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How to download projects from here?
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2-Jan-2020, 11:47 AM

oojason said:

In answer to your question, Shredder73 - you DON’T download projects on here.

What CatBus said is spot on.

We are NOT pirates - and this is not a torrent or download site.

We ❤️ Star Wars and give it all the moneys. Please don’t sue us.’ - this applies for every Fan Edit on here (not just for Star Wars releases) - we pay for the official film/tv/media release beforehand; via purchasing the blu ray or digital download etc.

Patience is also key… take the time to look around the site and read up on how the site works - and doesn’t…

Threads such as these links below will provide you with quite a bit of information, help and assistance:-

Welcome to the; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within…

‘How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries

About : Help : Forum Rules and Guidelines : Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ

As well as reading up on some of the more popular project threads on here…

It is indeed a fair bit of info to take in - though reading through these threads will also hopefully give you a clear understanding of what the site is about - and what it isn’t…

Good luck with it 😃

Oh I thought then this website is also downloading all kinds of Fan edits
Thanks still for the explanation