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The Brave Little Toaster (1987) 4K 35mm Film Scan! (WIP)

PeteOfDawn said:

The DVD subtitles don’t line up with what is being said numerous times throughout the movie. For example in the air conditioner scene when Kirby says “Oh yeah? Did you talk to him recently or something?” the subtitles just say “Did you talk to him?”. I’m guessing they’re like this because the subtitles may have been a based off the films script instead of going off what the characters are saying in the final version of the film or it might have just been a half-assed subtitle implementation for the DVD release but regardless of the reason it doesn’t line up.

Nah, that’s just a thing subtitles and CC do sometimes =/ They don’t want to fill up the screen with too much text, or they don’t think deaf people will know the difference, or who knows what. I hate it, I always have to turn them off when they do that.

4K99EN (proof of concept)

spoRv said:

This is just a proof of concept, first because I’m not sure if there is any similar project in progress, and second because with my current gear setup (19" 1680x1050 TN monitor and lack of HDD space) I can’t make it now, and frankly I don’t know when I eventually could - so please, don’t hold your breath! 😄

Oof, that sucks.

Not sure if any one else is working on it, you’d have to ask =)

Sci-fi Channel's Star Trek Special edition (a WIP)

Did nothing ever come of this?

Looks like there are two full episodes at the Spleen, otherwise it’s just the old clips at YT.

There’s a Facebook group, but I skimmed it quickly and it looks like it’s just the same clips.

SilverWook said:

I don’t think anyone has preserved the 25th anniversary special yet.

There are two copies on YouTube right now (obviously uploaded after this post), both are low-res and heavily compressed.
I’ve got a copy of the official tape, but my capture card isn’t fantastic.

Poll: When do you celebrate Life Day?

Life Day is soon approaching, and there’s a question that’s been on my mind.
I don’t think this forum allows you to make polls, so I made one on an external website:


When do you celebrate Life Day?
November 17th – the absolute date it was originally aired
the Friday before Thanksgiving – the relative date it was originally aired
on Thanksgiving – so friends and family can “enjoy” the Holiday Special with me!
on Christmas – because it’s a…Christmas movie??
any time I like – the Earth calendar does not apply

<strong>The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special</strong> - a general discussion thread

oojason said:

If Pablo is inferring there is a ‘high quality’ version of the Holiday Special in their archives… then hopefully one day we’ll see it up on Disney+. After all, there is not much point in such a version being kept in there and remaining unseen by the fans…

We already have a master tape copy, I don’t think it gets much higher quality than that.
Your average Joe is probably used to seeing 7th generation copies.

Preserving the...<em>cringe</em>...Star Wars Holiday Special (Released)

SKot said:

I’d sure like to know who did that upscale and YouTube upload, to get hold of the source. It really does a great thing for the material.

The first time I watched the WHIO version, it was 60fps like that. It actually made me a little nauseous.

It might have been because I had installed a 60fps plugin on the computer and forgot about it, but it literally hasn’t worked on any other video I’ve watched.