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ANH Jabba Scene Pre-Special Edition Recreation

Using the 2011 Blu-Ray and the recently scanned “From Star Wars to Jedi” 16mm print (as well as whatever source Jamie Benning used in Star Wars Begins, a few VHS recordings I think), I’ve tried to recreate the Episode IV Jabba scene with the original actor Declan Mulholland before the CGI slug got shoved in there.

Obviously it’s still a work in progress and the colour isn’t all there and the seams are visable, but it’s miles above what we’ve had before I think. Ideally I’d like to use a scan of the 97SE since I like that version far more, but since it isn’t completed or released yet, the Blu-Ray will suffice.


Bobson Dugnutt / Derpston P. Derp / MovieJim ? Where are his edits?

Derpston P Derp and Bobson Dugnutt are one in the same, both are me but just different aliases for my seperate online stuff. Feel free to PM me for whatever edit you’d like.

MovieJim is on Reddit under the name moviejim1 and can be PMed here if you want as well as being around here somewhere.

The Simpsons: Embiggened Edition

thatguamguy said:

This sounds like a great project, I just wanted to add that the DVD version of season 1’s “Telltale Head” is cut by almost a minute compared to the broadcast version. It’s all in the final scene. I wanted to create at least a patchwork fix for myself, but the only copy I could find of the uncut footage was on Youtube, which was good for confirming the exact details of what is missing from the DVD, but such terrible quality that it could not be used. There are other small discrepancies here and there, such as the “Tourette’s Syndrome” joke, but I believe “Telltale Head” has the only significant omissions on any of the sets.

Funny enough I have this on VHS and did a quick rip of it

The Phantom Menace on 35mm

alexp120 said:

If I were given one wish of another scene to keep from that print, it would be the first 10976 frames, (approximately—to consider missing frames) of reel 4 which would be the latter end of the pod race sequence. Yes, the sequence would be incomplete, but it would be the bulk of the scene and I would be grateful for that.

I don’t think there is any need to do that as we already have the theatrical Podrace in HD from the 2015 Digital Film Collection. The bare essentials that we would need from this (or any 35mm print) would be the Palpatine’s Office establishing shot (and surrounding shots) and Orn Free Taa’s senate aides.

4k77 released

Bogle said:

c0rd said:

1080p DNR links anyone? Tks

Same. I’ve been waiting on this since the dawn of time. 😃 If anyone would be so kind, I’d really appreciate it.

If you go back two pages, you’ll see this

Bobson Dugnutt said:

The DNR-Versions are now up on Mega and Zippyshare. There is a smaller 7gb version on Mega with the extras and subtitles, while the uncompressed 42gb version is in 82 500mb chunks on Zippyshare. (jDownloader is the reccomended program to download it with)

As usual you can PM me to snag these files, as long as you own Star Wars in some shape or form. (Pog form is acceptable)

The Phantom Menace - Yet Another HD Theatrical Cut

Now armed with ZigZig’s PaNup SDTV source, I’ve updated the timeline to include it at a higher quality. The Palpatine’s office bit now fades in on both ends (Qui-Gon and Anakin/Jar Jar) and hopefully isn’t as noticable as a hard cut.

I’ve also started on the subtitles, but am taking some creative liberties with them as to make them more eye-pleasing to me as it appears the subtitles are rather squashed, even when scaled back to how it originally should look. It’s now just the 69pt and -30 tracking, which looks better IMO.


Compared to what it would look like if it was closer to the Z Bootleg