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Batman Forever: The Real Game Begins (a WIP)

Anakin Starkiller said:

That’s just the default text. Corellian Corvette made some sort of technical mistake.

Anyway, I would recommend you standardize the passwords, or at least provide them in the same posts as the links.

What did you change in that clip?

It’s just a layout choice I made to differentiate myself from other fan editor’s posts.

I rescored the scene with an abridged version of “Selina Transforms (Part II)” from Batman Returns, which I think works incredibly well. I’ve also gone and added some “Police Accident” SFX in the background.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Exodus Edition (a WIP)


Logo designed by Jrzag42

A streamlined, two-in-one, 3¾-hour-long edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that favours a more whimsical approach. A more focused narrative of The Boy Who Lived’s final cinematic journey that does away with one inconsequential subplot and features many, many trims to dialogue and plot details throughout, resulting in a much more magical, exciting, action-oriented finale to the original 8-film Harry Potter saga!

To paraphrase my previous post, I’m going to start by trimming the film down to a reasonable length. The original runtime for both parts combined clocks in at around 4 hours and 36 minutes. I intend to bring the film closer to the runtime of the original US version of Once Upon a Time in America. Maybe shorter.

In terms of narrative alterations, one radical change will take effect: the excision of Ron leaving. I drew much inspiration from the planned Whole Wicked Edition by AEmovieguy, as he was originally hoping to have the effects of the locket affect only Ron, fuelling his feelings of worthlessness towards Harry and Hermione. This new, unique plot detail is perfectly demonstrated here:

Speaking of AEmovieguy, I will also be borrowing many of his subtle changes from The 90 Minute Wicked Edition to action scenes throughout, giving the film a refreshed sense of urgency and tension. This will give the more introspective scenes plenty of time to breathe while bringing newfound energy to the action-adventure aspect. And former users geffyB and ShortRound24 gave out some brilliant ideas for full-length edits of their own, but seeing as theirs won’t be released any time soon given their inactivity, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate at least some of those very same ideas into my own. No harm, no foul.

Many deleted scenes will be restored to their original placement in both parts based on plot development and character growth. These will be further elaborated upon in my forthcoming cutlist.

As a bonus, select scenes will be rescored with John Williams’ soundtracks from the first three instalments, and extensive colour correction will be undertaken throughout to bring more lifelike tones to the film. Expect comparison images for Exodus very soon!

Full cutlist coming soon!

Batman Forever: The Real Game Begins (a WIP)


Poster art by user Malthus

After years in development limbo, my Batman Forever fan cut is bigger, battier and better than ever!


  • Rescored many key scenes with Danny Elfman’s original score from Batman '89, Returns and Sleepy Hollow
  • Regraded the entire film throughout to reflect the film’s darker themes
  • Added deleted Arkham Asylum prologue
  • Created new opening title sequence, using footage from “The Miracle in Human Brain”
  • Added “GOTHAM CITY - PRESENT DAY” subtitle over Wayne Enterprises establishing shot
  • Added Edward working on his invention from U2’s music video
  • Added Edward’s line from the trailer, “…in the flesh!”
  • Removed Edward’s line, “Ah?”
  • Rescored the tunnel/suit-up sequence with “Descent into Mystery” from B89
  • Added additional dialogue between Bruce and Alfred from the trailer
  • Replaced Alfred and Batman’s ‘drive-thru’ exchange with Alfred’s “Do try and bring this one back in one piece, sir!” from Batman & Robin
  • Removed the following lines from Two-Face’s introduction:
    a) “Why, why, why, why, why?”
    b) “LUCK! Blind, stupid, simple, doo-dah, clueless luck!”
    c) “…for YOU!”
    d) “Or, in your case, beer and pizza! HA!”
  • Added Batman leaping off the roof from OnStar’s “Leap” commercial
  • Removed the following lines from Dr. Chase Meridian’s introduction:
    a) “Hot entrance.” (Replaced with a reused shot of Commissioner Gordon)
    b) “Insightful. Naive, but insightful.”
    c) “Not every girl makes a superhero’s knight table.” (Replaced with a reverse shot of Batman turning to face Gordon)
    d) “Really? I didn’t know that. You are interesting. And call me Chase.” (Replaced with an unused shot of the crowd from the trailer)
    e) “By the way, do you have a first name or should I just call you Bats?”
  • Added tracking shot of Gotham City Bank from OnStar’s “Riddle Me This” commercial
  • Removed Two-Face’s line, “LET’S START THIS PARTY WITH A BANG!” and the subsequent wrecking ball
  • Added extended take of Two-Face’s line, “BLAST HIM!”
  • Removed Two-Face’s line, “Open sesame.”
  • Added alternate angles of Batman knocking down Two-Face’s henchmen from the trailer
  • Added alternate angles of Batman grabbing one of Two-Face’s goons from the elevator shaft and throwing him against another (also from the trailer)
  • Rescored the bank heist/helicopter fight sequence with “Attack of the Batwing” from B89
  • Removed the following lines from the bank heist:
    a) “Oh, no!”
    b) “No!” / “Hang on!” / “Yes!”
    c) “Wow, my shoes are melting!”
    d) “Oh, no more!”
  • Removed Two-Face’s shitfit as Batman escapes the bank vault
  • Removed reaction shot of the bank guard on the falling vault
  • Added Two-Face’s deleted line, “On second thought, if the Bat wants to play, we’ll play!” (Both from the trailer and video game tie-in)
  • Removed Two-Face’s line, “Farewell forever to that pointy-eared night rat!”
  • Added artificial blood sprays when Two-Face shoots down the helicopter pilot
  • Added extended helicopter fight sequence, sans stuntman voice
  • Created new flashback sequence when Batman dives in the water, as called for in the original production screenplay
  • Removed the following lines/scenes from Mr. Stickley’s murder:
    a) “Caffeine’ll kill ya!”
    b) “Which one, this?”
    c) The entire “Brain Drain!” sequence
    d) “Hang on!”
    f) “Ooh! Nice form, but a little rough on the landing. He may have to settle for the bronze.”
  • Created new nightmare sequence inspired by the screenplay, ending on a shot of Bruce waking up from U2’s music video
  • Removed Edward’s line, “Th-the memories…”
  • Removed Gordon’s line, “Yep, definitely suicide.”
  • Rescored Edward’s first riddle with a track from B89
  • Removed Edward’s line, “Wayne Manor… hmph!”
  • Rescored Bruce and Chase’s meeting with “Flowers” from B89
  • Removed Gossip Gerty interviewing Bruce at the circus
  • Added Two-Face shooting an innocent clown as Edward watches with delight
  • Rescored the circus raid with “The Church Battle” from Sleepy Hollow
  • Muted Two-Face’s laughs and cackles throughout the circus raid
  • Removed overhead shot of the Flying Graysons trying to grab the bomb
  • Added a pool of blood over the Flying Graysons’ lifeless bodies (inspired by the comic book adaptation)
  • Rescored the flashback sequence with “Childhood Remembered” from B89
  • Moved Alfred consoling Dick to after the rooftop meeting
  • Removed the following lines from the rooftop meeting:
    a) “…at the bank…” (The line was originally “Last night at the circus…”, but was poorly re-dubbed during post-production.)
    b) “It’s the car, right? Chicks love the car.”
    c) “What is is about the wrong kind of man? In grade school, it’s guys with earrings, college, motorcycles, leather jackets. Now… black rubber.”
    d) “Women.”
  • Added “Dick’s pain” deleted scene
  • Removed Edward’s line, “Question Mark Man?”
  • Added alternate audio take for Two-Face’s line, “Who the hell are you?”
  • Removed the following lines/scenes from the villains’ team-up scene:
    a) “KILL THE BAT! Sounds like a good idea…”
    b) The Riddler commenting on Two-Face’s lair
    c) The Riddler testing his device on Sugar and Spice
  • Trimmed the karate laundry scene
  • Added the “Beauty and the Bat” deleted scene, trimmed at the end to remove the ladies laughing at Batman
  • Removed the entire “Show me how to punch a guy!” scene
  • Removed the entire second riddle scene (inspired by the comic book adaptation)
  • Rescored the NygmaTech press conference with “Joker’s Commercial” from B89
  • Removed Dick’s line, “NOW!”
  • Rescored Bruce and Chase’s conversation with “Photos” from B89
  • Removed Chase’s line, “Rage, violence, passion…”
  • Added special appearances by the Red Triangle Circus Gang, the Penguin and Catwoman from Returns during Bruce’s “terrible morning” speech
  • Added the Joker’s laugh from B89 after Dick’s line, “Your family wasn’t killed by a maniac.”
  • Added U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” and Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” during the NygmaTech launch party
  • Removed Edward’s line, “The future!”
  • Rescored the party raid with “First Confrontation” from B89
  • Removed the following lines from the party raid:
    a) “Oh, no, no, no, NO!”
    b) “Excuse me!”
  • Added alternate take of Batman leaping off the fountain and punching one of Two-Face’s goons from the trailer
  • Added extended take of the villains from the trailer
  • Removed second half of Batman’s fight with Two-Face’s henchmen
  • Removed Batman and Chase’s kiss
  • Muted Two-Face’s laughs and cackles as he makes his escape
  • Added unused shot of Batman jumping over the balcony from the trailer
  • Removed Two-Face dancing as Batman is engulfed in flames
  • Removed Dick trying to think of a name for his superhero alter-alias
  • Added “Bruce’s dilemma” deleted scene, edited to remove Bruce’s line, “I’ve never been in love before, Alfred.”
  • Refined the “Bats on the Brain” scene
  • Removed the entire “Batman is no more” scene (inspired by the comic book adaptation)
  • Removed the Riddler and Two-Face arriving at Wayne Manor
  • The trick-or-treaters have been repurposed as the the two villains in disguise.
  • Removed the Riddler’s line, “Sssspank me!”
  • Two-Face now flips his coin once — and only once.
  • The Riddler’s bombs now go off immediately.
  • Added close-up shot of the Riddler skipping along with his bombs
  • Removed the entire baseball gag and ball grab
  • Removed the Riddler’s line, “JOYGASM!”
  • Removed Two-Face bursting into laughter after his final coin toss
  • Removed Two-Face skipping merrily towards Bruce and laughing alongside the Riddler
  • Added the following lines from previous instalments:
    a) “I just gotta know, are we ever gonna try to love each other?” (Vicki Vale, B89)
    b) “Sickos never scare me. At least they’re committed.” / “I just couldn’t live with myself, so don’t pretend this is a happy ending.” (Selina Kyle, Returns)
    c) “I wanna get close, but you won’t let me near. What are you protecting me from?” (Dr. Chase Meridian)
  • Added the infamous “Secret of the Batcave” deleted scene, repurposed as a nightmare sequence that takes place within Bruce’s subconscious
  • Removed the lines “Who the hell’s doing that?” and “The Riddler!”
  • Removed the infamous butt shot
  • Removed the entire air and sea chase sequence
  • Regraded the fight on Claw Island to remove the dominant green tint
  • Removed the Batman '66 reference
  • Added unused shot of Robin from the trailer
  • Removed many reaction shots of Two-Face in the Riddler’s lair
  • Removed the Riddler’s lines, “Was that over-the-top? I can never tell!” and “Bummer!”
  • Replaced the final scene with Bruce and Chase outside Arkham with a reverse panning shot of the asylum from B&R
  • Added “Does it ever end?” deleted scene, followed by a shot of the Batmobile driving up to the police station and a recreation of the original ending with Batman and Robin posing atop a gargoyle (thanks to Heitor N. Morais)
  • Rescored the end titles with Joel McNeely’s remix of “End Titles” from Returns

Official Trailer: