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Fear and Loathing In Fantasy Mission Force (Fantasy Mission Force) - matrixgrindhouse

Man, what a rush!
For fans of old school Hong Kong this is pell mell action.
The image is not the best, 640 X 480p. Appear VHS derived.
Worse, the audio is dubbed. Actually, that makes it much funnier.
What’s missing? Why, subtitles of course. In this case, they ought to be incoherent and have nothing to do with screen activity whatsoever.
Ostensibly a mission against Axis powers, agent Jackie Chan and a horde of extras tangle with soldiers, smugglers, kidnappers, Scottish Highlanders, an inept officer corps, masked cavalry, ninjas, Amazon warriors, and, wait for it, Snake Plissken!!
“Fantasy Mission Force” was ever an insane experience.
One gathers Mr grindhouse has cut and warped this as if he were under intoxicants and hallucinogenics.
Hence, the “Fear and Loathing” prefix.
Edit is neither worse nor better than the original, though the plot condensation is stunning!


Elysium: PanzerKut (by PanzerKut)

Being a huge fan of Blompkamp’s District 9 (and his general aesthetics) I saw Elysium opening night in an otherwise empty theater. The film deservedly received middling reviews, but mainly imo for generic scenes that felt forced into what I otherwise appreciated as a fun and hyperviolent live action version of cyberpunk/dystopian anime from the 80s/90s (think Black Magic M-66, Battle Angel Alita, Cyber City Oedo 808, etc). While I walked out of that theater knowing I’d gladly watch the theatrical cut of Elysium again (mainly because of the cool factor), I couldn’t shake off the feeling that most of it’s dragging flaws were things that could’ve been easily fixed with a leaner re-edit. Elysium: Panzerkut to the rescue. What Panzerkut does is cuts off the exposition, the weak but heavy handed political allegorical references (you can now make those connections yourself), the pale political intrigue, the boring childhood flashbacks, and the more obvious allusions to a possible romance. Also gone are the cringey “heroic savior” aspects of the lead character Max and most of the terribly performed scenes by the miscast Jody Foster.

What we are left with is 80 min. of awesomely gory dystopian muscle meat that allows for a complete and extremely satisfying sci-fi/action story to unfold about a man approaching death’s door whose only option to survive is to become a tool for the gain of all have-nots and the barbaric scene-chewing mercenaries hired to stop him.

Panzerkut will be my go-to for subsequent (and guaranteed) rewatches


Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker: The Anti-Cringe Cut by DonKamillo

Rise of Skywalker is a film of many choices, that’s as true to the final official product as it has proven for many faneditors. This one, put together by the maverick anti-cringer DonKamillo, makes the kind of choices that we need a lot of with this: bold ones.

The narrative is altered to remove moments that seem more random in placement and execution, leaving 3-PO without his memory shows a costly side to the quest. Kylo no longer being a lousy (Adam) driver in the desert gives his entrance a much grander sense of menace, where as you were left kind of thinking he was an idiot when he arrived on the scene.

Rey no longer being related to Palpatine yet still have his power kind of goes unexplained, unless we’re meant to take the ‘diad’ line as the explanation, I also feel the footage kind of lets down the line Rey crosses when she kills Kylo and Luke is very relaxed and forgiving. That cannot be helped, and Kylo’s send-off with Han actually works far better in this cut as a moment of passage rather than a plot device to necessitate a random change of heart to further the plot along. It is my choice for the best edited scene of this movie.

I would have preferred if Rey had died defeating The Emperor, as somewhat of a karmic ‘price’ paid for killing Kylo, and the film should have ended with Luke looking out at the suns on the island from Last Jedi. Maybe you could have inserted a force ghost of Leia from the end of ‘Rise’ in that scene. Just a thought.

Overall, while it doesn’t ‘rise’ to the same heights as the tour de force that was The Last Jedi anti-cringe cut, this is still a solid and superior cut to the official release that ended the sequel trilogy on a rather drab note.


Nightbreed: Cabal Cut

I say this as someone who’s now seen all existing cuts (Theatrical, DC, and Cabal) with virtually zero nostalgia for Nightbreed (and I’ve only recently seen each of these):

Really appreciate this effort and and prefer this cut to the DC. However with all its efforts to fix a messy film comes more flaws of its OWN. Added/extended scenes/audio samples are just too rough and in need of HD restoration. also while the narrative is more well rounded, the runtime is a bit daunting for this sort of horror/fantasy subject matter.

A film like this actually works best under 2hrs long (ie Theatrical Cut). A shame there isn’t an edit in process which considers the balance and moderation of both runtime and story.

Nightbreed isn’t Apocalypse Now, extending it and making its narrative more robust kinda prolongs what is mediocre about it and ruins the weird trip it can be in a tighter package rather than enhances it (Redux inversely enhances the experience of Apocalypse Now). I wish for a future edit based on Cabal Cut which enhances narrative minimally while focusing on the additional sfx/creature moments (as well as Decker moments). While character motivations make much more sense in the Cabal Cut they simply aren’t interesting enough themselves to care about. Until then sticking to the theatrical for rewatches. Perhaps the conclusion I’m drawing here is that despite Cabal Cut being a noble effort, Nightbreed feels more appropriately enjoyed as a truncated horror-fantasy sfx mess. The theatrical release is at least coherent enough to skate by as an average creature feature.


The Frighteners Recut (The Frighteners) - Neglify

Frighteners is one of those Horror films I watch every couple of years. Peter Jackson’s career was ascending rapidly at this stage, having nailed a hit with Heavenly Creatures and bracing for the challenge of Lord Of The Rings.
As a genre film, Frighteners remains the uneasy mix. Part Mystery, part Thriller, all Horror, yet undermined by moronic comedy. Silliness, stupidity. Several cringe sequences make the Stooges look like Woody Allen. Any improvement on that score is well applauded.

Video - As expected, excellent work here. I never missed a single trim, though deep in the film I realized I had not winced yet. The moments I had hated were gone. The colors were fine, albeit subdued, but that is Jackson’s palette.

Audio - Highly dynamic 5.1 mix. Dialogue was clean and focused. No subs. I never needed subtitles, but checked after the fact.

Neglify’s version is now my preferred Frighteners, displacing the original. My main problem with Jackson’s version was always the humor. Silly rather than clever, dull witted rather than razor sharp. Jackson’s jokes are sophomoric at best. (Feebles remains a brilliant exception.) Neglify excised the stupidity. The trims might be light, but they are effective. Stellar job.


Star Wars: Ultramachete (Phantom Menace & Attack Of The Clones) - Razil

Straight off, the faneditor refers to this as “Clone Wars III & IV.”
The choices made are peculiar. The film begins with the pod race on Tatooine.
Next to the battle of Naboo, followed by ten years after …
Afterward, a mild editing of The Attack Of The Clones.
In case you were wondering, this is NOT a three-in-one of the prequels.
Filesize = 8 GB. Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC. Audio = 5.1, 550 kbps AAC. No subs.
Despite the specs, the aspect struck me as curiously flattened.

Note the black bands on top and bottom.
Once excised, the true ratio is closer to 1920 X 620p. Very, very widescreen. Stretched.
Clearly, he was having trouble. I remember Razil sought help at FE, but do not recall if veteran editors offered advice or not.
Sadly, his thread there has since been purged. (The one at OT abides. See below).
Razil had PM’d me back in the day, unfortunately as I was losing interest in yet another SW edit. So I never watched at the time.
Apologies, Mr Razil.
Recently, I checked his PM from 6 years ago. Lo! the file links are still active.
So, belatedly, I downed and watched.

Razil’s epic opening explanation. (Wall of text alert!)


Ghost in the Shell 2017: Lean & Mean Edition (by FairFriend)


This fanedit of GitS actually elevates the film to an enjoyably moody action movie with an air of intrigue. The narrative itself is probably a 3/5 now as it takes all the cringey and lowest common denominator-catering out of the equation. The Major is less vulnerable (as she should be) and is no longer trying to find herself or go looking for her past (although a few benign mentions which relate to the antihero, Kuze, cannot be avoided). What’s gone is the films worst ideas and explorations and we are fortunately left with a coherent medley of elements borrowed from the anime films and TV series. Yet, it actually manages to be the sum of its parts this time around.


The Matrix Hacked: Revolutions by Doctor M

This is a bold undertaking, and the true magic of fanediting… taking the narrative as it exists and flipping it on it’s lid. It astonishes me that the Warchowskis accidently stumbled into a near-perfect resolution for the movies and not realize it, and it falls to Doctor M to make the snap judgement in an effective manner. The choices here are most interesting, it covers the crisis in the Matrix in unexpected ways, but in doing so it creates a different reason for Smith’s existence in the real world, and allows the battle for Zion to take center stage. While the ending could be perceived as a bit of a ‘‘fizzling out’’ this cannot be helped due to the footage availible. Nevertheless, it is a fitting ending and the themes of what Neo and Trinity mean to each other get a considerably good pay-off with it.

Matrix Revolutions: Hacked is for all of you that still love some candy.


The Descent: Extended Cut - Mikedrew87

Wail, baby, wail! Wilderness survivalist vacationers rappel into unexplored depths.
Deep, deep inside the cavernous depths, they learn real survival skills.
Neil Marshall’s best film (though Dog Soldiers is a close second) and a great horror ride.

Video - 1280 X 720p AVC. A great looking film. Dense blacks, a lot of moving shadows, and dim lighting. Plenty of ways this edit could go wrong. Excellent rendering beginning to end. Most of the missing scenes went by unnoticed.

Audio - 192 Kbps, 2 Channel AAC. Really? Stereo? The original audio is a superb sound mix of echoes and ambiant noises, perfectly in keeping with a cave interior. This is missed here. Also, no subs. Yes, I know I am in a minority in commenting about subtitles. A fair amount of dialogue is difficult to understand. Whispering, shouting, characters talking over each other. I may know this flick by heart, but others may not.

Narrative - Generally, I couldn’t care less about extended cuts. Footage was trimmed for a reason, either it was repetitive, or useless padding, or it dragged the pace. The inclusion of ten brief scenes gives more shades to a few characters. Otherwise, the narrative itself is untouched.

Enjoyment - I’ve watched the DVD dozens of times. Moreover, growing up, I went caving hundreds of times and The Descent is one of the best cave films out there.
It does have two strikes against it, however.
One, the cast is all female. insecure males dislike females: be they wives, coworkers, exes, doesn’t matter. These guys, for one reason or another, just have an animosity. If you are one, then don’t bother with this. γνῶθι σεαυτόν
Second, this movie is a real nail biter. Tension tightens throughout for at least two thirds of the story. The reveal of the dwellers comes late. Impatient souls will be happier with a trailer.
For everyone else, this is a terrific thriller /slash/ horror flick.


Raiders (Raiders Of The Lost Ark) - Steven Soderbergh

Yes, that Steven Soderbergh. He has done several of these since his temporary retirement from directing. He has also remained aloof from the fanedit community or is incognito.

The adventure classic gets a sonic overhaul. All audio - dialogue, music soundtrack, sound effects - wiped. In essence, Raiders is a Silent. This is so viewers can concentrate on the visual design without being distracted. The editor does tack on a very distracting film score, however.

Image is glorious black n white. High contrast, razor sharp. Interiors bear a deep black, Noir look. No story editing or narrative rearranging, though. As has been noted before, Raiders plays well in black n white.

For audio, Mr. Soderbergh selected music tracks from Trent Reznor scores “The Social Network" and “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” At times, cues match the tone or tempo of the video narrative - other times the music is jarringly amiss. One gets the feeling he fired up his favorite tracks without considering how appropriate they would be.
Mr. Soderbergh likely has access to state of the art audio editing equipment, or computer software. He could have easily tinkered with his musical cues so they matched the screen narrative. Again, he did not seek feedback from the fanediting community.

Still available on Mr. Soderberg’s site - extension765 - in decent quality as of 2020 05.


Kenobi - A Star Wars Story (by JXEditor)

A radical contextualization of the Star Wars prequels which focuses solely on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s arcs throughout the prequel films, weaving together a more compelling and tighter story than (imo) George Lucas had, this film isn’t afraid to do things like rename Maul to Darth Grevous in order to make the now composited villains of Maul and Grevous into a slightly more developed villain. It really succeeds in its goals, but perhaps the mode of that success is also what brings it down a few notches. And of course the lower resolution of the file or source quality loses points too.

While I did enjoy this very much and think it’s actually watchable compared to revisiting all three prequels as Disney/Lucas intends. It’s also superior to the anti cheese cuts.

While I allowed it to rewrite my headcannon for the prequels and I’d gladly watch this cut again (as it’s now my preferred prequel edit), I would have found it a stronger piece with three simple adjustments:

-while clever, I would have done w/out the added footage in the very beginning which depicts Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan exiled on Tatooine, contemplating his past; it’s too rough around the edges and too visually inconsistent with the overly CGI gloss of the rest of the movie that it should’ve been conveyed within the opening crawl text.

-would have kept Mace Windu’s confrontation w/ Sidious (as is, Palps simply appears transformed before the senate and no one questions the transformation, leaving somewhat of a continuity error), plus the omitted scene builds our villains: Anakin and Palpantine- which are necessary to understanding and enjoying Kenobi’s arc as a whole

-Would have kept Anakin’s brief slaughtering of the Separatists on Mustafar, again, because this better-develops the villain, Anankin, and also concludes/ties up the dangling Separatist plot thread

great job otherwise, very enjoyable re-contextualization


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi-The Spence Final Cut by Spence

First off, a big hand must be given to musiced921 for supplying me with this edit. I was actually looking for the one without the Ewoks in it, but obviously it didn’t satisfy Spence at the time, hence why he re-did it, and this is the edit I ended up receiving. Nevertheless, it was an interesting edit, running rather leanly at just one hour and thirty three minutes, it rearranges scenes, creating a more meaningful first scene for Luke that establishes his path.

In the original cut, he kind of acts a bit high and mighty already, almost as if he didn’t need to go to Dagobah and complete his training, but here the crawl and the scene on Dagobah is structured to follow on from Vader’s arrival, and we follow Luke on his journey to Tatoonie, not entirely sure of himself as Yoda says he must confront Vader to be fully realised. It’s a very well woven scene, and gives both Luke and the audience less detachment from what Luke had been up to in between Empire and this.

The idea of placing the Emperor on the Star Destroyer is another great touch. After all, why would the Emperor risk making himself a sitting duck on the Death Star when chances are his plan could go tits up? Being on a Star Destroyer at least gives him the chance to take off as soon as things do.

The restructuring of the battle of Endor rattles along, there is more urgency, you feel this is a costly battle as good men die and Luke feels more entrapped with the walls closing in, his fateful duel with Vader is even accompanied by familiar cues such as duel of the fates!

I’ve seen a few edits that have utilised the ending with Luke burning Anakin’s body as the fireworks rage on, but it’s still powerful imagery to end the original trilogy on. I’d still somewhat like to see the Ewok party as it gives us all a chance to see the group of friends, now very much a family, a chance to be together one last time. Luke can always bury Vader after seeing the ghosts. Maybe the ghosts could have been watching Luke burn Anakin, there’s an idea. Ah well.

And lastly the additional end credits are a hoot…though I do wonder who ‘lordsidi’ is and what he did to warrant an “absolutely no thanks to…” credit. Feels a bit weird to promote the DVD version of this in the credits when all I have of this is the MP4, but ah well…if someone could track the DVD version down, let me know what I’m missing, because it doesn’t tell you anything here.


I am digging this thread - a great idea 😃

Will there be a similar thread to this for the ‘Star Wars Fan Edits’ section too?

No fate but what we make - apart from force dyads!


Rise of Skywalker-The Final Sith by MacsDamage

This some interesting choices, such as Rey being shocked she lost control wrecking Kylo’s ship instead of blowing up Chewie’s transport, Kylo is not that severly wounded when Rey stabs him, and in fact it’s this action that causes Leia to pass away and Rey feels it, and it’s what drives her back to Luke’s island.

Kylo and Hux both survive the movie, but dissapear entirely once their redemptions play out. Kylo doesn’t show up for the final battle.

The Emperor is also held back from appearing until the final act, and Rey doesn’t temporarily ‘die’ when she defeats him.

It’s not a perfect edit, there’s some jarring slow-motion during ‘dramatic’ moments…who do these characters think they are? John Morrison?


Dune: The Alternative Edition Redux (Dune) - spicediver

"A film that’s been admired, hated and puzzled-over in fairly equal amounts … "

How about, all the above?
Stunning set design and ridiculous costumes. What are the Sardaukar, firefighters?
Gorgeous Brian Eno theme - then Toto.
Exposition that advances the plot, dialogue that booms bombastic.
Top tier actors driven by madman Lynch to ham it up.
I loved Dune - I hated Dune.

Spicediver did an outstanding job in focusing the narrative thrust of the movie.
I appreciate how he organized the structure into four books.
Video editing was fine. When deleted footage was used, it was noticeable. Sharp to grainy. Yet the result was in keeping with his intended edit.
Audio, once or twice I caught some dialogue that did not match mouths. More often than not, there was a crop or he inserted audio when character backs were turned. Again, this was meant to enhance pacing or narrative, so I don’t want to nitpick.
I really enjoyed this edit, which eclipses my other copies, including the mini-series.

Trailer =


Star Wars: Fall Of The Jedi (Neon Noir) (Star Wars Prequels) - ONLYYODAFORGIVES

The three Star Wars prequels are combined into a single viewing experience. Running time is under two hours, many stories have been jettisoned. The heaviest trims are from Phantom Menace, weakest of that trilogy.
Music has also been dramatically altered. So much so, I would argue this ought to be considered a Silent film. What dialogue there is, is quite sparse and conversations are often murky.

Filesize = 1 GB. Video = 1910 x 816p AVC, Audio = 125 kbps AAC. 2 Channel stereo. No subs.

Straight up, this is a fairly inspired edit, radical in it’s approach. If you go into this thinking, “This is going to be like an extended music video,” you will not be disappointed.
The video editing is alright, though there are too many fades in a franchise that noticeably uses wipes. Many of the transitions could have been more seamless.
The audio remains problematic. The score is fabulous. Synth, ambiant, techno, dark beat, Industrial, glockenspiel.
Forget the dialogue, though. It is muddy or garbled.

Members from OT and FE previewed and offered suggestions aplenty back in 2015.
Me included. In fact, I mentioned two video glitches, and they are still there.
In the end, the editor walked away from both forums. His edit has been available on YT in decent quality ever since.
No mistake, this is a bold, enjoyable version.
Could be better, but what’s there is damned good.


Austin Powers: Shaggedelic Extended Edition by ADigitalMan

Austin Powers was one of my favourite movies to watch in my adolescence, one I could quote endlessly, that said I feel the deleted scenes don’t add much to the overall film, it’s nice to see them there, but I actually think these scenes could have done with an edit themselves…I’d have cut the final Number Two scene after he says “I bought the case” for example as it’s a funnier line to end it on than Austin’s counter-argument. I can actually see why they did cut that whole bit. Audio quality is fine and I didn’t notice anything jarring. Overall, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does give you a fresh excuse to watch a 90s cult classic once again.


Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Shaggedelic Extended Edition by ADigitalMan

The best Austin Powers movie, the extended scenes help to make some scenes I found unfunny kind of funnier, I think the Two-On-Two scene could have replaced the two Austins stinger as the credits scene as it’s the same joke anyway. Could have done without the needless outtake montage after “The End”. Overall a worthy watch if extensions are your thing baby!


Crouching Dragon: The Tiger Lily Cut (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) - ssj

When the original Crouching Tiger was released in 2000, thousands of hardcore Asia film fanboys plunged into a tailspin tizzy.
“This is going to ruin Hong Kong and Japanese exploitation!”
Apologists for the film and peddlers of imports did their best to mollify those nervous Nellies.
And yet … mainstream Westerners, exposed to “artistic” Asian action cinema, began sniffing the landscape.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon made a sh!tload of money, and, as doomsayers predicted, future Asian fare became easier for world digestion. Wackiness went on the fade.

Thankfully, ssj mangled this talky bi-polar film back to the crazy roots of Shaw Brothers!
By jettisoning mounds of talky exposition and utterly subverting the subtitles.
Plot now revolves around a stolen Iron Chef blade, and the bickering and backstabbing that go on behind the scenes. And, of course, battles to regain the mighty kitchen cleaver.
Should I mention additional, juicy double entendre dialogue?

Great antidote to the borefest that the original was. Energy level diminishes in the final act, and jokes start to fall flat. The story tumbles into a confused mess, but what the hey, this is still brilliant for what is it.


Star Wars: The Epic Picture - T-Bone

Initially a mixed bag for me, now strikes me as overstuffed.
The Imperial Empire invades Earth in the late 1930’s or 1940’s!
Scenes of walkers superimposed against WWII troops and tanks, amid cityscape rubble.
Creative premise of what an Empire invasion would resemble.

Then, the edit leaps off the rails and dives into lunacy.
Clips from other films (“Bridge Over The River Kwai”, “Force 10 From Navarone,” and “Rasputin, The Mad Monk”) are inserted, seemingly at random.
Different tones, different looks. No narrative coherence whatsoever.
The black out segues between scenes grew noticeable after a bit.
And three hours? Really?
Eventually, I found myself impatient for the edit to end.

This is clearly one of the oddest creations ever to be approved by the FE judges.
Not blueyoda “odd,” either. WWII vs Star Wars would make an inspired edit.
Unfortunately, this editor did not deliver his concept successfully.
Fine pledge, poor turn, little prestige.
For all that, worth studying.


Natural Born Killers: Tarantino Cut - thecuddlyninja

Furious edit of Stone’s N B Killers slices away all lulls, dream sequences, and moralizing. This is a blistering grinder of Tarantino’s original script that hurtles ahead like the running of the bulls in Pamplona. thecuddlyninja’s version does not resemble a Stone film, nor one of Tarantino’s knockoffs. Instead, this reminds one of full bore Takashi Miike. I mean that as high praise.

Video - 1920 X 1080p AVC. Outstanding mix of color and black n white, distortion, inappropriate zooms, hard cuts, etc … Many visual tricks and changes keep this film popping. Even what could have been mistakes work well and look amazing - in this down and dirty, drive-in thrasher.

Audio - 192 kbps, 2 Channel stereo AAC. Very good sound, though suffers occasionally where original score was wiped. Dialogue generally clear. No subs.

Cuddly learned a lot from his first draft of this. FE members aired complaints about his song selection, which aped Tarantino scores. Every time I heard a familiar cue, I cross checked it in my memory. Reservoir Dogs - Kill Bill - Pulp Fiction - Death Proof - Pulp Fiction again … Distracting and yanked me out of cuddly’s edit, especially when I got stuck trying to recall which QT film the cue was from. I watched several of his workprints, and by V2, Cuddly had reworked the music to excellent effect.

Narrative - With so much footage sheared, coherence suffers. When Mickey is in Drug Zone we figure out he needs anti-snake medicine. How and when he was bitten? How did that Botango riot start? Throughout, I knew what was occurring, but I think 5 minutes of bits added here and there would clarify confusion caused by cutting. (alliteration alert!)

Enjoyment - Absolutely. Pedal down, all the way. Cuddly, using Tarantino’s script, has given NBK a Swisha House “chopped and screwed” treatment. Delicious. In many ways this is an authentic companion to the original. I could envision this being included in the DVD box as the “storyboard print.”


Derelict (Alien / Prometheus) - Job Willins

Soon after Prometheus was released, essays appeared noting the similarities with Alien.
Not that the latter film was a reboot or remake, but that there were structural and narrative echoes.
The Derelict fan-edit aligns the parallel stories into one viewing experience. Black n white, by the way.

There was substantial cutting, and both narratives suffer. Each is barely more than a glorified pitch.
No character development and the first half drags.
Nevertheless, I liked this quite a bit as it was a clinic on detailing the mirrored elements of both films: strong females, corporate agendas, soulless androids.
Similar interior designs - harsh exteriors.
By the end, I wondered how much of the similarity was deliberate, how much was subconscious.


Raiding The Lost Ark - Jamie Benning

Labor of love by Jamie Benning and must see for Indiana Jones fans. Imaginative blending of Raiders real-time footage with interviews from numerous sources, as well as pop up comments and screen comparisons. Storyboards, outtakes, as well as home movies used. The documentary is dense with information and may necessitate multiple viewings. The edit itself is incredibly well executed, it feels seamless.

Currently available on Vimeo (as of 2020 06) in several resolutions and I would urge the viewer to seek the highest level possible. Image quality is all over the scale, depending on source materials. Outtakes are often fuzzy, production or home movies are passable. Editing is skillful throughout, and there is strict adherence to chronological sequence.

No subs, though there are fact pop ups during the entire doc. Preference given to voiceovers. Quality varies, though everyone is comprehensible. Possible exception being Harrison Ford, especially the later interviews. His voice does not always seem properly miked or he mumbles. Not a major issue.

Generous wealth of details, untold stories, missing scenes to thrill all fans. Two lost details come to mind:

  1. Early on, after Dr. René Belloq gets the gold fertility statue, the Hovitos take it away from him.
  2. When Indy and Sallah consult the imam, he warns them not to touch the actual ark, nor to open their eyes if it is opened.

Truly a wonderful companion to your DVD.



Doctor Who: ‘Fortress of the Daleks’ and ‘Invasion of the Daleks’ - TM2YC

TM2YC selected two of the weakest Doctor Who entries, the stand alone movies with Peter Cushing, and reedited each into three episodes, in keeping with the BBC series.
Futhermore, he decolored both, so they resembled the late 60’s (Hartnell and Troughton eras).

Terrific work all around. Not only in cutting, but in the decision to switch to black n white.
Not hard, sharp contrast black n white, either, but a scale similar to the late 60s, were well thought out.

Narrative - Fast moving episodes, much better than the original series which tended to drag several times.
This is an edit that could almost fit in the canon proper.

Enjoyment - To quote Danger Mouse’s sidekick, Penfold, “Crikey!”
Plenty here to enjoy, to appreciate, to brag about.
The extras, talk about goodies! Not only bonus material, but BBC voiceovers.
The main downside is Peter Cushing as the doctor.
His was not a portrayal I enjoyed. Don’t know whether this was his interpretation or straight from the script, but his addled, confused manner was more onset Alzheimer’s than brilliance. There was no way to excise him or add starch to his manner.
Cushing did not hurt my opinion of the edit, however. Indeed, TM2YC did quite a bit to maximize the action, and heighten the Daleks, and minimize Cushing’s fey doctor.
He is not Hartnell (let alone Pertwee), but these two stories can now stand in the same room as classic BBC Doctors.


Violent Mistress (Revenge) - Maniac

After watching the original, I wrote Maniac the next day.
“Dude, check out this “Revenge” film from France. It’s straight up your alley.”
“Ha ha, V, already editing it.”
Film of the girlfriend at the hunting party, who does not want to be Miss Pass-Around, who then endures all sort of … well … you’ve already watched the original five times.
Filesize = 3.7 GB. Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC. Audio = 128 kbps, 2 Channel stereo AAC. Subtitles, yes. Hard coded, small sized.
At sixty-two minutes, Maniac has cut this pretty hard. Not to fear, what he excised were incidents and character establishing most would fast-forward through during repeat views.
The narrative holds nicely. The flourishes abide. The cliff jump, mushrooms, beer can BBQ, and blood.
Buckets and buckets of blood.
Bookending Mancini’s “Lujon” is very imaginative, setting a light tone of misdirection.

Note: Maniac has over 100 fanedits to his credit. Few romances, I’m afraid.
He is also a member of the OT community.
While his participation on the board is minimal, he does check his PMs (if his edits interest you).