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The Making of Episode I - The Phantom Menace Documentary (In Progress)

I’ve been going back through and updated the VHS footage of the film and the interviews with HD footage. Even the interview footage not avalible elsewhere has now been upscaled to HD with Topaz.



I’ve also gone back and moved around some footage in the Podracing segement and adding some new footage.

Here’s how it all looks now.

The Making of Episode I - The Phantom Menace Documentary (In Progress)

At this point, it might have to be a mini-series of some sort, as the first 7 parts add up to about 2 hours. I still have Coruscant, lightsaber fights, Maul, editing, etc. left to go. I feel this thing might run up to maybe 3:10 at least, but that’s just an estimation.

Here is Part 7, which is all about Tatooine. Runtime is 23:47. Originally I included Watto and Sebulba in here, but I’ve now moved them back to Part 6, of which is all about digital characters.

The Making of Episode I - The Phantom Menace Documentary (In Progress)

Here’s another 2 parts of the doco.

Part 4 is entitled The World of Naboo, as it covers everything from the design and creation of Theed and its technology, the Gungan city, the underwater chase, and some of the final battle. Runtime is 27:41

Part 5 is all about everyone’s Gungan, Jar Jar. It’s a bit shorter than the other sections (runtime is 12:41), but I was thinking about combining it with perhaps Watto to make a chapter on digital characters. I’ll have to see how much Watto content there is.

Star Wars Episode I: The Tremor in the Force (The Phantom Menace Extended Edition) - a WIP

8K? 60fps? How are you going to render out a file that big? Even working with 4k is a pain in the ass. There is no way you could get a file that large to be Blu-Ray compliant.
And 6 hours? There is at most maybe 13-14 minutes if you really try to squeeze out everything. 4 hours is a big number. Jake Lloyd alleges there is a 6 hour cut. But there is no way in hell that they got to that long based on the scripts I’ve read and the deleted scenes I’ve heard of. At most any sort of rough cut would of been half that.

Good luck with this project though. I do intent to do an Expanded Edition of my own at some point, so this could be interesting.

The Making of Episode I - The Phantom Menace Documentary (In Progress)


Following on from my Episode III documentary “Falling Into Darkness”, I’ve decided to go back and tackle the first of the prequels in a similar manner. I think I’ve found that there is a lot more material to work with as there are a few TV specials I’ve tried to weave into the mix of DVD featurettes, Webisodes, Blu-Ray breakdowns and other works.

So far, I’ve tried to gather the most amount of material possible, that I’ll list here;

Star Wars - The Magic and the Mystery (1997)
A Long Time Ago - The Story of Star Wars (1999)
From Star Wars to Star Wars - The Story of Industrial Light and Magic (1999)
All I Need is an Idea
Assistant Director
Bad Droid Karma
Boys in Paradise
Costume Drama
Home Sweet Home
It’s Like War Now
Movie Music
Prime of the Jedi
This is a Creature Film
Thousands of Things
Three Thousand Anakins
Casting Director
Interview Outtakes
Naboo Soldier
One Day to Go
Something Out of Nothing
The Fall
Darth Maul Costume
Pre-Senate Address Costume
Queen Amidala Senate Costume
Senate Guard Costume
Full-Sized Battle Droid
Jar Jar Maquette
Naboo Starfighter Model
Republic Cruiser
Sando Aqua Monster
Trade Federation Battleship Model
Anakin’s Podracer Model
Dud Bolt Puppet
Eopie with Anakin Maquette
Queens Royal Starship Model
Sebulba Maquette
Sith Speeder Model
Watto Maquette
Coruscant Overview
Tatooine Overview
Naboo Overview
Rick McCallum Interview - Filming in Tunisia
Rick McCallum Interview - Podracers
Liam Neeson Interview
George Lucas on Preparing to Write Episode I - 1994
An Exclusive Interview with George Lucas - Part 3 of 3 - ROTJ VHS (1995)
SW UK Fan Club VHS - Behind the Scenes of Episode I (1999)
The Beginning - Making Episode I (2001)

So far I’ve edited together what I will call the first 3 parts of this documentary. Currently it’s planned as a feature film, but if it gets too long, it could be a doco-series.

Part 1 is covering everything George Lucas that was before even pre-production began. A few interviews from 1994-1997 feature here as Lucas hasn’t even considered directing the film yet. Runtime is 18:30

Part 2 covers Pre-Production and a lot of stuff that occurs before production that doesn’t fit into the later works I have planned. There’s the storyboarding, budgeting, creature and prop shops, table reads and another George interview right before shooting starts. Runtime is 21:04

Part 3 includes talk of casting of the main 4 characters being Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Padme and Anakin. There’s talk from the casting director, George and the cast of course. Runtime is 19:29

I’m not entirely sure how the rest will be structured or how many parts there will be. But hopefully I get to include as much as I can.

Feedback on the editing, or if I’ve missed some Behind the Scenes material, or even a good title suggestion. All are welcome.

Revenge of the Sith - Expanded Edition (v2 Now Released!)

ZaneFlare92 said:

Bobson I dont know if its been mentioned or if you been made aware, but I watched the first 25 mins. After the line from the ps2 game (which made me happy to see) “Just because they’re are two of you dont not assume you have an advantage.” The audio goes quiet for a few seconds and fades back in.

That was my first fix that I did, it’s definitly going to be addressed in v2.

Revenge of the Sith - Expanded Edition (v2 Now Released!)

Version 2 of ROTS Expanded is coming along nicely with a few minor and major changes compared to v1.

All the deleted scenes have been replaced with bryantmh’s upscales, of which are the best I’ve ever seen for the Prequel deleted scenes (sorry Hal)

The Blu-Ray scenes have also been replaced with my own versions, as I scaled them down to 720p and then upscaled them to roughly 2K before putting them back in 1080p. Topaz makes them look pretty alright compared to before. The colour-grading has all been redone for those scenes too.

The last scene in the Rebellion subplot has been shifted around to where it was placed in the shooting script, which is right before the Jedi War Room scene, as not to disrupt the Obi-Wan sequence too much.

The shot of Palpatine’s shuttle approaching Coruscant has been merged with a 35mm scan of the trailer, as done by (I think) williarob. It needs some dirt and speck cleanup to be done, but it looks 10x better than the SD shot from the trailer.


One small snippet that I was never able to get my hands on was mentioned over at T-Bone’s Star Wars Universe, as all his links are mostly dead. Apparently the Star Wars: Trivial Pursuit DVD Board Game includes an alternate line for a Super Battle Droid calling R2 “stubby”. I couldn’t find the clip anywhere so I went out and bought the entire game myself.


Here’s how the clip is presented alongside a trivia question.


And here is my integration into the actual film.


Once I can get the 35mm shot cleaned, I’ll upload v2 in the same place and folder as v1.

Star Wars: Leftovers - A Collection of Raw Footage and Deleted Scenes


Star Wars: Leftovers is a collection that includes every piece of unused and deleted footage from Star Wars (1977) from a variety of sources. I’ve searched far and wide to collate every sliver and every frame and line that has not been used in any version of the film.

SW: Leftovers features raw footage shot on set without sound design, visual effects or any finalised editing. Some sections do feature John William’s score in sections where it would have of been silent, as the original source either had no sound or narration from Empire of Dreams.

This only includes genuine footage that was shot for the film, and not behind the scenes material or on-set B-Roll. It also doesn’t incorperate the footage into the film itself like “the lost cut” but presents all the footage on its own as a sort of long form compilation.

Runtime is 43 minutes and 49 seconds.

Here are the first 5 minutes



  • Empire of Dreams (Dream Edition as made by Neothebird based on a Blu-Ray Screener)
  • The Making of Star Wars by JW Rinzer (eBook clips used)
  • The Birth of the Lightsaber Featurette (2004 Box Set Bonus Material Disc)
  • Original Trilogy Outtakes (2004 Box Set Bonus Material Disc Easter Egg)
  • Discoveries from Inside: Hologram & Bloopers (2019 Revenge of the Sith Blu-Ray)
  • Star Wars: The Complete Saga - Episode I-III Archive Disc (Ewan Macgregor Interview)
  • Star Wars: The Complete Saga - Episode IV-VI Archive Disc (featurettes listed)
  • Aboard the Death Star Overview, Battle of Yavin Overview, Holochess Set (from 2011 BR Saga)
  • Deleted Scenes (from 2011 BR Saga)
  • The Skywalker Legacy (Rise of Skywalker Bonus Disc Documentary)
  • From Star Wars to Jedi (16mm Scan by TN1)
  • THX Wow! Laserdisc (1990 Lucasfilm Demo Disc)
  • Revenge of the Sith Teaser (an upscaled SD version and a 35mm TN1 scan were combined)
  • Star Wars Celebration 2017 (footage of Gold Leader outtakes and the extended DS conference cleaned up by Jamie Benning)
  • Star Wars: Behind the Magic CD-Rom (brief clips from the Cantina)
  • Star Wars: 2011 and 2019 Blu-Ray discs (used to recontruct Jabba scene)
  • Star Wars: 4k77 v1.4 no-DNR (borrowed opening fanfare)

These were only used for the Jabba scene, as I couldn’t source much of the Declan Mullholland footage myself

  • Star Wars: Deleted Magic (Garrett Gilchrist Documentary)
  • Star Wars Begins (Jamie Benning Documentary)
Return of the Jedi: The "Lightman" Mystery

There’s absolutly no mention of any lightman in the 1981 script that I could find, or the revised '82 script either. If it were to occur anywhere, it’d be somewhere in this small section. Although not written anywhere, I’d imagine the Lightman would be a guide through the darker areas of the Palace.

One of Jabba’s Gamorrean guards marches Artoo and Threepio down a dank, shadowy passageway lined with holding cells. The cries of unspeakable creatures bounce off the cold stone walls. Occasionally a repulsive arm or tentacle grabs through the bars at the hapless droids. Artoo beeps pitifully.

The Last Jedi - Expanded Editon (Released!)

I’m also putting together somewhat of a “Complete Workprint” that includes the Alt. Opening, extended Fathier chase, extended Phasma encounter and the small “Go Round Back” moment on Crait. I haven’t been able to put the Paige scene back yet, it might yet fit somewhere.

Currently it runs at 2:46:26, a bit under 5 minutes longer than the regular Expanded Edition.

Here’s the extra Crait bit, not sure about the music, might need to replace it or just extend it somehow, anyone know if there is a track just like it that would fit?


And the end of the Phasma fight, now extended a little with more of the unfinished VFX. I have replaced Phasma’s SE-44C blaster with the correct SFX as well


I’ve rendered out a small 5gb version of the Expanded cut without the Phasma scene if anyone would like it, for feedback if anything. I can do a full BD-25 encode if desired too

The Last Jedi - Expanded Editon (Released!)

KumoNin said:

Nice! The closeup of Phasma climbing up could stay though, no? I mean there is the continuity issue, but is there a way to make that work? And the shot of her falling into flames?

I’m still working out the editing, so hopefully the falling shot works. But I don’t know if the close up quite works, I can try and tinker but I’m not sure.

Here’s a first pass at removing the Phasma tracking dots.


The Last Jedi - Expanded Editon (Released!)

I’ve done my best to try and integrate the deleted Phasma scene, and it’s a little tricky as the scene was reshot, so the continutity doesn’t line up completely. I’ve done some colour work just to try and make the compositing look better, mostly removing the matte lines around the characters. If I were to finalise this, I’d do more work trying to remove Phasma’s red tracking dots


The Last Jedi - Expanded Editon (Released!)

Honestly I’d love to use just the sauna bit of the Fathier chase, but it’s those 2 shots of Rose and Finn crashing down that kill it for me sadly. I wasn’t a fan of the way ebumms cut to black for that scene, so sadly it’s on the cutting room floor.

I feel that the unfinished CG backgrounds in the Bite scene work a little better and are far less distracting than the mostly untextured Fathiers.



The Last Jedi - Expanded Editon (Released!)


As somewhat of a follow-up to my ROTS Expanded Edition, this one extended Episode VIII to it’s longest running time (with finished VFX). ebumms has already done his own extended cut, but this differs slightly. His included a portion of the longer Fathier chase, which had unfinished CGI, while I won’t opt to use that. I’ve also used a portion of the extended opening, Rose biting Hux and “Where We Belong” as he did not. The “Luke Mourn” scene transitions to Leia as it does in Rekindled unlike his cut going from Luke mourning to his daily routine. Similar to his cut however is the inclusion of almost all of the Canto Bight B-Roll, so those who hate that subplot might dislike this edit. Anywho, here’s a full list.


  • Added a Resistance officer telling Poe the First Order found them, and him contacting Lt. Connix
  • Added Luke mourning Han’s death
  • Moved around a couple of Resistance scenes to accomodate match-cutting that scene with Leia coming out of hyperspace
  • Added Poe catching Finn up to speed on what happened, giving him his jacket back (last 3 changes borrowed from poppasketti)
  • Added BB-8 showing Finn a hologram of Rey saying goodbye to Finn (puppeteer’s arm removed by ebumms)
  • Added the Caretaker staring down Rey for blasting a hut wall
  • Added almost all of extra Canto Bight B-Roll to extend the Red Ponbloom search (extra SFX added by ebumms)
  • Added Luke’s third lesson, telling Rey to be a proactive Jedi
  • Added the extended Mega Destroyer incursion, cutting a few of the shots and lines that were repurposed in the Theatrical Cut, or where some shots are missing the digital set extentions
  • Added Hux taunting Rose, ending with him ordering her excecution
  • Added Finn telling Rose they are going back to “where they belong” (Crait reflection and perspective, and audio work done by poppasketti)

Theatrical - 2:31:51
Expanded - 2:41:57


Here’s the snippet from the Alt. Opening


And the Rose/Hux scene. It’s not 100% but I feel it’s finished enough to fit in.


I’m not too sure if there is anything from any Trailer, TV Spot, or the other Blu-Ray BTS stuff that could be put in. As far as I’m aware, the only thing from the trailers that didn’t end up going in was Rey on the beach but that has been put in as apart of the Third Lesson. If anyone knows of any other stuff that can be put back in, I’d love to hear about it.

Revenge of the Sith - Expanded Edition (v2 Now Released!)

Jar Jar Bricks said:

On another note, I’m not entirely sure what the new version contains compared to the one from August. It says it has like 500+ more MB of data but nothing changed drastically. Is this because of an AI upscale of the deleted scenes?

Some new audio fixes, a bit of work putting in some upscaled shots, just general fixes here and there that bugged me.

Info Wanted: questions about... The Goonies - Extended

Has anyone got another VHS recording of the TV cut? Specifically the shop scene as the recording I’ve got at the moment is terrible quality and is blown out. I’m looking into getting the footage upscaled, and can’t do it with what I’ve currently got.


And if anyone does want this extended cut, I’ve got an edit in the works combining the DVD and VHS footage into the Blu-Ray for an extended cut. More info here