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Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

crissrudd4554 said:

So ROTJ has trailers and tv spots but not the other two???

Star Wars has a launch trailer, which I’m pretty sure is just this one from the Digital Collection, but other than that, nothing.

ATMachine said:

What’s “The Lost Interviews”?

Some audio interviews done with the cast in the late 70s that have been edited to some footage

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

The new Blu-Rays don’t have the greatest selection of extras, it seems to have;

Conversations: Creating a Universe
Discoveries from Inside: Weapons & the First Lightsaber
Anatomy of a Dewback
Archive Fly-Through
Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels and Carrie Fisher interviews (3 separate clips)
Tatooine, Aboard the Death Star, and The Battle of Yavin Overview
Deleted Scenes (All of the 2011 ones)
Those matte paintings and 360 turnaround things too from the 2011 BR

Conversations: The Lost Interviews
Discoveries from Inside: Matte Paintings Revealed
A Conversation with the Masters: The Empire Strikes Back 30 Years Later (2010)
Dennis Muren: How Walkers Walk
George Lucas on Editing The Empire Strikes Back (1979)
Irvin Kershner Interview
George Lucas on the Force (2010)
Hoth, Dagobah, Pursued by the Imperial Fleet and Cloud Overviews
Deleted Scenes (All of the 2011 ones)
Those matte paintings and 360 turnaround things too from the 2011 BR

Conversations: The Effects
Discoveries from Inside: The Sounds of Ben Burtt
Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi (1983)
Revenge of the Jedi Teaser Trailer
Return of the Jedi Launch Trailer
It Began TV Spot
Climactic Chapter TV Spot
Tatooine, Endor, Death Star II Space Battle Overview
Harrison Ford Interview
Deleted Scenes (All of the 2011 ones)
Those matte paintings and 360 turnaround things too from the 2011 BR

Doesn’t seem like its got too much worthwhile stuff, I thought they’d include Empire of Dreams in some capacity, maybe The Making of Star Wars or SP FX: The Empire Strikes Back, perhaps some featurettes or trailers but I mean its something I suppose.

EDIT: Glad to see that Classic Creatures got a feature on the Jedi BR, although in SD its very welcome

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Here’s a version with the green reduced


And how it looks on the other shot


Chase Adams said:

I would like to consider Bobson Dugnutt’s direction for the colouring as an alterante option so Bobson, if you’re still active and listening, could I by any chance grab a PM of the force ghost scenes once you’ve finished the colours? Thanks in advance.

Once I have the Blu-Ray, I’ll work on it, for now I’ve only got screenshots

Star Wars: A New Hope - The Darklighter Cut

I did finish the edit up, but I didn’t post any updates over here as I’m more active on, but feel free to PM me if you’d like it

Here’s a trailer for the release

KurganX said:
Now then, who has a complete version of the Declan Mulholland Jabba scene to go with it? Every version of it I’ve seen has those tv station borders/logos burned in…

Look over here for some work I’ve done on the scene…

Looking for a simple guide to using Avisynth

I have constantly heard about others using this seemingly magical program to do all kinds of things to videos that seems unfathomable like cleaning up dirt and subpar footage into great looking restorations, so I looking into using the program myself to simply make a standard definition, interlaced, 25fps clip into a reasonably good looking deinterlaced 23.976fps that could stand up against some HD footage. What I got a lot of technical jargon to sift through and a lot of stuff to install with little instruction about where to put it and how to type code or something.

If anyone around around here knows a decent guide or is able to help with such a request, I’d be very thankful

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

They’ve revealed the Bonus Features on the 2nd disc, no deleted scenes to be included much to the dismay of many who were wishing for an fanedited extended edition

  • The Skywalker Legacy: The story lives forever in this feature-length documentary that charts the making of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
  • Pasaana Pursuit: Creating the Speeder Chase – Dive into the making of the movie’s epic landspeeder chase and discover how this spectacular sequence was brought to the screen.
  • Aliens in the Desert: See what it took to create the Pasaana desert scenes, from the sheer scale and complexity of the shoot to its colorful details.
  • D-O: Key to the Past: Explore the ship that connects Rey to the mystery of her missing parents and get to know the galaxy’s newest, irresistible droid.
  • Warwick & Son: Warwick Davis, who played Wicket in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, dons the Ewok costume once more; this time joined by his son Harrison.
  • Cast of Creatures: The team behind the film’s memorable creatures reveal the puppetry, makeup, prosthetics and digital magic that bring them to life!
  • Digital Exclusive: The Maestro’s Finale: Composer John Williams reflects on his body of work for the Star Wars saga and shares insights on scoring Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

I enjoy that they’ve included a lengthy doco about the making of the film, hopefully in the same vein as the very in-depth The Director and the Force from TLJ instead of a fluffy PR piece like TFA, but that remains to be seen

ANH Jabba Scene Pre-Special Edition Recreation

benduwan said:
why you don´t use the scene from the movie,change jabba with the actor and remove other things they are not original like boba…

Because so much of the frame has to be replaced in this quality and as Jabba keeps moving, its very distracting so it’s a little better to keep it like this

Hal 9000 said:

Wasn’t there a Japanese laserdisc that included the original deleted scene as part of the movie?

Perhaps the japanese “From SW to Jedi” you’re thinking of? That’s the only one that I know of that had the scene included, but maybe there is one out there that I’m unaware of

V.I.N.Cent said:

This is some really great work Bobson 😃

Thank you!

ANH Jabba Scene Pre-Special Edition Recreation

Now here’s the hard part, the backend of the scene with 8 different sources, all wildly differing in colour and quality. I’ve tried to get the colours as close as possible. The audio isn’t done yet and the last shot still needs work to remove the credits or just further crop them out, the shot slowly zooms in so there isn’t such as jarring cut, but it might just look like garbage, so I’m not sure.


ANH Jabba Scene Pre-Special Edition Recreation

Using the 2011 Blu-Ray and the recently scanned “From Star Wars to Jedi” 16mm print (as well as whatever source Jamie Benning used in Star Wars Begins, a few VHS recordings I think), I’ve tried to recreate the Episode IV Jabba scene with the original actor Declan Mulholland before the CGI slug got shoved in there.

Obviously it’s still a work in progress and the colour isn’t all there and the seams are visable, but it’s miles above what we’ve had before I think. Ideally I’d like to use a scan of the 97SE since I like that version far more, but since it isn’t completed or released yet, the Blu-Ray will suffice.


Bobson Dugnutt / Derpston P. Derp / MovieJim ? Where are his edits?

Derpston P Derp and Bobson Dugnutt are one in the same, both are me but just different aliases for my seperate online stuff. Feel free to PM me for whatever edit you’d like.

MovieJim is on Reddit under the name moviejim1 and can be PMed here if you want as well as being around here somewhere.

The Simpsons: Embiggened Edition

thatguamguy said:

This sounds like a great project, I just wanted to add that the DVD version of season 1’s “Telltale Head” is cut by almost a minute compared to the broadcast version. It’s all in the final scene. I wanted to create at least a patchwork fix for myself, but the only copy I could find of the uncut footage was on Youtube, which was good for confirming the exact details of what is missing from the DVD, but such terrible quality that it could not be used. There are other small discrepancies here and there, such as the “Tourette’s Syndrome” joke, but I believe “Telltale Head” has the only significant omissions on any of the sets.

Funny enough I have this on VHS and did a quick rip of it