way to watch it is


1 you get to know Anakin Skywalker, the slave/person/pilot/etc. Then it skips to Luke, hiding the reveal of Anakin becoming dark in 2, and the Vader turn in 3. You also remember how good of a pilot Anakin was, when Obi-wan is talking about him to Luke. You find out who Vader is in 5, so you go back to Episodes 2 and 3 to watch how Anakin became Vader, to finish the saga you RETURN to see 6 and go right into 7.


You can just watch 4,5,6, then 1,2,3, and finally 7.