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STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]

Thank you, my friends. Means a lot! ❤️

Someone asked me two questions on the videos, but I’ll answer them here for clearity:

  • No, there will be no voice over/additional lines to Luke in the opening scene. This would only work if he actually said a line first.

  • Yes, Luke mourning his dearest friend is of course included, and instead of the scene transition to Leia (which i thought was more important to give to Kylo to strengthen their relationship) we move along with a beautiful shot of the island and another scene with Luke and Rey. It might sound stale for some, but I think it works beautiful.

Also, have in mind; Luke and Leia get their two moments later on in the film. One when Luke transfers some of his remaining powers to her, and the second on “Insert Hoth 2”.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]

Luke’s handeling of the saber:

Luke agrees to train Rey, once she gives her a speech about Leia:

Rey’s first training lesson (Not completely finished):

  • For this sequence; audio is not completely finished (cleaned up), and I want a better Rey to Kylo transition. I might also change the soundtrack.

Kylo’s inner turmoil, and Leia’s heartbreak over her son:

Have in mind that none of these clips are fully completed, but very near.


  • Luke has his original saber (green) during the Kylo confrontation.
  • All the SW films have a saber duel, so I’ve borrowed Snoke’s Guard’s sequence with lightsabers. However, I might give them different colors (perhaps they all have purple instead of red, or two of them with purple and the rest red).
STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]

TFA Updates:

  • Make Han Solo less of a Smuggler, and more like a rogue. It’s more up to the audience to choose his occupation for this film. All we know, and need to know, is that he and Leia parted ways due to Kylo Ren’s turn to the dark side. That broke their hearts, and Han Solo needed to part ways and do something on his own. This includes alterting the Rathar sequence (which is also heavily trimmed in this edit from beforehand).
  • Rey does not pilot The Falcon like a God. Or like Han Solo. She barely gets the ship of its feet, does a turn - gives Finn the oppurtunity to fire on the Tie-Fighter - and then they leave the planet in a hurry. I despise The Falcon sequence on Jakku, main reason being Rey’s magical handeling of it.
STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]

DougieP said:

Anjohan said:

Removing Snoke is also to make Kylo the main baddie, to not hype up “The new emperor” before his death in TLJ - and therefore not disappointing the audience upon Snoke’s death in TLJ as much as it did. His TLJ death will now not be as devestating to the overall plot (because he was now not foreshadowed to be the main baddie).

I don’t think that it was his presence that hyped Snoke up. I mean, why didn’t Yoda sence this extra dark side presence at any point? What was he doing during episodes 1-6? He is stronger than Palatine (apparently)? All of these questions (and I’m sure more) are what hyped him up, not how much he was in TFA.

If Snoke was just some rich evil guy from the outer rim that saw his chance at building up his own empire by offering his wealth (cut out his force abilities), it would have all worked.

This would have told us where all their funding is coming from, Kylo and Hux would still have seen him as their boss and his death in TLJ wouldn’t of been an issue. Kylo would of had all the funding they needed by that point and his continued presence wouldn’t have added to the story any further. His lack of force abilities wouldn’t have set the audience up to think he was “the final boss” either.

I agree on all these things, yes, except the fact that his presence does not hype him up. There i completely disagree.

Having him as a commanding presence in hologram form - three times, during TFA, sets him up as the main antagonist by far. He is commanding both Kylo Ren and General Hux. He is known in the ways of the force (this already sets him up to be a Sith of some sort). And even worse, we have not yet seen him in his physical form. The audience almost DEMAND to see him in the next film, this time in the flesh. In other words, The Force Awakens sets him up for BIG REVEALS and an even more commanding presence. Also, the parallels to The Emperor is uncanny.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]

TheAlaskanSandman said:

Im definitely interested in seeing these

Happy to hear that!

SkyAnakid said:

Will there also be color corrections and music and dialogue changes like The Ancient Lore? because that was amazing.


FreezingTNT2 said:

Here’s a suggestion: don’t have Han be a smuggler in The Force Awakens, because it completely goes against all of his character development in the original trilogy.

Excellent suggestion! I’ll remove any mention of him being a smuggler again. Perhaps try to find a way to make him have another title.

STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]


I’ve been a faneditor for about nine years now, and did a very radical The Phantom Menace edit two years ago to mixed results. I never got around to completeing the edit fully, although I did release it. I grew tired of Star Wars, and got pretty fatigue’d by the community as well as Disney. However, this horrible sequel trilogy has made me a little impatient.

I watched TFA twice in cinema. I watched TLJ twice in cinema. I hated TFA. I disliked TLJ. Upon rewatching, I hated them both - and even more so than i thought i did. And i completely dislike the entire trilogy (two-piece) thus far.

However, upon my rewatch a couple of months ago, I got some ideas. And when i get ideas that i think are plausible to execute, my fanedit senses start tingeling.



  • Film opens with Rey.
  • Removed inproper or bad comedy (Poe’s opening line, some banter on the Star Destroyer etc). Phasma being held hostage. Finn being a horny doofus. And more.
  • Kylo Ren is not revealed to be Han Solo and Leia’s son BEFORE after Leia is introduced. It is revealed during the emotional dialogue between her and Han.
  • No Snoke/New Emperor foreshadowing, except by name - twice. We acknowledge that Kylo Ren and Hux have a boss. That is it.
  • No Death Star Weapon/Planet. Starkiller Base is just a base, with no doom weapon. Our characters travel there to do a surprise attack as well as save the force-sensitive Rey. It follows the film’s original run of events, except anything that includes the weapon.
  • Rey does not win over Kylo Ren in the duel. She manages to surprise him, but no fatal strike - the ground splits, she runs off in fear. Kylo falls to the ground. We do not see him after this.

The main reason to these changes is to remove the ANH ripoff that this film is, and to make it stand more on its own two feet. Removing Snoke is also to make Kylo the main baddie, to not hype up “The new emperor” before his death in TLJ - and therefore not disappointing the audience upon Snoke’s death in TLJ as much as it did. His TLJ death will now not be as devestating to the overall plot (because he was now not foreshadowed to be the main baddie).


  • The film starts with Rey. 12 minute opening.
  • Luke did not try to kill Kylo Ren.
  • Luke does not throw his lightsaber away. He gives it back to Rey in what should now be an emotional scene.
  • Luke has no traitor-y or coward-y traits besides his guilt over Kylo and his former Jedi Temple’s doom.
  • Luke doesn’t make Rey sound like some of the strongest shit ever put to existence. This includes removing all the “I did not fear it then, but i do NOW”.
  • Luke is nicer to Rey and her situation than in the original film. He’s no longer on the brink of being a want-to-be-dead character.
  • Rey trains on the island during the events of the film. Two training montages. A lot of time goes by. The audience can expect her to have been there for at least two or three weeks.
  • Finn’s scenes are more streamlined (removing the six-scene gaps before he actually goes on his sideplot-mission).
  • And of course, Canto Bight and all that crap is streamlined into something a lot more bearable and the events go by in a pace on the brink of lightning.
  • No flying Leia.

… - and a lot of the obvious “done hundred times before” edits that the film need will be done as well.

I’ll start uploading clips etc when i feel for it.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [Revisited]

stickydixon said:

Very nice intro, however, I still feel the order - Opening, flashback, Harry Gets the mail, Harry has dream - Is pretty awful. Is Harry dreaming of getting the mail? The order and pacing are quite jarring, and somewhat counter-intuitive.
I assume you couldn’t fit the mail scene in somewhere else?

I cannot stress how much I love these edits, I also cannot stress how much I wish the order were different. Were you to remove the mail moment and the ten years before text, the first flashback being Harry’s dream, I feel the opening would be perfect.

My two cents.

Hmm. Never thought of it that way. Always thought of it as a new opening, and that the order was self-explanatory. Never heard any complaints about this before either.

I can fool around a little and see if I can find a better flow to it.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [Revisited]

Sorcerer’s Stone will get a V2, but in my eyes more of a complete overhaul. The original version will remain, but for those who prefer an overall smoother transition into the darker aspects of the Harry Potter world - with better alterations to the original film, might find this one much more preferable.


  • A moving camera. A lot less of the static shots and more movement.

  • Less child-friendly lingering on shots. Removing a lot of extended reaction shots. This has done wonder to the pacing.

  • Color grading with more color than that of my original version, but color graded to fit PoA a lot better.

  • A lot less music from GoF and onwards (only 2 tracks as of now), as to better build the musical theme and identity of Sorcerer’s Stone better. The first hour of the film is nearly all Sorcerer’s Stone/CoS music, with my own alterations here and there.

  • Removed instances of music in certain scenes. Sorcerer’s Stone is very reliant on the music telling the story, and sometimes it can go on for too long. Built new SFX/ambience for these scenes. It’s in a total about 50 seconds of music removal, so it’s not anything major. Just enough to let the audience feel and interpret the story on their own in certain key scenes.

  • Hogwarts is now a character. The film has about six-eight (might even become more) new establishing shots - all worked on for quite some time, and all completely new ones. No more borrowing from the other films. This, in my eyes, is crucial as to not feel like PoA is the first film to actually introduce the school and the atmosphere - and not just the characters.

  • Removed ALL inconsistencies that I could think of. Mr. Flitwick’s charms class is still featured, but his character is only seen briefly - and only his body, not his head (the inconsistency). This works surprisingly well, and one of the reasons for it is because we’ve already had two classes before this third one, all with newly introduced characters. That way, this third one doesn’t feel all that important when I tell the audience that he really isn’t.

  • Removed ALL previous (V1) flashbacks, and only included two (whereas the original had four). These were remade, and are - in my humble opinion - much better.

  • After about the one hour mark the film starts to grow a little bit darker, up until the ending confrontation with Voldemort - which turns GoF-Dark, but it’s still very much a more adult-friendly child-movie with a breath of fresh air up until that point.

  • Dumbed down Hagrid even more than V1. Now he’s only a plot device when it comes to the Nicolas Flamel nameslip.

  • Quidditch is paced better. This sequence also has the most color added to it out of the entire film. This thing should feel magical. In my V1 it looks colorless and somber. I also didn’t include the PoA Quidditch Theme for the first film (like I did in V1), simply because this is the first entry. It should build its own identity, and the later musical scores should grow naturally into the film’s tone and feel. This first Quidditch Match is simply just magical, and the film’s score captures that brilliantly.

  • Removed A LOT of shots that had bad CGI, or lingered on the shot so long that you would eventually notice it yourself.

  • … and a lot more, but I’ve forgotten.

Harry Potter Revisited: PoA, HBP and DH


Half-Blood Prince has been a pain in my buttocks. The color grading has been difficult beyond belief, but I am now pretty satisfied with it. It’s taken a long time, but we’re getting there. Also, the editing process in itself has been a little hurdle because of all the different and incoherent emotions the movie is playing with. We jump all over the place with teen drama, to sinister death drama, to Voldemort backstory, and then comedy antics with Slughorn and Ron’s girlfriend; speaking of which, the all-sudden introduction of completely new and irrelevant characters (Ron’s girlfriend and Hermione’s stalker), Malfoy’s sudden introduction as a main character again after being invisible for the last three movies, and more. The movie is just everywhere.

To be honest, the original film - after having now spent a lot of time with it - is the worst out of all of them. So incoherent. And one thing I can never forgive in a film/TV franchise is when they are introducting characters to further the plot and the plot only. This film does exactly that. And I am including Ginny on this list, because we haven’t ever gotten to know her or side with her before this movie.

  • Ron and Hermione’s relationship will be tested. So we introduce two characters we’ve never seen or heard of before, and give them about 20-30 minutes of runtime alongside the main cast to:
      * Give Hermione a reason to become jealous, and grow closer to Harry (just as friends, for some reason)
      * Give Ron a taste of love, but later realize that Hermione is the one he really want
      * Create drama and tension between the three main characters
      * Create comedy in what is a pretty dark movie

We also need Harry to find a love partner, so we - without barely any hints or chemistry:

  • Introduce Ginny as a sort of main character.
  • Make her do weird, sexual stuff like tieing Harry’s shoelaces on all fours before trying to make out with him
  • Make her make choices for Harry, which somewhat means that he suddenly trusts her judgement after spending five years treating her like a child and a sister.

The film fails, miserably. And it cost us about 30-40 minutes of runtime, in the very last chapter before the end. So unforgiveable. I mean, after having spent five films with these guys - and at this one six - starting to introduce unimportant characters to serve a sideplot is the last thing I would want. I want to know more about Voldemort. I want to see Harry, Ron and Hermione starting to grow into their more adult selfs. I want to see them come to gripes with fear and insecurities. I want to see them stand up for one another. I want to see them try to make the world better. To talk with the other students we’ve come to know and love, and hear what they are feeling - and fearing - and loving - and protecting. Not spending forty minutes with sideplots, followed by comedic Liquid Luck sequences and a random dead spider encounter (Aragogg) and then some DARK, dark drama out of the very blue that kills the main freakin’ good guy, Albus Dumbledore himself. I mean, we simply went from a drama film - to a teen drama comedy - to a damn horror movie, in the span of two hours.

Either way, I’m done ranting. At least now you can guess what I’ve (tried) to change!


  • Film is color graded to look like a film. Gone is the diarrhea-colored filter. Every single scene has been personally touched upon.

  • The opening bridge attack has been tied together with the reveal of Snape as a bad guy and his scenes with Bellatrix and her sister. This flows better in my opinion as we now start with the bad guys and then move on to Harry, rather than jump in-between; twice.

  • Removed random new character with the purpose of flirting with Harry, in the Train Staton opening. Also did a lot of thematic changes (with the help of the beautiful John Williams OST) to this opening, to make it feel more like a Harry Potter movie. Dumbledore/Hogwart’s soundtrack, Harry’s Theme/Hedwig’s Theme etc.

  • Shortened the scene where Dumbledore and Harry are looking for Slughorn. Removed the stupid, non-sensical “Dragion’s blood” sequence.

  • Removed some silly faces and expressions from Slughorn as he first sees Harry.

  • Removed Dumbledore’s mention of Dragon’s blood, and his “Ah, yes, but first, introductions!” - and get us to the point.

  • Changed the atmosphere of Diagon Alley, soundtrack and color grading. Also some happy SFX.

  • Removed Harry’s broken nose and Luna fixing it. It’s a cute scene, but it completely stops the movie at (another) hault.

  • The Great Hall sequence, that in the original is presented with a green/brown diarrhea palette and washed out lights, now actually looks like a Great Hall sequence. This required layer upon layer with different sorts of color grading, including a bunch of masking. I should’ve been paid doing this, hahaha.

  • Re-shuffled a lot of scenes. Make it feel more Harry Potter’y. We start with some Quidditch, then move onto potions class, from there to Malfoy’s mission and thereafter Dumbledore’s office, and then Malfoy again. Things flow better this way, as we start out cute and innocent and then slowly move a little bit into the darker aspects of the film.

  • and a bunch more, but I won’t bother to write nor reveal anything else. I think your viewing experience will be better off of it!


Color grading. A little tease of the re-edited opening (although without the middle and end of it).


New Great Hall color grading. Includes before/after near the end.

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows

Season 8, being as underwhelming as it has been, has made it necessary to change up certain end game aspects. Which is why I’m making a quick blueprint on the last season to work my way up to with the remaining films.

This is the rough cut of my version of Daenerys’s turn to madness:

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows

ThanosM. said:

Ι finally finished Film III “A Feast for Crows”… and it was a blast!
I have to say that Season 3 might be my favourite and I was a bit anxious about your cut.

I also have to admit that some things weren’t exactly how I was expecting them to be, but your editing was trully flawless and the whole film felt really smooth and delightful.
As I have said before, this progect is your artistic vision and I am going to watch it as such.


I really liked the fact that you chose to begin the film with a “cold start”.
At first I thought why didn’t you start the film with Sam running away from White Walkers, as the previous one ended, but then I came to realize that showing from the beginnig the aftermath of the battle was a smart choice.
The return of Daenerys was definitely a plus, but I was hoping to see also some of the scenes out from Season 2 you left. Especially her vision in the House of the Undying because of the events of the final season.
One other thing that I was hoping to see and didn’t make the cut was the whole ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ arc. But I understand why you chose to left it out and, if I have to be honest, it didn’t affect at all Jaime’s and Brien’s growth throughout the film.
Finally, concerning the “big event” of Season 3, I was hoping that you would leave it completely untouched for I believe it is trully a flawless sequence. But again I liked what you chose to do. Merging of the ‘mergins’ in a montage between the weddings of the Freys and the Lannisters, was I really smart move. And of course THAT ending. A “cold start” and a “cold end”. Genius.

Summing up, I think Film III was a bit more ‘artistic’ than the previus two films and I absolutely loved that.
I have said it before and I will say it once more: You are doing God’s work here. I salute you, frined.
I can’t wiat for Film IV!

My kind, kind brother! This was an honor to read through, and I am thrilled to see that a lot of my ideas and executions of them were rightfully picked up by you as an audience member. That feels good, as it can sometimes be the hardest part along with the pacing!

Thank you for your kind words and enjoyment. Thank you!

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows

ThanosM. said:

So glad that this project is near completion. I have fully enjoyed your previous cuts and I completely trust your choises and skills for this one.
I am super looking forward to it.

As far as it goes with the changes you want to make to Season 7 and 8, I just hope you won’t tweak things too much.
Despite all of its flaws I want to enjoy the show for what is it. But then again this is your project, your own vision so I will watch and enjoy it for what you want it to be.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Film III, A Feast for Crows.

As for your concerns to the ending chapters - season 8, the only thing I would drastically change would be the ending reveal of Bran as the Night King.

Here’s a post from, an explanation if you will:


And as Random and me have been talking about on PMs, revealing Bran to be the Night King could make for a more satisfying and dark ending. I could reveal him to have warged into Daenerys, or the dragon, right before the slaughter. It would still justify her plotline - slowly losing her mind; because she would still at this point be conflicted and mad and having burned Varys and threatened Tyrion, but instead of the insanely sudden shift to genocide; it would be Bran/NK who would put the final nail in the coffin.

I, personally, think that the most emotional and dark ending would be if Bran was revealed to have warged into Drogon (and not Daenerys) and performed the slaughter, and Daenerys would kind of just have had to stand for what had happened - making the episode 6 material be more of her having been forced to go Mad Queen rather than chosen to do so. It would also make more sense, as the dragons are many times told to be uncontrollable and dangerous throughout the series. Therefore, Daenerys would try to hold face and pretend to be all just and true about what has happened, when in reality she’s completely destroyed. Her death would also be more tragic, because the audience would be the only ones to know that what happened wasn’t really her (dragon’s) doing.

Either way, long time until film 8 (or perhaps 9/10) now - but tell me what you think!

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows


A Feat for Crows is nearing its completion, and the fourth film is also slowly in the works. Thank you all for your brilliant ideas on PMs, and for your questions! I’ll make a couple of things clear in here:

  1. When I come to season 7 and 8 then yes, I will make major alterations to the story. Season 8 simply doesn’t work most of the time.
  2. I will fix Dorne plotline to the best of my ability, which means removing a lot of the stupid and cringey things surrounding it.
  3. The second film, A Storm of Swords, has the name of the third book because it fits better thematically with the film. The second film features a big, climactic battle (with SWORDS), a lot of fighting (with SWORDS) and a lot of scenes involving SWORDS, including the opening title with the naming of Robb as the new King. The third film has the name of the fourth book (“A Feast for Crows”), because it involves a lot of scenes with crows. Sam and Gilly are attacked by a White Walker and crows. Jon Snow is many times called a crow. The opening shots of the movie includes dead bodies and crows. This film also ends on the most dramatic note, with three main characters dying - which makes a true feast for the crows, themetically. So, the names fit thematically much better for the films I’m making rather than the seasons on the screen.
Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows

This edit, and this series of edits, will create each separate season of Game of Thrones into one movie each - in the style of Lord of the Rings.

A Tale of Kings and Honor and A Storm of Swords are already finished.


Game of Thrones - A Feast for Crows is the third film in this series of Game of Thrones movies. The project is meant to have the same structural pace and tone as the Lord of the Rings, while maintaining the story and characters of Game of Thrones, to create a suspenseful, truthful-to-material, one-time adventure in which - instead of watching 10 hours of episodes, you watch one condensed 3-hour long movie with the story fundament of Game of Thrones and the pure adventure and tone of the Lord of the Rings.

Except for the shorter running time, adventurous feel of LOTR and GoT combined, and more condensed storyline, half the idea is also that it will be much easier to watch this with a nay-sayer friend than to ask him to watch 10 hours of episodes with you. Also, much easier to do a Game of Thrones-marathon.

The series’ soundtrack is completely removed and replaced with that of Lord of the Rings, using different themes for the different houses (Rohan for the Starks, Gondor for King’s Landing etc), as well as the entirety of the score of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies where suited.


A Feast for Crows, the third film, has been worked on simultaneously with Film II (which recently was finished). This was to create a good and confident bridge between the two movies, as Season 2 and 3 function as the same story with their respective character arcs. I hoped to release them both before the Season 8 premiere, but it was too much work.

Winter Is Coming!

EDITED TO BE WRONG: Harry Potter and the Half-Erect Prince

In this EtbW episode, at 21 hilarious minutes, we follow the very beginning of Fellowship of the Ring, in which Gandalv comes back to town. And oh boy, does he come back with a bang! This is the extended, and improved - and more hilarious version - of the only previously teased at only 4 minutes. (This file can NOT be downloaded).

Please enjoy! Flame of Udun!

@Doctor M: Yes, I will make a longer version of the Harry Potter one, and probably more.

EDITED TO BE WRONG: Harry Potter and the Half-Erect Prince

I’ve been thinking about making a fanedit series, named “Edited to be Wrong”, in which I take a movie and make it “wrong”, with the runtime about 20-30 minutes.

It’s been well-received by friends - but that’s cuz we share the same humor, so it might not be as liked online. But I thought i’d give it a try.

Here’s an example from my Harry Potter edit; Harry Potter and the Half-Erect Prince.