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Doctor Who-"Rose" (Eight to Nine Edit) (Released)

Cast your mind back to 2005…simpler times and simple pleasures. Russel T. Davies re awoken the sleeping giant of science-fiction with a modest and whirl wind reinvention of Doctor Who starring Christopher Eccelston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, who became essentially the show’s quintessential answer to Gwen Stacy…only without the satisfaction of a bridging.

For that first year, many fans questioned where things would go, it would not be until “Dalek” where we learned who was involved in the last great time war (I, being a book nerd, thought they were going to make the recently folded war with Faction Paradox canon to the tv world), other questions were whether or not Adam would turn out to be Davros because of his ‘third eye’ (yes, erratically preposterous fan theories were running rampant even back then), but the most crucial question on everyone’s mind…was what had happened to Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor?

There didn’t seem to be an answer. Doctor Who Magazine at one point offered to reveal how he came to be Christopher Eccelston with the planned conclusion to their final Eighth Doctor strip adventure “The Flood”, something RTD even encouraged, but the BBC had the final say and did’nt want Eccelston to be glimpsed before transmission, so the idea was quietly dropped and the strip adventure ended on a homage of sorts to “Survival”. I remember being quite vexed at the time about it, as there were still loose ends from that era still to be tied up…though that would be (partially) remedied in later years with the new series Doctors.

We did’nt get a concrete answer until the 50th anniversary, seven years later, in the “Night of the Doctor” minisode, where the Eighth Doctor tries in vain to save someone who despises his race and stays with her ’till the bitter end…only to be given a choice by the Sisterhood of Karn to become a being who could tip the balance in the ongoing time war. He chooses to be a warrior, a Doctor no more…we come to know him as a Doctor of war.

It wasn’t Eccelston though.

In a convoluted fashion that can only come about when a reluctant actor doesn’t want to dip his toes in the same lake twice, Eccelston was replaced in the special by John Hurt, and the special tied up the remainder of RTD’s influence on the show in grandfatherly fashion. Eccelston had to make do with archive footage of him being used in the sequence where all thirteen Doctors save Gallifrey.

Fans opinion was mixed, some did not take to the fact Mcgann was shafted by the 50th and did’nt get to participate in the time war at all, others could not adapt well to the concept that Eccelston was not even the Ninth, but in actuality the tenth incarnation of the time lord, bumping Matt Smith up to the final incarnation. Some thought the lineage of the Doctors had become slightly more complicated than it need be.

Some cried out for simpler times.

Took a few years but…wish granted.

Cast your mind back now to 2005, where the Eighth transitions to Nine in just under a few minutes, sit back and enjoy Eccleston’s first adventure all over again…oh, and this time, let’s leave Rose Tyler behind shall we?

Physician heal thyself

Edit available…PM me


Doctor Who Series Ten as I would have it. A series without unnecessary mystery box teasings, under utilized guest stars, new episodes for Michelle Gomez to chew scenery in, a series with maybe even a few twists and turns in established stories, some stories may even be out of transmission order. So many options as time is rewritten and scenes are re-edtied.

We’ll start with ‘‘The Pilot’’

The following details contain SPOILERS for the series and the edit:

You may find it begins not at The Doctor’s study…but somewhere a lot more distant, both in time and space…on a planet of professional executioners…that’s right, we’re getting the Vault mystery out of the way right off the bat. This is all of the Missy scenes from ”Extremis” repurposed for ”The Pilot”, we cut to the credits just as Missy urges The Doctor to let her live, and from there we find a chap at the door…Bill’s door, as her friends are out house-hunting.

That’s right, the first few minutes of ”Knock Knock” a fun but immensely flawed entry in series ten, pops up in this one too, setting up the events of a future edit, and making a recurring guest star out of David Suchette’s Landlord character.

From there, we cut back to Bill attending The Doctor’s lectures, we don’t need her being formerly introduced to him, all we need to learn is he’s her tutor and that’s it.

While she has selected a new house with her friends, it’s still going to take her a while to move, so don’t worry if you think she’s forgotten about her new digs.

After we pop over to Puddle Lane [god, whoever will get that reference?] after it locates The Pilot, we breifly go back to Doc and Missy before we check in on christmas with the crank and Bill, and from there the episode proceeds as normal until Bill arrives in a panic at the campus. Heather ripping off the Midnight monster and padding out screentime is cut and Bill makes a bee-line for The Doctor’s study.

From there, the only thing left to cut is the trip to Australia, and then most of the episode is the same, save for the conclusion of the Extremis spots right after Bill notices her tears. We conclude our edit with footage borrowed from ”Lie of the Land”


The Exodus is the infamous two-parter of the 90s multiverse exploration series SLIDERS, a series that was frequently plauged by executive meddling, pointless cast changes, and ridiclous storylines. It holds a speical place in my heart as it’s first two seasons are amongst the best speculative fiction I’ve ever seen and I do actually have some sort of soft spot for the third season even if it (and season five) are the worst.

The Exodus has a lot going against it…death of a fan favourite character in Professor Artro, gobbeldigook science jargon, the characters all being incredibly self-centered and mean-spirited, a weird serial killer/coma victim subplot…there’s a lot to cut out or generally minimise, and evidently I haven’t been the only one who’s considered this. Apparently the Earth Prime online communuty tried their hand at the Exodus fanedit, I found it on Vimeo and it’s inspired me to do my own version.

I think they tried to be too ambitious with the edit, attempting to ignore some of the hokeier moments and, in what I feel was a missed oppertunity, cut out Quinn returning to his home Earth. This was a seminal moment for me and I thought one of the better moments of the two-parter, ruined all too quickly by Maggie’s ludicrous “allergy” to an Earth. In my version, Quinn and Maggie return from Quinn’s world with no problems and they decide that Earth is where the population of the doomed Pulsar Earth goes.

Arturo’s death is now repurposed in a way that gives him some dignity and underlines the trimph of the Sliders with a tragic setback…they have made it home at last, but feel compelled to return to their usual adventures in order to bring Rickman to justice.

Maggie’s husband is killed off-screen, as Rickman tells Maggie he was killed by the rioters.

The whole Rembrant/Malcom subplot has been removed, they still meet and Rembrant does still bond with him, but the whole drama with trying to get him on the list or whatnot is edited out.

I retained some of the cheesier elements because Sliders is pure 90s cheese and it would feel hollow without some of that being in there. It’s not really a very joyful story as it is.

I hope to have this up on Vimeo either today or sometime in the week and will make it availible on my Zaredit blog and the fanedit reddit, so keep your eyes peeled.

Man Of Steel - The Kent Cut (Released)

I’m working on a 1 hr 42 minute workprint of Man of Steel which I’ll make availible on my blog, the intent is to include a few scenes from Batman V Superman without devling too deeply into that movie. I did’nt want to do what everybody else does and insert Bruce into the battle of Metropolis, I wanted to maintain this movie as entirely Superman-dependent, and as a result the only character from BVS to carry over into this edit is Lex Luthor in one of the final scenes setting up the sequel. I also intend to have Kal become Clark much earlier in the movie…20 minutes in to be exact, and have him investigate the bat-branded criminal and meeting his widow, who tells him the only way to deal with uncompromising monsters is with a fist…this thus provides Clark with some inspiration for how he ultimately deals with Zod.

Also out of the edit is Lois investigating Clark and tracking him down. She knows who Clark is when he’s introduced to her at the Planet. HE comes to HER, and she arrives at the Kent farm shortly after Zod’s transmission to Earth, and Supes and her surrender immediatly to the military rather than the military capturing Lois and forcing Superman to surrender in order to see her. Most of the edit from that point on is untouched until the ending. The movie begins with the rescue on the Bus and ends with Clark talking to Jonathan’s ghost in the artic from BVS.

Knight Rider 2000-One Cut Can Make A Difference (Released)

This was one of the very first movies I ever tackled ten or so years ago, and now that I’ve evolved as an editor, I think the time is right to go back to it.

“So many things to fix” you might be thinking…well I decided to pretty much keep most of it intact, mainly out of a fondness for all the little kiche moments. Think of KR 2000 as a 90s answer to the BBC comedy mock retrospective “Time Trumpet” which foresees a future with all sorts of innovations and events that did not come true…although they weren’t too far off from there being ten Star Trek movies, at least in the original continuity anyway. I actually cut James Doohan’s cameo in the original version, but felt compelled to keep it in this version.

The big difference of course, is that Devon Miles no longer dies, he doesn’t get to do much because of this, but I reckon peacefully handing the baton over to his arrogant partner and the Knight 4000 is a kinder move, as it shows him and Michael as the old lions entrusting the pride to the young.

Opening the story is the scene where Tommy Watts attacks the conference and takes the mayor hostage, leading Shawn to pick up the handgun, then we cut to the titles.

I decided to use the pilot episode title sequence of the series for two reasons, one was to avoid crediting Bonnie and RCIII from season four, since only David Hasselhoff and Edward Mulhare show up here, and the other was to follow in the tradition of KR series premiers, which don’t tip you off to the fact KITT is going to undergo a transformation. Think of this as the season five premier of Knight Rider and you wonder just what form the old trans-am will take next, and what powers it will have. To add some vintage spice to proceedings, I’ve also included some music cues from the original series. Not too many, but a keen ear will spot them.

Also included is a slightly altered ending which I’m sure will give you avid KR fans a grin.

Still in the process of uploading the files to MEGA, but will notify when they’re ready. They can be accessed via PM.

Thunderbirds Are Go-Ring of Fire (Released)

Thunderbirds Are Go! is a worthy revival of the 60s Supermarionation classic, and this edit doesn’t take much away from what the series has to offer…though that’s not to say there’s wiggle room for slight improvements. I took the opportunity to produce a small pre-episode montage of what was to come in the story, just as the classic series had done when they kick started every exciting instalment. I decided not to use the title sequence as it proved a little redundant (half the bloody thing is made up of a montage of what’s to come in the episode, and I’d already pushed that back further to the very start of the episode), however it should not come off as too jarring, at least I hope so.

Afterwards, it was just a small matter of avoiding the dreaded “part one” and “part two” and writers credits (though I included the directors credit)

The links can be accessed via PM.