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The Official Forever Noir Thread!

Right, so after a couple of red herrings involving my earlier threads, I’ve finally decided to make a new, official thread for my much-anticipated Forever Noir edit. Here goes nothing!

INTENTION: Present Batman Forever in a whole new light: classic Film Noir.


  • 720p HD quality
  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • 5.1 surround sound


  • DVDFab 10
  • VEGAS Pro 16
  • Adobe Audition CC or Audacity


  • Presented entirely in B/W
  • Original timeline restored
  • Deleted footage reinserted
  • Cheese factor lowered
  • New musical score


  • Added 1950s B/W Warner Bros. Pictures logo
  • Added new animated Bat symbol transition, akin to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy
  • Added deleted Arkham Asylum prologue, with new SFX and OST
  • Added subtitle during Wayne Enterprises establishing shot, informing the viewer on how much time has passed since Two-Face’s escape from Arkham
  • Added Edward working on his invention from U2’s music video
  • Added Edward’s “…in the flesh!” from trailer #1
  • Removed Edward’s “I have it” and “Ah?”
  • Added deleted shot of the tunnel and extended conversation between Bruce and Alfred from trailer #1
  • Added extended shot of Batman’s glove from trailer #1
  • Added Batman putting on his cowl from Batman & Robin
  • Added deleted shot of the Batsuit from trailer #1
  • Removed shot of Batman putting on his boot
  • Replaced Batman and Alfred’s “drive-thru” exchange with Alfred’s “Do try and bring this one back in one piece, sir!” from B&R
  • Added extended shot of the Batmobile igniting from trailer #1
  • Removed Two-Face’s “Why, why, why, why, whyyy?”, “LUCK! Blind, stupid, simple, doo-dah, clueless LUCK!”, “…for you!” and “Or, in your case, beer and pizza!”, along with his laughs and cackles
  • Added Batman leaping off a building from OnStar’s ‘Leap’ spot
  • Replaced Chase’s “Hot entrance” with a reused shot of Commissioner Gordon
  • Removed Batman’s “Insightful. Naive, but insightful.”
  • Replaced Chase’s “Not every girl makes a superhero’s knight table” with a reverse shot of Batman turning to Gordon
  • Removed Chase’s “Really? I didn’t know that. You are interesting. And call me Chase.”
  • Added deleted shot of the crowd looking up from trailer #1
  • Removed Chase’s “By the way, do you have a first name, or do I just call you Bats?”
  • Added tracking shot of Gotham City Bank from OnStar’s ‘Riddler’ spot
  • Removed Two-Face’s “LET’S START THIS PARTY WITH A BANG!” and the wrecking ball coming in
  • Added extended “BLAST HIM!” take from trailer #1
  • Added deleted shot of Two-Face dancing from Seal’s music video
  • Removed Two-Face’s “Open sesame.”
  • Added alternate angles of Batman knocking down the thugs and his one-liner “Going down?” from trailer #1
  • Added alternate take of Batman throwing the thug behind him to the floor from trailer #1
  • Added alternate angles of Batman grabbing the thug from the elevator shaft and throwing him against another from trailer #1
  • Added alternate angle of Batman discovering the guard gagged and bound inside the vault from trailer #1
  • Added Two-Face flipping his coin in the helicopter from U2’s music video
  • Removed the guard’s “Oh, no!”
  • Removed Two-Face cackling midway through his speech in the helicopter
  • Removed the guard’s “Oh, no! It’s boiling acid!”
  • Removed the lines “No!”, “Hold on” and “Yes!”
  • Removed the guard’s “Hey, that’s my hearing aid!”, “Wow, my shoes are melting!” and “Ohh, no more!”
  • Removed Two-Face rage-quitting over Batman escaping the vault
  • Added alternate angle of Batman aiming his Batclaw from trailer #1
  • Removed the guard’s reaction shot on the falling vault
  • Added Two-Face’s “If the Bat wants to play, we’ll play!” from trailer #1
  • Added alternate angle of the helicopter crashing through the Ocu-wash sign from Seal’s music video
  • Removed Two-Face’s “Farewell forever to that pointy-eared night rat!”
  • Added a blood effect when Two-Face guns down the helicopter pilot
  • Added alternate angles of Batman punching through the helicopter window from trailer #1
  • Added bits of the extended helicopter fight sequence, particularly those without the stuntman’s voice
  • Added two deleted shots of Batman in the helicopter from U2’s music video
  • Added a new flashback sequence when Batman lands in the ocean, as called for in the original production screenplay
  • Removed Edward’s “Okay… now I’ve got it!”, along with his yelps and shrieks
  • Removed Edward’s “Caffeine’ll kill ya!”
  • Muted the violin sound effect when Edward wakes Stickley up
  • Removed Edward’s “Which one, this?”
  • Added extended shot of Edward pulling the lever and his deleted reaction shot from trailer #1
  • Removed the entire “game show host” bit, as well as the Top Hat parody song
  • Removed Edward’s “What a rush!”, “Huh!” and “Hang on!”
  • Added a new scream when Stickley falls to his death
  • Removed Edward’s “Surf’s up, big Kahuna!” and “Ooh! Nice form, but a little rough on the landing. He may have to settle for the bronze.”
  • Added a new nightmare sequence, using a shot of Bruce waking up from U2’s music video
  • Rearranged “Once Gotham’s district attorney…” to cue before “Harvey Dent…”
  • Removed Edward’s “Th-the memories…”
  • Removed Gordon’s “Yep, definitely suicide.”
  • Rescored the scene in Edward’s apartment to remove the song “Bad Days” by The Flaming Lips
  • Removed Edward’s “Wayne Manor…” and “Hmph!”
  • Removed Bruce asking where Chase’s office is
  • Removed Bruce’s “I have an appointment. I’m Bruce Wayne.”
  • Added alternate shots of the circus performers
  • Removed Gossip Gerty interviewing Bruce at the circus
  • Removed Bruce asking Chase out on a rock climbing trip
  • Removed all shots of Edward watching the circus raid in his apartment (debatable)
  • Added BTS footage of Two-Face shooting an innocent clown (blood effect included)
  • Shortened Bruce’s “HARVEY! I’M BATMAN!” to “HARVEY!”
  • Muted Two-Face cackling after his line “Go to work, boys!”
  • Removed shot of Grayson’s family trying to grab the bomb
  • Rescored the death of the Flying Graysons with new music that drowns out all sound, for dramatic effect
  • Added Batman '89 footage to the flashback sequence
  • Moved “Robin will fly again” to play after the rooftop scene
  • Added deleted shot of the Batmobile driving from trailer #1
  • Shortened Chase’s “Last night at the bank, I noticed something about Two-Face” to “Last night, I noticed something about Two-Face.”
  • Removed Batman’s “The Batsignal is not a beeper” and “It’s the car, right? Chicks love the car.”
  • Removed Chase’s “Black rubber…”
  • Added alternate shot of Batman gliding down to the Batmobile from trailer #1
  • Removed Batman’s “Women.”
  • Removed entire car chase sequence
  • Added exterior shot of Wayne Manor at daytime from B&R, along with a subtitle reading “THE NEXT DAY”
  • Added “Dick’s pain” deleted scene, with new OST and SFX
  • Removed Edward’s “Question Mark Man?”
  • Added Two-Face’s alternate “Who the hell are you?”
  • Removed the Riddler’s “KILL THE BAT! Sounds like a good idea” and “Wet hands… Post-homicidal depression… Why not humiliate him first? Expose his frailties. And then when he’s at he’s at his weakest… CRUSH HIM!”
  • Removed the Riddler commenting on Two-Face’s lair and testing out his invention on Sugar and Spice
  • Added the “Beauty and the Batman” deleted scene, trimmed to end before the ladies start laughing at Batman
  • Removed the whole “Show me how to punch a guy!” scene
  • Removed Bruce and Alfred examining the third riddle
  • Removed Two-Face and the Riddler taking hits from the Box
  • Muted Dick’s “Now!”
  • Reversed footage of the Batcave turning on
  • Removed exterior shot of Alfred staring at Dick
  • Removed Chase’s “Rage, violence, passion…”
  • Removed Dick’s joyride in the Batmobile and him talking to the R&B girls
  • Removed Dick pretending to be Batman and him kissing the teenage girl after fighting the neon gang
  • Added cameos by the Red Triangle Circus Gang, the Penguin and Catwoman from Batman Returns during Bruce’s ‘terrible morning’ speech
  • Added the Joker’s laugh from B89 after Dick’s “Your family wasn’t killed by a maniac!”
  • Added U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” during the Nygmatech party
  • Removed Edward’s “The future!”, “No, no, no, NOOO!” and “Be calm, everybody! Just be calm!”
  • Muted Dick’s “Excuse me!”
  • Added alternate angles of Batman crashing through the skylight window and jumping on Two-Face’s men from trailer #1
  • Removed the “BATMAN! YEAH!” guy
  • Added alternate angle of Batman punching the thug in front of him and extended “The difference? Showmanship” take from trailer #1
  • Removed Indiana Jones-esque fight
  • Muted the thug’s weird-sounding laughter as he advances on Chase
  • Removed Chase and Batman’s kiss and Chase’s “My place, midnight.”
  • Added deleted shot of Batman climbing the balcony
  • Replaced Two-Face’s kiss to Batman with footage of police cars driving to the disturbance from B&R
  • Removed Two-Face dancing as Batman is engulfed in flames
  • Added extra flashback sequence when Batman is buried in sand
  • Removed Dick trying to think of a name for his superhero alter-ego
  • Added “Bruce’s dilemma” deleted scene, with new SFX and OST (includes footage of the rooftop fight from Returns)
  • Removed the lines “They want me to retire, Alfred”, “I’ve never been in love before, Alfred” and “Go to her. Tell her how you feel.”
  • Removed Batman’s smile
  • Refined the “Bats on the Brain” scene
  • Removed the entire “Batman is no more” scene
  • Moved the trick-or-treaters to after Bruce and Chase’s conversation
  • Removed Two-Face and the Riddler posing as trick-or-treaters
  • Removed the Riddler’s “Sssspank me!”
  • Removed Two-Face repeatedly flipping his coin
  • Added alternate shot of the Riddler skipping along with his tiny bombs from trailer #1
  • Removed the baseball gag and crotch grab
  • Removed the Riddler destroying the Batmobile
  • Shortened Two-Face cackling after his last coin flip
  • Added a blood effect for Bruce being shot in the head
  • Removed Two-Face running up to Bruce and laughing with the Riddler
  • Added Vicki Vale’s “I just gotta know, are we gonna try and love each other?” from B89, Selina Kyle’s “Sickos never scare me. At least they’re committed” and “I just couldn’t live with myself, so don’t pretend this is a happy ending!” from Returns and Chase’s “I wanna get close, but you won’t let me near. What are you protecting me from?” from earlier in the film, which brings us to…
  • …the iconic “Secret of the Batcave” deleted scene, recut as Bruce’s nightmare while he’s unconscious
  • Removed the entire “old habits die hard” exchange after Bruce wakes up
  • Muted the lines “Who the hell’s doing that?!” and “The Riddler!”
  • Muted Alfred’s “You really are quite bright as tightwad people say.”
  • Removed the infamous batarse (in its place is a shot of Batgirl’s cape dropping from B&R)
  • Removed Batman’s “Who’s your tailor?”
  • Removed Two-Face and the Riddler playing Battleship
  • Removed Robin’s stunt double
  • Added deleted shot of the Batwing crashing into the ocean from trailer #2
  • Removed the Riddler’s “I hope they can find the little black box!”
  • Added deleted shot of Robin on Claw Island from trailer #1
  • Removed Two-Face’s “And ME!”
  • Reduced Two-Face’s antics in the Riddler’s lair
  • Removed the Riddler’s “Was that over the top? I can never tell!” and “Bummer!”
  • Added shot of Arkham’s “Criminal Property Lockup” from B&R
  • Removed Edward’s “I can’t tell you if you don’t say please.”
  • Added “Does it ever end?” deleted scene, followed by a new ending featuring a shot of the Batmobile driving up to the police station to meet Chase
  • Added memoriam end card dedicated to the late Pat Hingle and Michael Gough
  • Added new end credit scroll, made using Endcrawl
  • Added new “Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures” end card


  • Batman Forever (1995) Blu-ray
  • Batman Forever (1995) Deleted Scenes
  • Batman (1989) Blu-ray
  • Batman Returns (1992) Blu-ray
  • Theatrical trailers
  • U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” music video
  • Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” music video
  • Riddle Me This: Why is Batman Forever?

PREVIEW CLIPS: (Edward Nygma introduction) (Two-Face introduction) (Rooftop meeting) (Riddler/Two-Face team up) (Two-Face’s introduction, rescored with “Selina Transforms Part II” from Batman Returns)


  1. forever
  2. two-face
  3. chase
  4. batman

'Nuff said.

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:

Okay minor update but i am planning to change the BF cockpit with that of BR’s just for continuity reasons also another question what your favorite score change?

My favourite one so far is when Edward knocks Stickley out.

I’m watching the rough cut right now, and so far I’m enjoying it. It’s similar to Ver. 2, with the bank vault/first riddle scenes intact.

What really caught my eye is the German news report with Superman. I really wasn’t expecting that. 😛

Speaking of the Stickley scene, his death is edited the same as V2, even though your OP says it’ll be left intact.

Plus, the colour’s still the same as it is in the theatrical cut, which I can understand completely since this is only a “rough cut”, so it’s still in the editing stages.

And finally, the dialogue isolation is different. Did you stick to Adobe Audition CC or move to AV Music Morpher Gold, because it sounds awfully similar to when your earlier builds used AV.

That’s all I have to say atm. Rough cut’s lookin’ good, and keep up the good work!

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:

Okay since for being so awesome guys for waiting i’ll be uploading a rough cut of BF so that way you can give me feedback on what works & what doesn’t so make sure to keep an eye on here so you can be notified when the link is upon my youtube.

Oh, thank God! I’m so excited for this rough cut! Should it be up shortly? 😄

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:

Okay so i been really inactive since my last post & that’s partly because i just finished my donner cut of superman 2 which will get an release soon but as for the batman cut it’s going great as i just finished editing the new score & now currently working on the vocal tracks as this is the most gurling & frustrating part of this cut but thankfully i found a neat alternate method in removing the background music abit better & hopefully i’ll have this cut done in october as that’s the release date i wanna aim for this badboy but until then keep an eye on my youtube channel for clips from my cut.

Glad there’s finally an update on Ver. 3! Can’t wait to see it; hoping for some preview clips!

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

About time I come back to this edit. I have something to say…

Now that I think it over, Ver. 1 of this edit seems, how you say, “Lighter and Softer”, in comparison to Ver. 2. Why do I say this?

Well, I listened to Ver. 2 more closely with my headphones a couple days ago, and the choices of Danny Elfman’s score in this case make the film sound much creepier than the actual film itself.

Now I’m not saying this is a disadvantage — because it’s totally not!

The music makes the film more enjoyable and reminicent to the Burton films, particularly to those who utterly despised the film or deemed it merely ‘unwatchable’ with most of Elliot Goldenthal’s score and the acting performances of the villains. Plus, the added creepiness should please fans of Batman Returns and the deleted footage works well in fixing some of the issues the film ended up with.

Overall, I love The Tim Burton Cut as much as others do. It works well in trimming the campy overtones and making the film seem darker and more to the point.

ThatGuyWhoEdits, don’t give up on Ver. 3! I’ve been working on my own cutlist for my edit of the film, and I think you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise once you see it!

Here’s something to get hyped for in the meantime: for the Two-Face introduction at The Second Bank of Gotham, I will be removing the lines “LUCK! Blind, stupid, simple, doo-dah, clueless LUCK!”, “…for YOU!” and “Or, in your case, beer and pizza!” to make the character seem less of a laughing goofball and more of a sinister foe. Lucas Caprucho’s comment on the “BFTTBC : Two-Face Revisited” concept video inspired me for this decision, and TGWE, may I suggest you do something similar! ^^

Plus, I’m thinking of adding a blood effect for when characters are gunned down. A certain Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince edit has achieved this challenge, and I believe I can do the same for BF.

And finally, I’ll leave TGWE with a suggestion: if you want, you can rename Ver. 3 of BFTTBC into “Batman Forever: The Tim Burton Cut - Revisited”. I think it’s a cool name for you to use. 😃

Wish me luck, everyone! And TGWE…

…stay gold. 😉

Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3

ThatGuyWhoEdits said:

Okay so it’s been a looooooooong time since i gave an update on my BF cut & well it’s not good.

For starters i went & tried to isolate some of the more explosive scenes in BF & see how the sound effects along with the vocals would come out after using the expanded soundtrack as the extraction & the results are pretty much the same as in my Ver.2 cut in fact they’re nearly identical even after applying the radio announcer effect.So i’m pretty much in a deep trench at the moment & contemplating whether or i should continue cause it’ll pretty much be my Ver.2 cut just with the bank scene included,Nygma during the stickly crime scene deleted,& just little snippets of the deleted scenes from my Un-Official director’s cut.


You’re adding a radio announcer effect? Wow!

My advice: try messing around with Adobe Audition for a bit until you’re satisfied with the result.

And I hope you’ll be able to innovate with the colour correction.

Good luck!