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Hard Target - Ultimate Cut. (Released)

Axeqlusive said:

Really like to have this, but I am new here… what to do?

Sorry everybody the links are no longer available and im no longer setup for sharing.
I will reupload when a new home presents itself but ive got a lot on and it’s getting difficult to allocate time to anything other than my private life.

Maybe somebody who has a copy can help.

All the best.

Hard Target - Ultimate Cut. (Released)

Nostalgia said:


Thanks, its looks awesome, but I was wondering, did this edit contains the few additional minutes from the japanese release ? I heard there were more action in this one. Not sure if you mentionned that, but I figured I'll just ask.

Thanks again for the good work.


I'm pretty sure the Japanese release is the same as the European one. The PAL speed up means the times are a little different.

Thanks for the comments good sir.

The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservation. (* unfinished project *)

Jetrell Fo said:

Stamper said:

Great, would love to sync it to the academy screener DVD.

Is there anything particularly special about the academy screener DVD?

 It seems to be the closest to the theatrical timing (if a little to blue).

I do plan on doing this project at some point but Ive had a rough year in terms of work, and that equals money has been tight, which in turn equals all kinds of problems and stress. So been having a break from preservations and fan related stuff until im in a better place. Things are looking better now but Im just stupid busy.

Great to hear the DTS is being synced. And I have been following the thread while a little silent, there has been some great information on the theatrical presentations and i think we are on the right track for this preservation.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the conversation and will be back soon.

Idea: 'Man of Steel' - color fix (lots of info)

Just finished watching kk650's regrade and it's fantastic.

I really like Man of Steel and have seen it multiple times. I agree that it has problems but one of which I never considered was the colour grade. This fangrade highlights and fixes this issue.

It does not go to far like the You Tube regrade and is a fine balance, I recommend everyone here check it out.

kk650 I salute you sir, thank you for your time on this.

Looking forward to checking out (HD)vinnie981's version also, the caps look promising.

Info: Our projects released thread

TV's Frink said:

dvdmike said:

ScruffyNerfHerder said:

If I may, I'd like to bring this topic back on topic. :) While everyone has a right to express themselves, and to disagree at times, the reason that I joined Original Trilogy, is because everyone here loves film. We're passionate, and that's a good thing, but I think it's time to return to the discussion of Team Blu's work. :) 

On that note, I'm happy to say that the BD XL discs I ordered have arrived and I'm one giant step closer to watching Team Blu's Terminator 2! I can't wait! I also just upgraded my receiver to a nice new Denon with Dolby Atmos. I can't wait to hear the CDS theatrical soundtrack in Atmos. :) A great film from my childhood finally married with great audio and video. 

So, a big, hearty "thank you!" to Dark Jedi, You Too and the rest of Team Blu. Your work really is pro-level. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next. In the meantime, "hasta la vista, baby!" :)

 there is no height info really (in a height set up) I would be surprised if anything popped up

 Er, what?

I think he is referring to Dolby Atmos that has speakers above you. The Terminator CDS is 5.1 and has no Height information, so playing it through an Atmos setup would proberbly not make any difference.

The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservation. (* unfinished project *)

Beber said:

I saw Heat on 35mm just this thursday, and I can tell you that the color grading is accurate on the Blu-ray, except that it just needs more saturation, pretty much times 2 the current color saturation to match the 35mm. In fact, you can check the Blu-ray of Michael Mann's The Insider and take it as an example as to what Heat should look like and then use both movies as an inspiration to work on The Dark Knight.

Is there any Quotes or Articles on any of the TDK filmakers using a color pallet like Heat?

I know I read somewhere it was an influence, but I always thought in Scale & Mood.

The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservation. (* unfinished project *)

I do think the screener has way to much blue in it. Like you pointed out with the Bat Bunker, there is a blue cast over the whole presentation.

But it still shows that it was a different grade to what we have released on any home video version. The bank vault is what sways me more than anything,, as (I think) it's not a change you can fix with a color adjustment applied the whole film, and certainly not in the color space available to work in.

I don't think outside of a 35mm scan were going to get any better a reference for the project.

The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservation. (* unfinished project *)

TServo2049 said:

I decided I'd actually try to comb the Internet to see if there is any footage still lurking on YouTube from camrips or screeners or anything prior to the official home release that would have been taken off of a 35mm source. And miraculously, there are still summer/fall 2008 postings of clips from the WB screener disc that survive on YT.

Here's what I've found so far; I will add more as I find them.

Joker's pencil trick

Joker and Two-Face in the hospital

The interrogation scene

The truck flip

Longer version of the hospital scene

"Why so serious?"

Joker gets his phone call (I think this one's actually from a camrip)

The ending (Contrast with this clip, which also predates the official release date of the DVD, but looks to be from a leaked copy of it? No "Property of Warner Bros.", the frames don't smear, and the colors look different.)

Joker crashes the party


The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservation. (* unfinished project *)

TServo2049 said:

Yup, the Begins version is closest to the IMAX print I saw. The 35mm scenes inside vaults later in the film looked much the same.

The IMAX print may have even been a teeny bit less green than the Begins IMAX clip. But it was definitely cyan/teal, it was NOT green like the other two clips.

I also recall the blown-out white skies in the outdoor scenes. I also seem to recall the outdoor shots of the clowns being slightly colder too - a bit more blue/teal, not as much yellow, even more of a "bleached out" look than the Begins footage.

 Thanks for your input TServo2049.

Im holding off on the project it for a little while, Ive got a lot going on in my personal life at the moment.

I did a test regrade using the Trailers ect as reference


Its the first 15mins of the film, It probably needs dialing back a bit but let me know what you think.

The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservation. (* unfinished project *)

TServo2049 said:

CSchmidlapp said:

Just out of interest, I don't know if you will remember TServo2049, but was the Bank Vault in the Prologue Blue (Begins footage) or Green (TDK BLu) ? Im sorry I should of asked you to look out for it.

It looked bluish to me. Maybe closer to cyan. Possibly teal. But it didn't look green.

Can you put the same frame from the two versions side by side? I have a mental image of it, so I can compare them both to what's in my memory banks.


One of the Vault shots is around the 2:15 mark.

The Begins version is so different I thought it might be a pre colored version like the Trailers.

Thanks again.

Terminator 1 & 2 Projects (Released)

All I can say is WOW and Thank You.

The Terminator.

Looks amazing! The colour and detail on display here are the best Ive ever seen T1 look.

It was so good hearing the original audio mix, Im not a fan of the new 5.1 SFX changes so this was perfect. (Just to let you know my amp would not decode the 1.0 track properly, so watched it with the 2.0 mix.)

Ive not had a chance to watch the 'Making Off' yet but it quality looks good. I think it's the same version on 'Men Of Action' I had it on (U.K) VHS back in the day. The International Trailer was great also.

Menu and presentation were very professional and easy to negotiate around, everything seemed to work fluently.

Terminator 2

This was the big surprise for me, ive not seen it look better! considering the material you have to work this is magic. Colour, detail and compression were spot on.

What can I say, the CDS mix! Left me Pumped. Im sure theres a reason they messed with it (for the Special Edition?) but Im sure I won't agree. While its not as extreme as T1's 5.1 audio re-master, it was nice to hear the music at a decent level for one.

Extras and Disc presentation were again top noch. Id not seen The GNR video in years, and I never noticed how AXEL was not actually singing the words to the song.

I would like to be more more specific on technical aspects in this 'gushing' review but I was sucked into both movies like it was the first time!

These are my first experience of a TeamBLU presentation and it's amazing the time and love that you have put into these releases. Good luck with all your future projects.

On a side note it would be great to hear more about how you did some of this? What processes you used ect. Or is that a guarded bag of tricks ;)

The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservation. (* unfinished project *)

hairy_hen said:

Given the information and anecdotes in this thread, I'm starting to think that the Imax and 35mm versions may well have had different colors from each other, due to the simple fact of their having been made at different times with different processes and equipment, most of which were analog and therefore not capable of being duplicated exactly with no change every time.

Same here.

But I don't think it is as dramatic as the sample re grade I tried.

Would have to see a 35mm print to know for sure. The 35mm cells presented earlier in the thread could very well be from the Trailers.