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**RUMOR** Original theatrical cut of the OT to be released on blu ray!!

It just occurred to me, when Lucas last restored the original negatives, it had been 12 years since Jedi and 18 years since Star Wars, and they were said to be in very bad shape.

It has now been almost 20 years since the last OOT restoration (which was later converted into the '97 SE).

What are the chances that the negatives and fx are in even worse shape than they were in '95?

What do you LIKE about the EU?

DuracellEnergizer said:

Alderaan said:

It's not the wrong thread. The question was asked, "what do you like about the EU?" I responded "nothing". Not a darn thing. And explained why.

Which is basically the same as going into a thread about -- say -- favourite hobbies and saying "not stamp collecting". 

Either give an example of something you actually like (not the absence of that something, but the actual something) or just go to the "What do you HATE about the EU?" thread and say "everything".


I did that. And that doesn't change the fact that I still answered the question here correctly.

Do the Star Wars movies contain evidence that Lucas makes it up as he goes?

StarThoughts said:

The Force in the original trilogy is essentially California-style, avocado-flavored magic. Midi-chlorians were clearly Lucas' attempt to bring the Force into the science-fiction fold. It was also a way for him to explain a “virgin birth.”


This is the problem with the prequels. A lot of things in life are more interesting when they are implied but not explained in detail. They impart a sense of mystery and wonder. The people Lucas collaborated with in the OT may not have had his sense of vision (they didn't), but they were professionals who understood how to put the best product up on the screen, and they provided checks and balances to all of his flaws.

Fast forward to the prequels and there were no such checks and balances. All of the on-the-nose dialogue and exposition were very plain to see.

**RUMOR** Original theatrical cut of the OT to be released on blu ray!!

This is my first post here at OT, having lurked for a couple of years. I know everyone has different opinions on all of the different versions, but for me ... I just hope Disney will restore something that resembles the '95 VHS collection, at a minimum. Anything above and beyond that would be gravy, and I'm sure they can improve the colors and audio compared to the VHS era, but it was the really unnecessary additions to the SE collection that began to ruin Star Wars for me. The awful CGI Jabba scene in Episode IV that makes me embarrassed to show the movie to a first time viewer; the edit to the Vader / Emperor scene in The Empire Strikes Back (less offensive, but still bothers me); and of course the entire abortion that is the changed ending of Jedi.

Sure, I think there are some minor improvements in the '97 version of The Empire Strikes Back, along with some minor changes that were for the worse ... but more or less it was from that point on that Star Wars went to hell.  I'm not as technically knowledgeable as a lot of posters here, and can't comment on film resolution and audio mixes and the like, but I am very knowledgeable when it comes to dramatic narrative and storytelling, and a lot of the changes in later versions (the infamous NOOOOO) are so bad as to be beyond belief. A lot of people notice the unwieldy CGI in edits to the OT and Prequels ... and I do too ... but I also notice things like very poor pacing in the newer versions of these films. And I wonder why the narrative in Episode I didn't focus more on Anakin ... why was the primary POV Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan? It made for a much weaker story.

Sorry for the rant, but if Disney releases something pre-97 in the finest quality they can reproduce, I will not only buy it but also go to the theater and watch Episode 7 with my family. Without that happening, I will not watch another episode in this series.