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Question About Music Removal

So, I am working on a few projects, and I have come to a stage where I have to remove the music from a few scenes in the OT. I have the soundtracks from all of the films. I have looked at a few tutorials on removing music using Audacity, but none of my attempts have been that successful. Does anyone here know of any reliable program/method I can use to pull this off?

Star Wars The Force Awakens: 1986 Edition - I need help!

I am really looking foreword to seeing what this project will look like when it’s done! Here are most of my ideas:

•Use original Lucasfilm logo

•Make opening crawl less “polished”

•Restore “Finn will be fine” and “Kylo finds the Falcon” scenes

•Snoke should be a person with makeup/prosthetics (like the original Emperor from TESB)

•Planet explosions should be redone

•Lightsaber + laser effects should be redone to simulate a hand animated style

•Elaborate shots should be simplified.
Examples: Falcon chase on Jakku, Maz’s Castle falling apart, Air battles, exc.

•Simplify holograms (if possible)

•Remove Rey’s “stop holding my hand” line

•Add a “choppy” effect to CGI creatures to simulate stop-motion

•Add subtle errors to ship battles (matte lines + perspective issues)

Is there anything that you actually like about the prequels?

I think they did a good job creating the planets in the prequels. They had some pretty creative ideas overall. The trees on Kashyyyk were really cool, I liked the rock formations on Geonosis, and the cities inside the sinkholes on Utapau was neat. I also think they did a good job making Tatooine still feel like the same planet from A New Hope. Another thing I really liked was the soundscape of Courisant. The constant ambience of the ship flying past sounded really cool and it made the location feel realistic.