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Star Wars: The Ford Awakens (Han Lives Edit) (Released)

Currently on my kick of combining scenes together, I’ve sorted out how to get Rey to Starkiller Base without her getting captured…merge the “bypass the compressor” meme with the Falcon arriving at Starkiller. Rey and Finn can take turns talking to Han in the cockpit.

While I was at it, I merged two scenes of Snoke talking with Hux, he’s informed of where the Resistance base is hiding, and he tells Hux they will crush them once and for all, then asks Kylo about the awakening he just sensed…this now comes directly after Rey’s one-and-only encounter with Luke’s lightsaber and has the force vision.

Star Wars: The Ford Awakens (Han Lives Edit) (Released)

SparkySywer said:

Cameron Samurai said:

Because some of us aren’t interested in doing the whole sodding sequel trilogy and just want to make a done-in-one for the sheer fun of it? What’s your problem?

I was just thinking that the Force Awakens doesn’t really work except as the first movie in a series of movies, it literally ends on a cliffhanger.

Do whatever you want, though, it’s your fanedit. I just don’t think it works.

So? Last Jedi ends on a cliffhanger too, doesn’t stop people from making edits where Luke lives does it?

Star Wars: The Ford Awakens (Han Lives Edit) (Released)

Perhaps it’s best I just drop the Kylo and Han confrontation, but at this rate, the movie barely runs beyond an hour with all the other more radical trims I’ve made to it.

Since I last posted, I came up with the notion of leaving Ray behind on the Resistance base, which meant losing her being captured, interrogated, escaping and then duelling with Kylo. I might have to put all that back in just to increase the running time.

Star Wars: The Ford Awakens (Han Lives Edit) (Released)

Announcing a very special Star Wars: Force Awakens fanedit. What if poor Harrison Ford was denied yet another chance at going out in a blaze of glory?

That’s right, I’ve worked out a way of having Han live throughout the entire movie, and he accompanies Rey on her search for Luke at the end.

Other changes so far include

-Leia sensing the Starkiller’s attack on the republic
-R2 awakens when BB8 first finds him
-No lightsaber duel with Kylo, Rey, or Finn.
-Planets Daquar and Tokondana are now the same world
-Han and Chewie’s explosives bring down the shields


-First 47 minutes are straight up regular Force Awakens. Changes occur when the falcon escapes the hijackers
-Falcon arrives at Daquar, Finn meets Poe, all references to Rey being captured removed
-R2 awakens, the map to Luke is completed
-Leia and Han argue, Rey finds Luke’s lightsaber and has her vision, this triggers her awakening, Snoke informs Kylo of this, Snoke then learns the location of the Resistance base.
-The Resistance put together their strategy regarding Starkiller base.
-The First Order attacks Daquar, Finn is given the lightsaber
-Footage of Tokunda battle now represents the Daquar invasion
-Starkiller destroys Republic planets, Rey grieves with Leia.
-Han, Finn, Rey and Chewie journey to Starkiller,
-Han and Chewie plant bombs, Han confronts Kylo, Kylo ignites his lightsaber off-camera, leaving Chewie no choice but to attack, he then sets off the explosives. The shields are brought down by the explosions.
-Resistance destroy Starkiller base
-Han says goodbye to Leia, tells Rey and Finn all about why Luke dissapeared
-Footage of the Falcon arriving at Tokodana used for the Falcon arriving at Luke’s island
-Ending the same as Force Awakens

I have plenty of samples to share. Advise and suggestions are welcome.


R2 Awakens (UPDATED)

How I worked around keeping Rey on the mission with Han and Finn without being captured. These combined scenes occur just as the First Order begin recharging Starkiller base.

Chewie Saves Han (special credit to the efforts of GeoMFilms)

Password to view all samples is ford

Doctor Who Edit Ideas

Editing Classic Who is quite a daunting task. I have all the envy in the world for editors like Whoflix, who managed just about all of it. His edits also implemented many of the alterations you’ve suggested, such as minxing new new series music, sometimes he even used scores from other sources, including Bond movies for the likes of stories such as “Inferno”

Justice League: Doomsday Clock (Released)

Couple of proof-of-concept samples I’ve cobbled together for a potential JL Edit. Nothing is definite yet, but wanted to run the ideas by you guys

Alternative Introduction to Barry: One of the ideas for the edit was to do something different and change some scenes up, I wanted to remove the despair surrounding Barry’s otherwise more fun loving character so I removed all the angst between him and his father. Bruce recruits him by doing him a favour and recommending him a job.

password to view: flash

“Farm Ending”

Another idea I’m tossing around is cutting out Clark’s fight with the Justice League…which would free up the scenes with him and Lois at the farm. I have re-purposed this for a new ending to the movie.

password to view: farm

Doctor Who-Victory of the Daleks: Unexploded Package (Released)

this is a minimalist 30-minute cut of Victory of the Daleks, Mark Gatiss’ first major script for the Moffat era and the second big letdown of the series one episode after The Beast Below. The signs were all there from the two that trouble was brewing, but fortunately the rest of the series was top notch quality and spared such thoughts from manifesting in most fans’s minds until the mass bungling of the latter half of series six.

Victory of the Daleks biggest crime is the New Dalek Paradigm, aka the Teletubby Dalek Rangers…which I couldn’t remove. If I could, I would, I swear[/George Micheal], so I decided to make do with removing the other big misfire of the story…Bracewell, the Dalek-enginerred scientist who “develops” the gorgeous looking Ironside Daleks (why didn’t Moffat keep them on?) is revealed to be a living bomb.

What happens next is a truly despicable bit of emotionally manipulative storytelling where the power of love saves the day for the first time in the Moffat era. It’s time consuming filler designed purely to drag out the Daleks’ inevitable escape and nothing more, so off it goes.

Also gone is the ending with Amy’s crack forming just as the TARDIS dematerializes, just to give this episode more of a one-and-done feel.

PM me for link

Doctor Who-Day of the Doctor: Gallifrey Falls (Released)

In it’s infant stages way back in 2015, this edit was known as “The Moment Has Come”, but a purging of my MEGA account meant it was lost to the tearful rains of time…a good thing too, because I’ve much improved as an editor since then

The episode now begins with the unveiling of the Gallifrey falls painting and the titles follow Matt saying “the day I killed them all”, we have a shortened version of the RTD Doctor Who theme and titles, and then back to the museum for more of the story

I decided to hold back on the War Doctor’s introductution scene until the time came to meet up with The Moment and collect the Fez. Luckilly, there’s a perfect moment to bridge from Ten and Eleven meeting to the fall of Arcadia just as Ten says “so where did it go?”

The destruction of Gallifrey originally came about in my last edit when Clara was talking to the War Doctor and noticed he’d vanish from the chair, but in this version we get to see Hurt actually trigger the big red button that leads to the obliteration of the planet

Most of the story is the same, I opted to also omit any scene with the painting of Elizabeth and Ten getting smashed in by the invading Zygons for reasons that become quite clear at the end. I was never really satisfied with how Whoflix ended his edit of Day of the Doctor, and thought it needed a better closing shot than just Ten’s TARDIS dematerialzing, so I spared the painting shot so we could have a quick pan over to it one more time.

Star Trek IV: But Everything Goes Right (Released)

Title still undecided, it’s either this or the Competence Cut.

A 1 hr 20 minute re-trim of the light hearted romp Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, with much of the over the top humor removed or greatly minimized, scenes rearranged, and whole sub-plots omitted to create a breezy, faster paced and risk-free entry. Mainly created as a challenge and for a laugh.


-The hearing at the Federation headquarters serves as a pre-title sequence
-Kirk and Spock’s talk on the Klingon ship removed after Savick leaves
-Time Warp dream sequence removed after the Bounty slingshots around the sun
-Double Dumb-ass on you removed
-Cadet review mention removed
-“Is that a lot?” removed
-Spock and Kirk talking on the bus minimized
-Yellow Pages scene minimized
-Checkov and Uhura asking about the naval base minimized
-Spock mind-melding with the whales cut, Kirk and Spock no longer get in trouble with the biologist
-Scotty does not play around with the computer or mouse
-Checkov is no longer arrested or falls and sustains injury
-Hospital rescue of Checkov cut
-Return home minimized to omit second rescue of the whales and shots of Checkov

HBO'S Power Rangers (Released)

The world of fanfilms produces just as many examples of Sturgeon’s Law as fanfics and official media do…and some online communities let them know it. Such is the case with Power Rangers.

Over the course of this decade, a wealth of Power Rangers fanfilms have circulated, each of their own varying quality…but the one ccmmon theme that binds them together is that they’re all…pretty grim.

Which is fine. Perfectly fine. Power Rangers for all it’s cheese-ball presentation is essentially a story about the youth being recruited by higher powers to fight a large-scale war, where the villains know their civilian identity and can target you, your school, your loved ones. It’s pretty scary, and you dwell on the consequences of that a lot more as you get older, when you’re faced to put up with real wars on the news day in day out, sometimes even participating in a few yourself. The reality of Power Rangers makes for a harsher reflection of our own world.

The fandom can’t really take to this though, they just want fun goofy escapism, so any attempt at creating a near-the-knuckle product outside of their conventional perimeters is often met with disdain and dismissal…which sadly doesn’t leave much elbow room for projects like this.

Fortunately, I’m a broad enough chap to be open about the possibilities, and there’s enough of this material out there to put together a nifty little “proof-of-concept” pilot. A friend of mine, DANLAV05, put together a pitch pilot edit for a CW-led Power Rangers spin-off called “Wrath of Zedd”, which I contributed some small suggestions to. The edit is a lot of fun, comprised of various non-official PR material.

My intention, inspired by his edit, was to take it to another level. While he aimed at a teen audience, I’d aim for an older demographic, which meant using the material that included graphic violence and profanity. To this extent, I had to use much of the Power/Rangers fanfilm to stitch together a cohesive narrative.

This means the only Ranger that represents the original character is Jason David Frank as Tommy in the Super Beat Down videos where he tackles Ryu and Scorpion, where as Kimberly, Rocky and Jason are represented by different actors in their respective segments.

I opened the edit with Kimberly being captured on her wedding day from Power/Rangers…for the purpose of this edit, the man she’s married is not meant to be Jason.

Here’s the remainder of the timeline

-“Double Trouble” short from the aborted MMPR fanfilm project

-Back to footage from Power/Rangers showing a derelict city, which transistions us smoothly into

–Footage from the MMPR Fanfilm’s trailer with Lord Zedd

-Cut to footage of Zack taking on the Koreans from Power/Rangers, followed by Kimberly’s interogation

-Have Kimberly’s narration transition us to the Ryu vs Tommy beat down footage

-Briefly cut away from Tommy vs Ryu to more from Kimberly’s interrogation, and some more footage from MMPR

-Back to Ryu vs Tommy

-More from the MMPR fanfilm shorts (the one with the hacker finding the Project_Ranger files)

-Back to Kimberly’s interogation

-Cut to Tommy vs Scorpion

-Cut back to Kimberly’s interogation

-Cut to Red Rising fanfilm to show what Jason’s been up to…and there’s your cliffhanger

There you have it. HBO’S Power Rangers pilot…coming sometime never

The aspect ratios were a particular pain in the ass to sort out. To get the best results I had to stitch the edit together in 4/3

Anyhood, I have this availible, so PM me if curious

Civil War: Vengeance Has Consumed You (Released)

I’m currently putting the finishing touches to a 1hr, 57 minute cut of Captain America: Civil War. The edit includes the following changes

-Film now opens with Tony talking about the holographic technology
-No romance/flirting between Sharon and Steve
-T’Challa’s introduction as a vengeful Black Panther is not foreshadwed. Scene with Natasha after the Vienna bombing cut.
-Alternative introduction to Peter Parker using Spider-Man: Homecoming footage
-No split between Tony and Pepper (there’s a very good reason for that)
-More mystery to Zemo and his motivations, we only truly learn the extent of his scheming when the characters do
-New mid-credits scene using Homecoming footage.

Idea: Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie (sealed with a kiss)

I loved the Hey Arnold Jungle Movie. I thought it provided adequate and emotional closure to the show, there were a couple of things that bugged me though, such as Eugene’s unnatural allergic reactions and Helga being rude to Arnold at the tail end of the movie after they had finally kissed. When it becomes availible on DVD, I intend to go in and minimize Eugene’s scenes and end the movie right after Arnold and Helga kiss in the temple.