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Help Wanted: 'Shadows of the Empire' N64 Game Trailer

Does anyone have this? Is it available for download anywhere on the net?


Mod Edit: the ‘Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Nintendo 64 Commercial 1996’ can be found here:- - a 30 second trailer.


Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Nintendo 64\N64\Australian Commercial) -

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Nintendo 64\N64\UK Commercial) -

Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire Commercial (novel, comic & game) -

What about those changes... to the two Ewok theatrical films?

Everyone is always talking about the changes Lucas made to the classic trilogy. Well, what about the changes he made to another group of classics… The Ewok films. On the IMDB I discovered a tragedy. It is true, Lucas actually did make changes to the Ewok films for the DVD release. Acutally he made them for the VHS and Laserdisc release back in the early 90’s also. This list, I hope, helps out anyone who wishes to work on making an original version DVD, just in case anyone’s interested. Lucas couldn’t resist even making the slightest change! To do this, you might want an origina taped broadcast video, the Laserdisc, Vhs, or DVD to do the new version. Just a thought. Well, anyway, here are all the known changes, sad as it is, according to the IMDB:

The Ewok Adventure:
-Title changed to thatrical release title. (obvious change)

Ewoks: The Battle for Endor
-In a home video release, the following two scenes were deleted: when being chased by Terak’s men, Wicket races for Noa’s house but Noa tells him the only chance they’ve got is the star cruiser. Then a scene that happened shortly after where the men went inside and burned down Noa’s house.

-When Cindel has a nightmare about bad guys coming into Noa’s house after her has the following scene cut in a version on television in which Cindel rushes to Noa’s bed to wake him up, but instead finds Terak in the bed then she wakes up, so on TV it just shows her waking up after the men breaking in.

-Cindel’s lines: “Do something, Wicket! Use your sling! You hit the ring!” have been altered to “Do something, Wicket! Do something!” for the DVD release.

Help Wanted: a bitmap of the original green 'Lucasfilm Limited' logo?
Originally posted by: Trooperman
Hello! I was wondering if any of you know where to find a large bitmap of the original green Lucasfilm Limited logo at the start of all three films in the trilogy. Or, perhaps it could be grabbed from the beginning of "Caravan of Courage". I ask because in my prequel edits, I intend to use the original logo. I would rather not just rip it from the OT because it is somewhat blurry and shakes around a bit. This way, I could have the logo in high-res and stable as well, for DVD quality.

Does anyone know of such an image?

Jus to let you know, the title card video for the Ewok films also is quite shaky as well. I know you are going to use the still image of it, this is just as a side note.

Info: Codester Torrents
Codester, I thought I might let you know. I just checked, and these are the correct order that the episodes aired, and take place chronologically. I got the official list from Wikipedia.

Complete Episode Listing

Season 1
1. The Cries of the Trees - 07-Sep-1985
2. The Haunted Village - 14-Sep-1985
3. Rampage of the Phlogs - 21-Sep-1985
4. To Save Deej - 28-Sep-1985
5. The Travelling Jindas - 05-Oct-1985
6. The Tree of Light - 12-Oct-1985
7. The Curse of the Jindas - 19-Oct-1985
8. The Land of the Gupins - 26-Oct-1985
9. Sunstar vs. Shadowstone - 02-Nov-1985
10. Wicket's Wagon - 09-Nov-1985
11. The Three Lessons - 16-Nov-1985
12. Blue Harvest - 23-Nov-1985
13. Asha - 30-Nov-1985

Season 2
14. The Crystal Cloak - 13-Sep-1986
15. The Wish Plant - 13-Sep-1986
16. Home Is Where The Shrieks Are - 20-Sep-1986
17. Princess Latara - 20-Sep-1986
18. The Raich - 27-Sep-1986
19. The Totem Master - 04-Oct-1986
20. A Gift for Shodu - 04-Oct-1986
21. Night of the Stranger - 11-Oct-1986
22. Gone With The Mimphs - 18-Oct-1986
23. The First Apprentice - 18-Oct-1986
24. Hard Sell - 25-Oct-1986
25. A Warrior and A Lurdo - 25-Oct-1986
26. The Season Scepter - 01-Nov-1986
27. Prow Beaten - 08-Nov-1986
28. Baga's Rival - 08-Nov-1986
29. Horville's Hut of Horrors - 15-Nov-1986
30. The Tragic Flute - 22-Nov-1986
31. Just My Luck - 22-Nov-1986
32. Bringing Up Norky - 22-Nov-1986
33. Party Ewok - 13-Dec-1986
34. Melani the Warrior - 13-Dec-1986
35. Battle for the Sunstar - 06-Dec-1986

Hope this helps!
Preserving the...<em>cringe</em>...Star Wars Holiday Special (Released)
Can anyone tell me, out of all of the copies that you know are available, wherever they may be, what is the absolute best transfer of the holiday special available, and where can I find it?

SKot, are there any other deleted scenes from the holiday special than the "wasting electricity" one Garrett posted? If so, what are they? Is the copy you sent Garrett the absolute best quality copy of that particluar deleted scene?

Also, does anyone have any of the TV advertisements for the show, that aired prior to the show's airing? To have anything like that would be awesome.
Wanted: Looking for rarities...

Hey guys. Can anyone help me out. I’m looking for the following in their best quality: the BEST copy available of The Star Wars Holiday Special, the complete DROIDS animated series with all openings and endings, the complete EWOKS animated series with all openings and endings, the complete 25 chapters of clone wars with all openings and endings, the complete donny and marie star wars tribute, the bob hope christmas star wars special, the richard pryor cantina segment, all episodes of the droids on sesame street, the star wars muppett episode, all the origianl making ofs. Thanks very much for any help.