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Disney foreign dubs - and preservation

qnorsten said:

GoboFraggle1983 said:

qnorsten said:

Interesting thread. I am another swedish person dedicated to preserving Swedish cartoon and dubs.

Do you have any old Swedish dubs by any chance? If so, which ones?

I have the following original Swedish dubs (or first redub in the case of Dumbo)

  • Pinocchio (Swedish original dub from 1941 was used on a rental VHS edition from 1987. All releases after that use the 1995 Swedish )
  • Alice in wonderland (Swedish orignal dub was used on rental VHS edition from 1990. All releases after that use the 1998 Redub)
  • Dumbo (first redub from 1972 used on VHS release from 1991 and showed a few times on TV. All releases after that use the second redub from 1996)
  • Bambi (Swedish original dub from 1943 was released on the first batch of VHSes 1994 by mistake. Later editions and batches use the redub from 1986)
  • Oliver and Gang (Swedish original dub from 1998 was initialy released on the DVDs from 2002 by mistake, but these were quickly withdrawn. This dub has also been shown on disney channel for some reason. Later releases include the rebug from 1997)

Still missing these original dubs that have never been released on on any home video media

  • Peter Pan (Swedish original dub from 1953, was only shown in cinemas, all releases use the 1992 redub)
  • 101 Dalmatians (Swedish original dub from 1961 was only shown in cinemas, all releases use the 1995 redub)
  • Black Cauldron (Swedish orignal dub was only shown in cinemas, all releases use the 1998 redub)
  • Cinderella (Swedish original dub from 1950, all releases have used the 1967 redub)
  • Lady and the tramp (Swedish original dub from 1955, was only shown in cinemas, all releases use the 1989 redub)
  • Dumbo (Swedish original dub from 1946)
  • Snow white (Swedish original dub from 1938)

This are the major movies I have/are searching for. There are plenty of other redubs as well in Sweden.

Could you please PM me links to Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi as well as Oliver and Company?

X-Men 1.5 (extended version of the first X-Men film)

Seems like the deleted scenes are only available in SD on Blu-ray:

[ said:]

Enhanced Viewing Mode allows viewers to watch a version of the film with deleted and extended scenes inserted into the film. Also available is a selection of 17 behind-the-scenes pieces that may be viewed during the film by pressing the “1” button on the remote when an “X” icon appears on-screen. Finally, an extended commentary track is available when watching the movie in Enhanced Viewing Mode. All of the deleted and extended scenes are also available through the Enhanced Viewing Mode tab or the Deleted Scenes / Extended Scenes (480p, 11:02) tab of the main menu, while the behind-the-scenes features are accessible instantly from the Enhanced Viewing Mode tab.


X-Men 1.5 (extended version of the first X-Men film)

Hello everyone!

Today, I picked up an extended version of the first X-Men film called “X-Men 1.5” on DVD. For clarification, I bought the PAL version of this release:

I’m the kind of guy who seeks out extended versions of movies whenever possible and I’ve done so ever since I got the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-ray for Christmas a few years ago. So, my question is simple: Is it possible to recreate the X-Men 1.5 cut using the Blu-ray?

Shadows of the Empire OST Enhanced CD features?

Reese said:

Anakin94 said:

Oh sorry, i missunderstood this.
A pdf from the cover and inlays is available, with some infos about it.

The complete disc is also on, but the content is locked.

Seems to work just fine:’s+Nightmare.mp3

True, but he’s referring to this copy:

Gigapixel AI vs. infognition Super Resolution or What to use to upscale SD to HD or 4K

After some testing of the video app, I can safely conclude that I’m sticking with infognitions Super Resolution plugin whenever I want to upscale live-action footage for now on. Why is that, I hear you ask? Well, I decided to upscale the deleted scenes from Star Wars: Episode I and what I’ve got, in the end, was this:
See, I noticed that while Gigapixel does an outstanding job on close-ups, it falls flat on its face when it comes to faraway objects. As you can see, the faraway objects, at least in my opinion, look like cartoon blobs.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

UncutIsSuperior said:

The Despecialized Edition seems to be cropped from the movies’ original CinemaScope ratio because I noticed that some of Greedo’s subtitles in Episode IV, as well as some parts of the credits went off the edges of the screen. I am a person who likes to watch everything in its original aspect ratio, so do you know where I can find a Despecialized copy in the original CinemaScope ratio? Thank you.

Um, what are you talking about? Star Wars wasn’t shot in CinemaScope. Where exactly have you heard that Star Wars was filmed in CinemaScope?

Walt Disney Classics 4K

phoenixobia said:

The original academy ratio of 1.37:1 has been changed to 16:9, causing cropping and losing parts of the picture. The color changes to brighten the film also are drastically different and looks awful.

Please let me know how this process can be done. And I’d like to know how I can contribute.


Um, what are you talking about? BATB was never shown in the academy ratio. See for yourself: