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Hey, my friend! Thank you - and I totally understand this.

Unfortunately, Film I was removed from my Google Drive through copyright infringement from HBO them self’s. I do of course take it as a compliment that the high lord’s themselfs have seen the product, but I have to abide by law.

I will try to upload it once more - but in the case of another infringement, I might have to re-locate it to another platform.

Meanwhile, if someone has the edit and could be as kind as to upload it for others and be open for PM’s, I would greatly appreciate that.


Cheers, mate!

My ending will be one out of a potential two. The one I’m leaning towards is that the white walkers win, as to symbolize many a line said throughout the show’s run.

It would be very game of thrones to end the very last film with The Night King snapping Arya’s neck, and then doing his epic walk towards Bran as the music and his evil look all show the triumphant victory over men.

It’s either that, or an overhaul of the entire last two seasons.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement] - Released

FreezingTNT2 said:

Anjohan said:

V2 will also see the final release of my edits

Since that’s the case… remove the “oh no” line in the opening Resistance evacuation scene and it’s perfect.

Thank you!

Hmm. Well, it is a very Star Wars-y moment, but it offers nothing and points out the obvious (which i usually hate). Fair point. Consider it removed.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

Hmm. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to integrate Palpatine into the story as well, and have thought about doing these changes thus far:

  • In the Force Awakens, during the Lightsaber-Touch flashback with Rey, add The Emperor’s laugh as Kylo looks at Rey during the rain (this would be symbolic for both their destinies, and Palpatine overseeing it).
  • In The Force Awakens, as Kylo says to Ray “You need a teacher”, add a subtle hint of The Emperor’s Theme.


This is obviously where we truly start to involve Palpatine.

  • During Rey’s Cave explorations, cut when Rey’s shadowy figure is JUST about to reveal itself. Then cut to the Kylo and Rey conversation. Perhaps add a VERY subtle Emperor’s theme underneath the audio.

  • When Kylo tells Rey in the elevator “I saw who your parents were”, add The Emperor’s Theme (this would be for the ones who want Rey Palpatine to stay canon. I, for my edits, don’t think I want this).

  • After the lightsaber battle against the guards, have music build up to another flashback upon the line from Kylo “You know the truth. Say it!” upon which we complete the Rey figure from the cave, upon which we reveal PALPATINE’s destroyed face on her body for a brief second. Have the scene end abrupt, and have Rey crying, with Kylo continuing the conversation with “Join me”.

This would achieve:

  • Her identity somewhat being confirmed or heavily alluded to.

  • Kylo seeing her for what she is (The Emperor’s daughter), which objectifies her for him (beyond his current emotional attraction to her) as a dangerous ally. This way, the “Join me” is literally his way of saying “I like you, and this is your destiny”).

  • Have the last Palpatine interferance be as Kylo rebuilds his helmet after the Falcon leaves for hyperspace, upon which we hear Palpatine taunting him (“Seek me out”) in the background from either a known or an unknown source.

I think the ideas in this thread are brilliant, but I really don’t think the audio broadcast at the end of TLJ works. It’s too cartoony and forced to have Palpatine speak through a random radio at the very climax of two important characters interactions.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement] - Released


  • Created new pan down for Episode 8, due to the dislike of the replacement of canon rebel base planet (D’Qar) as Ach-To.

Apart from this, thank you for great feedback upon watching my edits! For V2 I will:

  • Dub Snoke with an alien language (Using japanese Snoke voice in reverse) with subtitles.
  • Introduce Palpatine to the story.
  • Fix or improve the edit overall, if need be.

V2 will be a necessary addition, due to the upcoming release of the last film entry and the inconsistencies in the trilogy as a whole.

V2 will also see the final release of my edits, upon which i will release all entries in a 32gb file as well for a complete HD experience on whatever big or small screen you might have. As of now, 9GB 5.1 is hopefully enough.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement] - Released

FreezingTNT2 said:

idir_hh said:

The planet that you pan down to after the crawl is D’Qar when it should be Achto.

@Anjohan’s edit for The Force Awakens should end with the Falcon leaving D’Qar (similar to @NeverarGreat’s edit), and then have the edit for The Last Jedi begin with the Falcon in hyperspace (credit to @DigMod).

I personally don’t think this works. TFA is not impactful enough for me without revealing Luke at the end. We’ve been talking and looking and hunting for him for about 90 minutes and then we gonna leave the film traveling into blue light? No, not for me.

I love DigiMod’s alteration - and though i haven’t watched NeverVar’s (other than clips and ideas), it just shows how different we all are. For me such an ending would not fulfill me after watching this film (and my edit of TFA is simply to make it bearable, because i found it so dull - now i actually like it).

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement] - Released

I have to say sorry for the inconvience, but if you’re one of the people who have downloaded The Force Awakens TE you’ll have to do so again for a better viewing experience.

The render had gone fine, but upon my sixth (and as i thought, final) rendering I had forgotten to remove 40 frames of footage that was on top of another piece of footage. This occured at the very climax of the film.

New file is now out. The film will now run smooth as ever.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement] - Released

idir_hh said:

This is a little ambitious but what do you think of the idea of implying Snoke to be one the Sith acolytes of palpatine? Perhaps a “High Priest of the Sith” so to speak. This could be done by changing his robes to black/purple and redubbing him to speak Sith. I think its an efficient way of foreshadowing the events of TROS and would give us a little extra Lore in TLJ.

I had the idea to subtitle him with an alien language on the previous page, but this is even better. A Sith language. And this way, I could make Snoke SAY what I need him to say (“My master, The Emperor himself, would not approve of you, Kylo… Ren!”) or whatever. A brilliant idea!

However, this will be for Version 2 once I have the final entry on my drive.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement] - Released

seasnake said:

Saw Rise of Skywalker, honestly think you’re version of TLJ will be a phenomenal work integrated with it. What bothered me most was the needless sidequest on Canto Bite that accomplished nothing, the time frame issues, and Luke’s treatment. You’re clips showing Luke as an actual master who’s providing some training to Rey are excellent. I’m looking forward the final work.

Any possibility of a new title? The Last Jedi, just two movies after they return, and with Rey still around, always felt like a wild misnomer. Frankly, the Rise of Skywalker would have been a better title, because by the end it’s his legend they’re all talking about.

Honestly, maybe TLJ should end with the first scene of RoSk, basically show Kylo hearing the voice of the Emperor, making his way to the Sith planet, and then end with Palpatines line about the darkside is the path to many abilities that are unnatural, then cliff-hang with the reveal.

Thank you for that!

Canto Bight is heavily trimmed, and ONLY the bearable and important story threads are intact. Removing it completely makes the film very empty and shallow as some essential machinery is noticeably absent.

As for a new title, I think upon the release of the latest SW entry I’ll make new crawls and titles for all three films. As of right now, both crawls and titles will be kept intact. I do agree tho, that “The Last Jedi” is a - pardon my french - fucked up title. Two Jedi titles, and “The Last” two films after “Return” just narrows the nine films down into stupidity as far as the titles go.

I think I’ll end TLJ V2 with Kylo putting back his helmet with the dialogue of Palpatine (and hopefully a clip) inter-cutting with that very scene. THEN - right before close to credits - Palpatine’s menacing laughter. Something along those lines. Perhaps the entire encounter with Palps.

DougieP said:


With ROS now out, whats the plan Anjohan?

Whats your thoughts Anjohan? Has ROS affected what you were planning to do at all? Will you do this one too? If so, what changes?

Thanks and yeah, that was kind of the idea. If I did do my own edits, it would be one of my top priorities to change.

Not be up my own arse, but nothing has changed for TFA and TLJ. I’ve downplayed Snoke by far. I’ve removed Rey’s intense back-and-forth lineage debate and mystery. She questions her identity through her parents absence, but it is not treated like the trilogy’s biggest mystery. She is, in fact, ‘no one’.

I predicted well in that Snoke and Palpatine would have little to do with one another (except a throw-away line), and that both of them would serve little to the overall plot. If anything, these changes IMPROVE the latest film rather than me having to do anything for these films.

And Luke has a way better send-off than what he originally got (in my opinion), which is SO worth it when you look at what little he had to do in the latest SW film.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement] - Released

I am now rendering The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

I will revisit both for a Version 2 - a final version, upon the release of the newest and last SW entry. Simply to finish of TLJ with the Palpatine reveal.

TFA has a runtime of 2 hours and 6 seconds, and TLJ a runtime of 2 hours and 8 minutes - with credits. I re-instated Finn being caught by a Rathtar for two reasons:

  • Foreshadow Rey’s force sensitvity (realizing a monitor behind her could save her friend).
  • Extend the runtime to be 2 hours, rather than 1:59:36. All SW films are 2 hours +.

TFA Major Alterations that are not stated in the first post:

  • Maz Kanata and her Cantina is heavily trimmed. No “HAN SOLO!” and extended Cantina.
  • Borrowed NeverarGreat and Hal9000’s idea and execution of Hosnian System destruction, with my own personal alterations: no Deathstar Weapon, no planet DESTRUCTION (Republic and neighbour planets are indeed attacked and their capitals crushed), extended Chewie cries upon Han’s death.
  • Re-instated trailer shot of Kylo Ren in the forest, upon meeting Rey and Finn. I think the new series of events in The Final Duel are intense and awesome.
  • Heavily trimmed everything on Maz Kanata’s planet (can’t even remember the name of it cuz i find it so boring). The original film drags so long on this boring planet - near 15 minutes. Now it’s a fancy 8 minutes.
  • Removed Maz Kanata speaking to Rey about the force and the lightsaber after her Force Vision. Not needed. At all. Rey panicks and leaves the Cantina after her vision.
  • Finn is dumbed down.
  • Finn is shown to be hesitant towards Kylo Ren and The First Order, contemplating killing him upon Kylo Ren’s murder of Max Von Sydow as a sort of panic response.
  • Finn is edited into some of the Kylo Ren and Poe confrontation, to strengten Finn and Poe’s later encounter and friendship.

… lots and lots more, but I’d prefer for you lot to experience the film as something new and exciting.

TLJ Major alterations that are not stated in the first post:

  • Lightsaber duel is now added for Kylo Ren and Rey vs the Guards. All SW films should have a saber duel.
  • Luke has his green saber and hilt at the end confrontation against Kylo Ren.
  • Removed Luke’s descent into a Force Ghost, but kept his death through dialogue (Rey and Leia dialogue in the Falcon).
  • Snoke instructs Kylo Ren to kill his mother as a final test of his allegiance and powers.
  • Rey trains with Luke. It feels like she has been training with him for a week or two before leaving Ach-To.
  • Luke never tried to kill Ben out of fear, but went into his chamber to see if HIS fear’s were true. Upon which Ben awakes.
  • Luke never states that Rey is TOO powerful or TOO dark side.
  • Luke is way less cowardly and angry.
  • Luke has his moment with R2 near the second act of the film, right BEFORE Luke tries to help and communicate with Leia upon the rock foundations. This sets a few things in motion that i think the film is better of for:
    • It shows that Rey’s influence and presence has an impact on Luke, causing him to become more soft and caring again rather than cowardly and careful.
    • It makes R2D2’s inclusion to the story more impactful, as R2’s hologram of Leia pushes Luke over the line of distance. He now REACHES OUT.
  • Some alterations to Rey and Kylo Ren’s force calls.
  • Borrowed an inspiring edit of Kylo Ren’s killing of Snoke.
  • Film ends with the Falcon going to Hyperspace. Originally had the kid with the broom, but after the latest SW entry this no longer serves any purpose whatsoever.
  • Made the Opening Space Battle less tiresome, and more involving.
  • Removed A LOT of the Rose Tico theme. It is present in all her scenes. Kept it intact for about two or three scenes.
  • A musical alteration during Snoke’s Throne Room sequence (the first act), a 30-second piece.
  • A musical alteration during The Falcon’s reveal during Crait (i think you’ll love this one). I will also add that since I removed The Falcon battle in TFA on Jakku, this is THE FIRST TIME we actually see the Falcon in action in this Trilogy Enhancement. That way, it is much more meaningful and much more believable that Rey and Chewie do what they do with the experience and training they now have in their respective journeys.

… and like 100 more alterations if not more, but again - I like to say as little as possible, and just SHOW.

Both films start with Rey.