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Preserving the...<em>cringe</em>...Star Wars Holiday Special (Released)

SKot said:

I’d sure like to know who did that upscale and YouTube upload, to get hold of the source. It really does a great thing for the material.

The first time I watched the WHIO version, it was 60fps like that. It actually made me a little nauseous.

It might have been because I had installed a 60fps plugin on the computer and forgot about it, but it literally hasn’t worked on any other video I’ve watched.

Star Wars Holiday Special - Zion Hybrid v2 (Released)

VintageMan94 said:

I Did Stumble Across The YouTube Video That Was In 60FPS and it was The Star Wars Holiday Special.

A while back, I had installed some “60 FPS filter” plugin that didn’t seem to be working, and I forgot all about it.

Then I downloaded the Holiday Special and I think it finally started working…and it gave me some serious motion sickness >_<

At least, that’s the only explanation I can think of. After I burned it to a disc and watched it on a different setup, it didn’t quite have that “soap opera look” anymore.

Project <strong>4K80</strong> (a WIP)

Man, I didn’t realize how orange & blue this movie was. This monitor isn’t calibrated at all, but a lot of that orange (especially in the 16mm) looks almost neon.

Valheru_84 said:

Who knew the Star Wars fandom would be first to release the Star Wars OUT (or in any form for that matter) in 4K before Lucasfilm or Disney…

…probably most of us… ¬_¬

At this rate, I seriously doubt Disney has any interest in the OUT. And unless they accept Mike Verta’s offer, I seriously doubt they could do any better.

Williarob said:

You’re joking right? The blurays were created from scans of the original negative, the original negative was not color graded for theatrical release, so the entire movie had to be graded from scratch for the bluray. In other words, ALL of the colors were altered for the bluray.

Not only that, but according to Mike Verta’s analysis, some of the shots look as if there was so much color loss, that they were basically colorizing grayscale footage.

Did they color grade the Blu from scratch, though? I thought they used the DVD SE masters as a base, and just fixed some bits and pieces.

Return of the Pug (ROTP) - webpage and screenshots (Released)

captainsolo said:

Argh! You obviously know me too well…I get bugged horribly by all the lack of fidelity from over loud commercials to bad broadcast audio-but especially the poor recording of many youtube uploads.

I don’t know if things are better now, but back when I used to upload the Kitty Half-Time videos, YouTube was very picky about what was and wasn’t “high def”. I couldn’t find info on exactly what minimum resolution your videos had to be, but YouTube decided that my capture card’s raw output wasn’t high enough, and would automatically upload it all as 240p =|