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Audio Mixes used for the 2019 SE release of the Original Trilogy - any issues?
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14-Nov-2020, 5:06 AM
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15-Nov-2020, 8:45 AM
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As Lucasfilm have had some some issues with their audio mixes for previous releases of the Original Trilogy [cough 2004 DVD and 2011 blu ray releases]… has anyone noticed or reported any issues or problems with the audio mixes on the 2019 SE releases?

Additionally, are they any good?



OT•com threads on the 2019 SE releases (and them appearing on the Disney+ streaming channel):

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blu-ray•com info pages on the 2019 SE releases:

27-disc 4K UHD US version
18-disc bluray UK version (+ also the 9-disc DVD UK version)
SW single release 3 disc (4K UHD, blu ray + bonus disk) France version
ESB single release 3 disc (4K UHD, blu ray + bonus disk) Austraila version
ROTJ single release 3 disc (4K UHD, blu ray + bonus disk) German version