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The Star Wars Fan Films / Shorts thread
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27-Apr-2018, 1:32 PM
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Some useful Star Wars Fan Film articles / links…

The SW•com Fan Award Site : The Star Wars Fan Film Awards - Wiki Page

Star Wars Fan Films Good Enough to Be Canon’ - from CheatSheet•com

The Force Is Strong With These 12 Star Wars Fan Films’ - from fortressofsolitude•co•za

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Obviously your online search engine of choice - and video sites like youtube, vimeo & dailymotion etc are useful too.

Quality sites like these - & - featuring many Star Wars fan films, are out there…

as well as informative and insightful youtube videos like this…

szapacost’s Fan-Made Star Wars videos found on Youtube and similar sites thread.



a few Star Wars Fan Films I liked / intrigued me (am not a big fan of long swirly lightsabre battle scenes in fan films)…

One day I’ll become…’ - by Roman Gregorička, at

STAR WARS: Echoes Of The Past’ - by Andrei Terbea, at

TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story’ - by Samtubia & Samgoma Edwards, at

TK630 - A Star Wars Fan Film’ - by Brendan H. Banks, at

Jakku: First Wave’ - by Benjamin Eck, at

Rebel Scum’ - by Blood Brother Cinema Co., at

ODYSSEY: A Star Wars Story (2018 Fan Film)’ - by MAV Films, at

BUCKETHEADS: A Star Wars Story’ - by Transmute Pictures, at

BOUNTY HUNT’ - by Sava Zivkovic (1m 30s - NSFW), at - NSFW

VADER: A Star Wars Story’ trailer - by FlamingoIsland, at

Kylo Ren vs. Darth Vader’ - by SeizeTheFrame, at

TIE Fighter - short film’ - by OtaKing77077, at

Star Wars MegaMix’ - by Daz Tibbles, at

Dark Legacy’ - by Anthony Pietromonaco, at

Days Past - A Star Wars Fan Film’ - by Side Project Studios, at

Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story’ - by Escape Velocity Content, at

a feel-good lighthearted Star Wars Fan Film for us oldies / softies - with kids or grandkids, nephews and nieces etc:-

Star Wars: Generations’ - by DonBittersIII, at



In answer to the OP… I really enjoyed watching that; the creator of it is indeed correct - it does feel more relevant since TLJ was later released and featured similar themes. I love that ‘simple’ style of animation too - nice one, cheers for posting - and also creating this thread ⭐️