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The Last Jedi: Badly edited or just bad?

Your work is good but you need to move further away from the original. Otherwise you repeat the same mistakes.
The movie is badly edited AND has a lot of bad ideas.
Still it’s quite decent if you can see beyond that.

Drop the sabre toss and use deleted scenes + TJA footage.
Link the movies and get right into Luke and Rey.

Here’s how my personal edit starts:

It’s not perfect, but somehow even the milk scene (with a small edit) falls into place.
I’ve added some stock footage to create establishing shots.

Just a suggestion, but don’t be afraid to move away from the original stuff.
And please, use the alternate Finn introduction (no water ball) 😃

The Last Jedi WITHOUT Cantobight

The elevator stuff can be used to keep the tension. You just need to be smart in cutting it.
Don’t want to steal your thread, but take a look at how I did it for personal edit:

Yes, there are 2 repeated takes, perhaps you can find a better solution 😉

For the escape I removed the Phasma fight and BB8 on the walker. Here you have only the relevant parts:

There are a few problems with this, but as I mentioned before, it’s ok for my personal use.
Just sharing it in the hope it helps!

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

There are some VERY good visuals on Star Wars Battlefront II.
Would be hard to make them match the 1980’s effects but the detail is worth it. And very faithful to the original material I think.

Can someone here create this kind of video ?

A simple recreation of the movie sequences with game’s engine would be interesting.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

snooker said:
Bad location continuity is a sacrifice I’m willing to take when it comes to this fight.

For me it’s visually jarring this way because it’s impossible for them to change place while standing…
I’d just go with a shorter fight, linking the segments that work.

About Yoda’s fight, I’d cut it. He fights in Ep2, that’s enough.

your thoughts: Did Disney kill star wars because it sounds like they did with the last jedi solo and resistance.

On ROTJ the childish stuff hides Luke’s darker motives and tactics.

If you really look closely, from an adult POV, you notice that he uses the force to manipulate the Ewoks.
When 3CPO is telling the story, that’s Luke mind controlling, both 3CPO and the Ewoks.
Immediately after, they are accepted into the tribe, with the Ewoks sacrificing themselves in the battle.
So yes, Luke is not a nice guy in Jedi 😉

On TLJ the dumb childish stuff highlights Luke’s darker side.
So it’s in your face, but it was there before.

TLJ’s problem is not Luke, is the poor B story that makes little sense and is not integrated with the main one.
If you remove the silly stuff from both movies, Luke is consistent.

The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

I have a Youtube channel with restored NASA documentaries and footage and I can tell you that the content matching algorithms work. Even with 50 year old music or images, you get copyright claims.
The process is automated, so the Mouse knows about it and can block any videos by pressing a button.
They know about everything, since they have people googling for their property 24/7.

I’m sure they will act once it’s released ( give him rope to hang himself) 😉

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

SkyAnakid said:
On the surface:

Good work!
The surface image works, I understand what I’m seeing right away (the orbital one is too generic).

Here’s a quick and dirty opening with Coruscant.

Now, regardless of what the shuttle flies over next, it must land on an hangar…

(Both the Endor+Coruscant and only Coruscant are good ideas, and there’s a lot to discuss regarding them.
Perhaps we could have separate threads for each?)

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

My problem with Endor being a part of Coruscant is that you need to show that.
And the existing Coruscant footage only shows city or industrial areas.

You’d need 2 shots: one from orbit showing a forested area surrounded by city; another from a lower altitude showing the preserve’s border.
Perhaps those could be sourced from other movies?

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Endor is a moon of Coruscant, perhaps a nature sanctuary since the planet is all city / industrial. The emperor does mention sanctuary moon.

On Coruscant you have a planet based weapon and the throne room.

The shield generator is on Endor, protecting Coruscant.

The space battle takes place over Coruscant.

This would fit the existing transitions, music and pace of the movie.

The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

“you could just say that the windows are dark because its nighttime, maybe add a few building lights in the background here and there”

Footage will match better if we add starfields to the night sky on the establishing shots.
We associate those stars with space, so we need to establish that they are visible from the ground.
That’s much less work than adding sky + buildings to every window shot. Only a few will do.