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Articles & info that highlight / call for a classic version release of the Original Trilogy
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26-May-2020, 6:37 PM
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13-Jun-2020, 10:16 AM
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Dear Disney - A Plea for the Unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy’:- - at the HelloGreedo youtube channel. (2015 - 4 minutes long)

Dear Disney - A Plea for the Unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy


HelloGreedo has similar feelings to many here on wanting an official release of the unaltered Original Star Wars trilogy…



A few of his other quality videos on the subject:-


JUST DO IT - Release the Original Cut of the Star Wars Trilogy’:- (2015 - 1 minute long)


RUMOR: Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy Being Release This Year - Here We Go Again’:- (2017 - 4 minutes long)


I’m Done With Unaltered Trilogy Rumors’:- (2017 - 3 minutes long)


J.J. Abrams wants the Original Theatrical versions of Star Wars, too’:- (2019 - 6 minutes long)


RUMOR - Disney Releasing the Original Cut of Star Wars’:- (2015 - 4 minutes long)


OH MY GOD IT WAS CHANGED AGAIN - “Maclunkey” - Star Wars Changes’:- (2019; re the 2019 SE Release / Disney+ changes - 7 minutes long)


Great idea for a thread, Vin 👍