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All Things Star Trek

Warbler said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

Warbler said:

These are not Klingons.

These are Klingons.


I knew someone was going to bring that up. Clearly when they were doing TOS they didn’t have the capability to make Klingons look like they do in the movies and nextgen and the rest of the tv series’. They eventually explained the difference in appearance in Enterprise. They have not as far as I know explained the appearance of Klingons in Discovery. With the history of the change in the appearance in the cannon already, any attempt to explain this new change in appearance will be far fetched. The change was unnecessary. One could argue the appear of Klingons in TOS looked cheap and clearly they did not have the budget or the capabilities to make Klingons look how the should. The same is not so of the movies and nextgen and the rest of the series’ If they had wanted, they could have make the Klingons look like they do in Discovery. The look of Klingons in the movies and nextgen and the other series’s has become iconic. There was no need to change them. What is next? Giving Vulcans and Romulans square ears instead of the iconic pointed ones? Finally in my opinion, the nextgen Klingons just look better.

Too long, didn’t read.

Point is – aside from the Klingons in The Undiscovered Country – all TNG+ Klingons have sucked. And that’s all due to their characterization, not their makeup.

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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Divergent Edition)


A glowing fire dances in the centre of the spartan, low-ceilinged room, creating a kaleidoscope of shadows on the walls. Along one side, a group of ten Ewok elders flank Chief Chirpa, who sits on his throne. The Rebels sit along the walls of the hut, with Threepio between the two groups and Wicket and Teebo off to one side.

Threepio is in the midst of a long, animated speech in the Ewok’s squeaky native tongue. The Ewoks listen carefully and occasionally murmur comments to each other. Threepio points several times at the Rebel group and pantomimes a short history of the Galactic Civil War, mimicking the explosion and rocket sounds, imitating Imperial walkers. Throughout the long account, certain familiar names are distinguishable: Princess Leia, Artoo, Darth Vader, Death Star, Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Artoo begins beeping excitedly at Threepio.

C-3PO: Yes, Artoo. I was just coming to that.

Threepio continues with: Millennium Falcon, Cloud City, Vader, Han Solo, carbonite, Sarlacc, bringing the history up to the present time.

At the end of it, the chief, Logray, and the elders confer, then nod in agreement. The chief stands and makes a pronouncement.

C-3PO: (disappointed) Chief Chirpa says it’s a very moving account, but it really has nothing to do with Ewoks.

A deep silence fills the chamber. The heroes look at each other with worry. Finally, Han stands up and faces the Ewoks.

HAN: Tell them this, Goldenrod …

Han continues to speak, as Threepio translates it for the tribe.

HAN: They shouldn’t help us 'cause we’re asking ‘em to. They shouldn’t even help us ‘cause it’s in their best interests to -– even though it is, you know. Just for one example, the Empire’s tappin’ a lot of energy out of this moon to generate that deflector shield, and I mean you’re gonna be hurtin’ … but never mind that. Tell 'em, Threepio. (beat) But that’s not why they should help us. That’s why I used to do stuff, because it was in my interest. But not anymore. (beat) Well, not so much, anyway. (beat) Mostly I do things for my friends now – 'cause what else is so important? Money? Power? Jabba had that, and you know what happened to him. (beat) The point is, your friends are … your friends. You know?

Leia’s eyes fill with tears at Han’s plea. The Ewoks remain silent, impassive. Han sits down, and Luke stands up.

LUKE: I realize this concept may be hard for you to understand – may be difficult to draw these connections – but it’s terribly important for the entire known Galaxy, for our Rebel force to destroy the Imperial presence here on Endor. (looks up) Look up, there, through the smoke hole in the roof. Just through that tiny hole, you can count a hundred stars. In the whole sky there are millions, and billions more you can’t even see. And they all have planets, and moons, and people just like you. And the Empire is destroying all of that. (beat) You can … you could get dizzy just lying on your back and staring up at all the starshine. You could almost explode … explode, it’s so beautiful sometimes. And you’re part of the beauty. It’s all part of the same Force. And the Empire is trying to turn out the lights.

There is extensive squawking amongst the Ewoks; however, they don’t seem quite convinced. Leia gets to her feet.

LEIA: Do it for the trees.

The Ewoks glance at each other, stunned by that simple phrase. Suddenly Wicket leaps to his feet. He turns and faces the council, giving an impassioned speech.

THREEPIO: (translating) Honorable Elders, we have this night received a perilous, wondrous gift. The gift of freedom. These Green Ones tell us they will not be our masters, tell us we are free to choose as we will – that we must choose; as all living things must choose our own destiny. They have come, Honourable Elders, and they will go. We may never be slaves to their guidance. We are free. (beat) Yet how must we comport ourselves? Is an Ewok’s love of the wood any less because he can leave it? No -– his love is more, because he can leave it, yet he stays. So it is with the voice of the Green Ones: we can close our eyes, yet we listen. (beat) His friends tell us of a Force, a great living spirit, of which we are all a part, even as the leaves are are things separate yet part of the tree. We know this spirit, Honourable Elders, though we call it not the Force. The Green Ones tell us this Force is in great jeopardy, here and everywhere. When the fire reaches the forest, who is safe? Not even the Great Tree of which all things are part; nor its leaves, nor its roots, nor its birds. All are in peril, forever and ever. (beat) It is a brave thing to confront such a fire, Honourable Elders. Many will die, so that the forest lives on. But the Ewoks are brave. (beat) Honourable Elders, we must aid this noble party not less for the trees, but more for the sake of the leaves on the trees. These Rebels are like the Ewoks, who are like the leaves. Battered by the wind, eaten without thought by the tumult of locusts that inhabit the world – yet do we throw ourselves on smouldering fires, that another may know the warmth of light; yet do we make a soft bed of ourselves, that another may know rest; yet do we swirl in the wind that assails us, to send the fear of chaos into the hearts of our enemies; yet do we change colour, even as the season calls upon us to change. So must we help our leaf-brothers, these Rebels – for so has come a season of change upon us.

The elders are visibly moved by this. They finally nod in agreement.

HAN: What’s going on?

LEIA: (shakes head) I don’t know.

Chief Chirpa stands and gives another pronouncement.

C-3PO: Wonderful! We are now a part of the tribe.

The drums begin to sound, and all the Ewoks stand with a great cheer and screeches. Several of the short primates run up and hug the Rebels.

HAN: Just what I always wanted.

Luke has been sharing the joy with smiling visage, but now something passes like a dark cloud through his consciousness. Drifting to the back of the hut, he wanders outside into the moonlight. Leia notices and follows.

HAN: Well, short help is better than no help at all, Chewie.

C-3PO: He says the scouts are going to show us the quickest way to the shield generator.

HAN: Good. How far is it?

Threepio stands there silently.

HAN: Ask him.

Threepio begins to ask the chief.

HAN: (interrupts) We need some fresh supplies, too.

Threepio turns back to the chief.

HAN: (interrupts) And try and get our weapons back.

Threepio turns back to the chief.

HAN: (interrupts) Hurry up, will ya? I haven’t got all day.


The walkways are deserted now. The windows of the little huts glow and flicker from the fires inside. The sounds of the forest fill the soft night air. Luke has wandered away from the chief’s hut and stands staring up at the Death Star II. Leia finds him like that.

LEIA: Luke, what’s wrong?

Luke turns and looks at her a long moment.

LUKE: Leia … do you remember your mother? Your real mother?

LEIA: Just a little bit. She died when I was very young.

LUKE: What do you remember?

LEIA: Just … images, really. Feelings.

LUKE: Tell me.

LEIA: (a little surprised at his insistence) She was very beautiful. Kind, but … sad. (looks up) Why are you asking me this?

He looks away.

LUKE: (sad) I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her.

LEIA: (concerned) Luke, tell me. What’s troubling you?

LUKE: (faces her) Vader is here, now, on this moon.

LEIA: (alarmed) How do you know?

LUKE: I felt his presence. He’s come for me. He can feel when I’m near. That’s why I have to go. As long as I stay, I’m endangering the group and our mission here. (beat) I have to face him.

Leia is distraught, confused.

LEIA: Why?

Luke moves close and his manner is gentle and very calm.

LUKE: He’s my father.

LEIA: (cringes) Your father?

LUKE: There’s more. It won’t be easy for you to hear it, but you must. If I don’t make it back, you’re the only hope for the Alliance.

Leia is very disturbed by this. She moves away, as if to deny it.

LEIA: Luke, don’t talk that way. You have a power I-I don’t understand and could never have.

LUKE: You’re wrong, Leia. You have that power too. In time you’ll learn to use it as I have. (beat) The Force is strong in my family. My father has it … I have it … and … my sister has it.

Leia stares into his eyes. What she sees there frightens her, but she doesn’t draw away. She begins to understand.

LUKE: You know why I have to face him.

LEIA: No! Luke, run away – far away. If he can feel your presence, then leave this place. I wish I could go with you.

LUKE: No, you don’t. You’ve always been strong.

LEIA: But why must you confront him?

LUKE: Maybe I can save him. Maybe I can turn him back to the light side. (beat) I have to try.

They hold each other close and look at each other. Leia holds back her tears as Luke then slowly lets her go and moves away. He disappears onto the walkway that leads out of the village. Leia, bathed in moonlight, watches him go as Han comes out of the chief’s hut and comes over to her. Leia is crying, her body trembling. He realizes only now that she is crying.

HAN: Hey, what’s goin’ on?

Leia attempts to stifle her sobs and wipes her eyes.

LEIA: Nothing. I-I just want to be alone for a little while.

HAN: Nothing? C’mon, tell me. What’s goin’ on?

She looks up at him, struggling to control herself.

LEIA: I-I can’t tell you.

HAN: (exasperated) Ahhh….

He starts to walk away, then stops and walks back to her.

HAN: I’m sorry.

LEIA: Hold me.

Han gathers her tightly in his protective embrace.


The ST 321 floats down from space and lands gracefully on the huge platform. Concurrently, an AT-AT walker approaches the platform from the darkness of the forest. The whole outpost – platform, walkers, military – looks particularly offensive in the midst of this verdant beauty.


Darth Vader as he walks down the ramp of the shuttle onto the platform.


Vader takes a turbolift down to a lower level. Walking to the opposite end of the deck, he is met by an Imperial commander and three stormtroopers with Luke, in binders, at their centre. The young Jedi gazes at Vader with complete calm.

COMMANDER: This is the Rebel who surrendered to us. Although he denies it, I believe there may be more of them, and I request permission to conduct a further search of the area. He was armed only with this.

The commander extends his hand, revealing Luke’s lightsaber. Vader takes the weapon from the commander’s hand.

DARTH VADER: Good work, Commander. Leave us. Conduct your search and bring his companions to me.

COMMANDER: Yes, milord.

The officer and troops withdraw. Vader and Luke are left alone, the oddly tranquil beauty of the place surrounding them, the sounds of the forest filtering in upon them.

Together, father and son cross the deck.

DARTH VADER: The emperor has been expecting you.

LUKE: I know, Father.

DARTH VADER: So, you have accepted the truth.

LUKE: I’ve accepted the truth that you were once Anakin Skywalker, my father.

DARTH VADER: (turns to Luke) That name no longer has any meaning for me.

LUKE: It is the name of your true self. You’ve only forgotten.

Vader looks down from Luke to the lightsaber in his own black-gloved hand. Vader ignites the lightsaber and holds it to examine its humming, brilliant verdant blade.

DARTH VADER: I see you have constructed a new lightsaber. (beat) Your skills are complete.

Vader extinguishes the lightsaber, then turns away from Luke.

DARTH VADER: Indeed, you are powerful as the emperor has foreseen.

LUKE: Is there any good in you, or has the emperor driven it from you fully?

DARTH VADER: Palpatine had promised an order for the Galaxy, a vision for the future I had believed in and fought for. That promised future is now, and the promise has been broken. (turns to Luke) The Empire has brought more chaos than it has order. Together, we will correct its course.

LUKE: I will not turn, and you’ll be forced to kill me.

DARTH VADER: That is not your destiny.

LUKE: (approaches Vader) Search your feelings, Father. You can’t do this. I feel the conflict within you! Let go of your lust!

Vader signals to a pair of hidden stormtroopers, who emerge from the turbolift.

DARTH VADER: The emperor will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now.

He and Luke stand staring at one another for a long moment.

LUKE: Then my father is truly dead.

The stormtroopers escort Luke into the turbolift. They are gone, leaving the Dark Lord of the Sith alone with his thoughts.

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How do you feel about the saga continuing without Palpatine?

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

Anakin Starkiller said:

YodaFan67 said:

[replying to original post]
I don’t really care. All it really does is prove that George was wrong about Star Wars being some super big planned out epic. Turns out its just a serial, always more of the same. Beat one bad guy, move onto the next.

I could go on and on.

Yoda is a puppet, yoda is a cartoon. Ben Kenobi sounds like a fucking boss, Ben Kenobi sounds like a fucking synthesizer. The Emperor is a monkey, the Emperor is a human. Cloud City has no windows, Cloud City has windows. Lando says ‘attention’ once, Lando says ‘attention’ twice. . . .

It’s confirmed. Lucas is David Lynch’s Black Lodge doppelganger.

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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Divergent Edition)


Hours have passed. The sun now hangs low in the sky, painting the firmament gold.

Han, Luke, Chewie, and the two ‘droids are spread out as they move through the campsite. Though traces of the Imperial presence and the battle here can still be found, the Imperials’ equipment – and more disconcertingly, the Imperials themselves – have vanished. Luke finds Leia’s helmet and picks it up, an expression of concern on his face.

HAN: (O.C.) Luke! Luke!

Luke runs with the helmet to where Han has found the charred wreckage of the speeder bikes in the grass.

C-3PO: Oh, Master Luke.

LUKE: I found this.

He tosses the helmet to Han.

C-3PO: I’m afraid that Artoo’s sensors can find no trace of Princess Leia.

HAN: (grave) I hope she’s alright.

Chewbacca growls, sniffing the air, then, with a bark, pushes off through the foliage.

HAN: What, Chewie? What, Chewie‽

The others rush to keep up with the giant Wookiee. As he scoots along, Artoo whistles nervously.


The group has reached a break in the undergrowth. Chewie walks up to a tall stake planted in the ground. There, hanging from it by the neck, quite dead, is the scout commander.

The rest of the group joins the Wookiee around the stake. Chewie can’t resist. He reaches for the body.

LUKE: (alarmed) Chewie, wa-wait! Don’t!

Too late. The Wookiee has already pulled the Imperial from the stake. SPROOING! The group finds itself hanging upside down in an Ewok net, suspended high above the clearing. Artoo lets out a wild series of beeps and whistles, and Chewie howls his regret. Their bodies are a jumble in the net. Han removes a Wookiee paw from his mouth.

HAN: Nice work. Great, Chewie! Great!

LUKE: Will you take it easy‽ Let’s just figure out a way to get out of this thing! (trying to free arm) Han, can you reach my lightsaber‽

HAN: Yeah! Sure!

Artoo is at the bottommost point in the net. He extends his saw and begins cutting at the net. Han is trying to squeeze an arm past Threepio to get at Luke’s lightsaber. The net continues to spin.

C-3PO: Artoo, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. It’s a very long drooop!

Artoo has cut through and the entire group tumbles out of the net, crashing to the ground.

As the five Rebels regain their senses and sit up, DOZENS OF COMPACT FIGURES hidden high up on the trunks and in the branches of the trees surrounding them drop to the ground. They are members of an EWOK WAR PARTY. These Ewoks – dressed in animal skins, decorated with feathers and jewellery made from teeth and small bones, some protected in pieces of captured scout and stormtrooper armour, all brandishing spears – move in upon their Human, Wookiee, and robot captives.

HAN: Hey! Point that thing someplace else!

Han pushes the spear wielded by TEEBO out of his face and a second Ewok warrior comes up to argue with Teebo. The spear returns to Han’s face.

HAN: Hey!

He grabs the shaft angrily and goes for his blaster.

LUKE: (grabs Han’s wrist) Han, don’t. It’ll be alright.

The Ewoks swarm through them and confiscate their weapons. Luke lets them take his lightsaber. Chewie growls at the furry critters.

LUKE: Chewie, give 'em your crossbow.

Artoo and Threepio are just untangling themselves. Threepio gets free of the net and sits up, rattled.

C-3PO: Oh, my head.

When the Ewoks see Threepio, they let out a gasp and chatter among themselves.

C-3PO: Oh, my goodness!

Threepio speaks to them in their native tongue.

LUKE: Do you understand anything they’re saying?

C-3PO: Oh, yes, Master Luke! Remember that I am fluent in over six-million forms of communication.

HAN: What are you telling them?

C-3PO: Hello, I think. I could be mistaken. They’re using a very primitive dialect.


A procession of Ewoks winds through the ever-darkening forest. Their prisoners are tied to long poles. Each pole is carried on the shoulders of several Ewoks.

HAN: (to C-3PO; frustrated) Why don’t you use your lingual prowess and get us out of this?

C-3PO: I beg your pardon, Capt. Solo. I have tried, but I do believe they think I am some sort of forest demon.

HAN: Forest demon‽


The procession moves along a shaky, narrow, wooden walkway high in the giant trees. It stops at the end of the walkway, which drops off into nothingness. On the other side of the abyss is a village of mud huts and rickety walkways, attached to the giant trees. The lead Ewok takes hold of a long vine and swings across to the village square; the other Ewoks follow suit.


The procession winds its way into the village square. Totems decorated with Human skulls and trooper helmets are set along the perimetre. Skins harvested from hapless Imperials are stretched over wooden racks to tan. The group stops before the largest hut.

Han, Luke, Chewie, and the 'droids are still bound to their poles. Han is placed on a spit above what looks like a barbecue pit and the others are leaned against a tree nearby.

HAN: I have a really bad feeling about this.

Chewie growls his concern.

Suddenly all activity stops as LOGRAY, the tribal medicine man, comes out of the big hut. He examines the captives carefully then goes to join Threepio. A larger Ewok, CHIEF CHIRPA, is examining Luke’s lightsaber with great curiosity.

Logray speaks to Threepio and the assemblage of homely Ewoks, pointing to the prisoners tied to the stakes. The Ewoks begin filling the pit under Han with firewood.

HAN: What did he say?

C-3PO: (mortified) It appears we are to be the main course at a banquet in the princess’ honour.

LUKE: Princess…?

The drums start beating, and all the furry heads turn to the large hut. Leia emerges, wearing an animal-skin dress. She sees what’s happening at the same moment the prisoners see her.

HAN & LUKE: Leia!

As she moves toward them, the Ewoks block her way.

C-3PO: Your Royal Highness.

Leia looks at the assembled Ewoks and sighs.

LEIA: But these are my friends. (beat) Threepio, tell them you must be set free.

Threepio talks to Chirpa and Logray, who listen and shake their heads negatively. The medicine man gestures toward the prisoners and barks some orders. Several Ewoks jump up and pile more wood on the barbecue with vigor.

HAN: (irate) Somehow, I got the feeling that didn’t help us very much.

Leia and Luke exchange glances. The Rebel princess gets an idea.

LEIA: Threepio, tell them if they don’t do as I wish, I’ll become angry and use my magic.

C-3PO: But Your Highness, what magic? I couldn’t possibly –

LEIA: (firm) Just tell them.

Threepio speaks to the Ewoks. The Ewoks are disturbed. Logray steps forward and challenges Threepio.

C-3PO: You see, Mistress Leia; they didn’t believe me, just as I said they wouldn’t.

Luke closes his eyes and begins to concentrate. Leia rises from the ground. The Ewoks fall back in terror from the floating princess. As she raises her arms, several Ewoks are levitated into the air, beginning to spin as though they were on a revolving stool.

Chief Chirpa yells orders to the cowering Ewoks. They rush up and release the bound prisoners. Luke slowly lowers Leia to the ground, then he and Han enfold her in a group embrace. Logray orders the little 'droid cut down. Artoo crashes to the ground. When the Ewoks set him upright, the little 'droid is fighting mad. Artoo beeps a blue streak at the nearest Ewok, and begins pursuing him, finally getting close enough to zap him with an electric charge. The Ewok jumps two feet in the air and runs away, screaming. A small group of Ewoks surround the giant Wookiee, scratching their heads and marvelling at his height.

Luke: Thanks, Leia. (winks)

LEIA: (smiles) I never knew I had it in me.

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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Divergent Edition)


The shuttle comes in to land.


The stolen Imperial shuttle sits in a clearing of the moon’s dark, primeval forest, dwarfed by the ancient towering trees.

On an adjacent hill, the helmeted Rebel contingent makes its way up a steep trail. Leia and Han are slightly ahead of Chewie and Luke. The troops of the strike team squad follow, with Artoo and Threepio bringing up the rear.

Up ahead, Han and Leia reach a crest in the hill and drop suddenly to the ground, signalling the rest of the group to stop. Luke and Chewie crawl up to take a look.

C-3PO: (to Artoo) Oh, I told you it was dangerous here.

Not far below them, two IMPERIAL SCOUT TROOPERS are wandering through bushes in the valley below. Their two speeder bikes are parked nearby.

LEIA: Shall we try and go around?

HAN: It’ll take time. This whole party’ll be for nothing if they see us. (beat) Chewie and I will take care of this. You stay here.

LUKE: (stern) Quietly! There might be more of them out there.

HAN: (grins) Hey, it’s me!

Han and Chewie turn and start through the bushes toward the scouts.

LEIA: How can a man go through all the things he has and not learn any humility?

LUKE: Han’s got only two modes: frozen stiff and full speed ahead.

Luke and Leia exchange smiles.


Han sneaks up behind one of the scouts, steps on a twig and the scout whirls, knocking Han into a tree. The scout shouts for his companion.

SCOUT TROOPER #1: Go for help! Go!

The second scout jumps on his speeder bike and takes off, but Chewie gets off a shot on his bowcaster, demolishing the scout’s ride and sending him sprawling. Han and Scout #1 are in a rousing brawl.

LUKE: (sarcastic) Great. C’mon.

Luke starts for the scuffle, followed by Leia with her blaster pistol drawn. As they run through the bushes, Leia stops and points to where two more scouts are sitting on their speeder bikes, with an unoccupied bike parked nearby. Upon seeing the Rebels, the two scout troopers take off into the woods.

LEIA: Over there! Two more of them!

LUKE: I see them. Wait, Leia!

But Leia doesn’t hear him and races for the remaining speeder bike. She starts it up and takes off as Luke jumps on the bike behind her.

Luke and Leia speed into the dense foliage in hot pursuit, barely avoiding two huge trees.

HAN: Hey, wait!

Scout #1 lays a hand on Han’s shoulder. He flips the Imperial to the ground.


The two fleeing Imperial scouts have a good lead as Luke and Leia pursue through the giant trees at over 321 kilometres an hour.

LUKE: (points to controls) Quick! Jam their comlink. Centre switch!

Leia turns the switch.

LUKE: Move closer!

Leia guns it, closing the gap, as the two scouts recklessly veer through a narrow gap in the trees. One of the bikes scrapes a tree, slowing the scout.

LUKE: Get alongside that one!

Leia pulls her speeder bike up so close to the scout’s bike that their steering vanes SCRAPE noisily. Luke leaps from his bike to the back of the scout’s, grabs the trooper around the neck, SNAPS it, and throws him off the bike, into a thick tree trunk. Luke gains control of the bike and follows Leia, who has pulled ahead. They tear off after the remaining scout.

LUKE: Get him!

The speeding chase passes TWO MORE IMPERIAL SCOUTS. These two swing into pursuit, chasing Luke and Leia, firing away with their blaster cannons. The two Rebels look behind them just as Luke’s bike takes a glancing hit.

LUKE: (indicating scout trooper ahead) Keep on that one! I’ll take these two!

With Leia shooting ahead, Luke suddenly slams his steering vanes into the braking mode. Luke’s bike is a blur to the two pursuing scouts as they zip by him on either side. Luke slams his bike into forward and starts firing away, having switched places with his pursuers in a manner of seconds. Luke’s aim is good and one scout’s bike is blasted out of control. It explodes against a tree trunk.

The scout’s cohort takes one glance back at the flash and shifts into turbo drive, going even faster. Luke keeps on his tail.


Leia and the first scout.

They are doing a high-speed slalom through the death-dealing trunks. Now Leia aims her bike skyward and rises out of sight.

The scout turns in confusion, unable to see his pursuer. Suddenly, Leia dives down upon him from above, cannon blasting. The scout’s bike takes a glancing hit.

Leia moves in alongside him. The scout eyes her beside him, reaches down, and pulls out a blaster. Before Leia can react, the scout has blasted her bike, sending it out of control. Leia dives off as her bike explodes against a tree. The happy scout looks back at the explosion. But when he turns forward again, he is on a collision course with a giant fallen tree. He hits his brakes to no avail and disappears in a conflagration.


Luke and the last remaining scout.

They continue their weaving chase through the trees. Now Luke moves up close. The scout responds by slamming his bike into Luke’s. A fallen tree forms a bridge across their path. The scout zips under. Luke goes over the top and crashes his bike down on the scout’s. Both riders look ahead – a wide trunk looms directly in Luke’s path, but the scout’s bike beside him makes it almost impossible for him to avoid it. Luke banks with all his might, leaning almost horizontal over the scout’s bike, and is able to make it by, just clipping the tree. When he straightens, he and the scout discover that their two bikes have locked front vanes and are moving as one.

Another big tree looms in Luke’s path. He reacts instinctively and dives off his bike. The two bikes come apart a second before Luke’s explodes against a tree. The scout sweeps out and circles back to find Luke.

Luke rises from the undergrowth as the scout bears down on him and opens fire with his blaster cannon. Luke ignites his lightsaber and begins deflecting the bolts. The scout’s bike keeps coming and it appears that in a second it will cut Luke in half. At the last instant, Luke steps aside and chops off the bike’s control vanes with one mighty slash. The scout’s bike begins to shudder, then, pitching and rolling, it rises up to slam directly into a tree in a giant ball of fire.


Han, Chewie, and the 'droids, along with the rest of the squad, wait anxiously in the clearing. Artoo BEEPS.

C-3PO: Oh, General Solo, somebody’s coming.

Han, Chewie, and the rest of the squad raise their weapons.

Luke steps out of the foliage to find the weapons trained on him. He’s too tired to care.

HAN: Luke! Where’s Leia?

LUKE: (concerned) What? She didn’t come back?

HAN: I thought she was with you.

LUKE: We got separated.

Luke and Han exchange a silent, grim look.

LUKE: Hey, we better go look for her.

Han nods, and signals to a Rebel officer.

HAN: Take the squad ahead. We’ll meet at the shield generator at 0300.

LUKE: Come on, Artoo. We’ll need your scanners.

Luke, Chewie, Han, and the 'droids move off in one direction as the squad proceeds in another.

C-3PO: Don’t worry, Master Luke. We know what to do. (to Artoo) And you said it was pretty here.


Leia lies facedown in the grass, semi-conscious.

A scout trooper comes into view. Standing over Leia, the Imperial prods Leia with a boot. The woman groans and sits up, trying to figure out where she is and what has happened. Her clothes are torn; she’s bruised and disheveled.

SCOUT TROOPER #7: C’mon, get up!

She stands up, and the scout takes a couple steps back, blaster trained on her.

SCOUT TROOPER #7: No funny stuff. Raise 'em.

She raises her hands. The scout quickly pats her down, retrieves her blaster, then turns her around.

SCOUT TROOPER #7: (jabs her in back with blaster) Walk.


Present at this second campsite are three helmetless scout troopers. Two of them have the corpse of an EWOK – a creature which resembles a three-foot, gray bushbaby with fierce baboon-like fangs – propped up between them; the third holds a camera. As the scouts with the corpse smile for the camera, their comrade takes their snapshot.

The holograph taken, the scouts drop the body to the ground. They then stride over to a tree. Strung upside down from the tree, still alive, is another Ewok by the name of WICKET. As the Humans get near him, Wicket flails his arms at them to no avail. Laughing, the SCOUT COMMANDER and Scout #9 take turns poking and pushing the Ewok while Scout #8 takes holographs of them.

Scout #7 emerges into the clearing, Leia held at gunpoint before him.

SCOUT COMMANDER: What’s this then?

Leaving his subordinates with Wicket, the commander moves in close to Leia. Eyes hungry, examining her, he begins feeling her up. She stiffens at his touch.

SCOUT COMMANDER: (grins lasciviously) Well, if you ain’t a sweet little thing….

Leia makes eye contact with the Imperial. The ferocity behind her gaze proves strong enough to kill his libido.

SCOUT COMMANDER: (to Scout #8) Go get your ride and take her back to base.

SCOUT TROOPER #8: Yes, sir.

Scout #8 slips back into his helmet and starts toward his bike. That’s when Leia makes her move. With one hard kick to the groin, she brings the commander to his knees. She elbows Scout #7 under the chin, knocking him out. Diving for Scout #7’s blaster pistol, she shoots Scout #9 dead. Scout #8, now on his bike, takes off. Leia fires away and hits the escaping bike, causing it to crash into three others, exploding.

The forest quiet once more, Leia notices Wicket for the first time. Approaching the Ewok, Leia regards him with pity.

LEIA: Let’s see if we can’t get you down, Short Round.

Rummaging through the Imperials’ equipment, Leia soon finds a field knife. Taking the knife, she saws through the tough cord, freeing him. Landing on the ground, the Ewok quickly backs away from her, fearful and suspicious.

LEIA: I’m not gonna hurt you.

Leia looks around at the dense forest, and at the charred remains of the speeder bikes, then sits down, with a sigh, on a fallen log.

LEIA: Well, looks like I’m stuck here. Trouble is, I don’t know where here is.

She looks over at the watchful little Ewok.

LEIA: Maybe you can help me. (pats log beside her) C’mon, sit down.

Wicket picks a large stick up warily and growls at her like a puppy. Leia pats the log again.

LEIA: I promise I won’t hurt you. Now come here.

More growls and squeaks from the little primate.

LEIA: Alright. You want something to eat?

She takes a ration bar out from her utility belt and offers it to him. Wicket takes a step backward, then cocks his head and moves cautiously toward Leia, chattering in his squeaky Ewok language.

LEIA: That’s right. (takes bite) Come on. Hmmm?

Sniffing the food curiously, the Ewok comes toward Leia and sits on the log beside her, accepting the bar. As she takes her helmet off, the little creature jumps back, startled again. He runs along the log, brandishing his stick threateningly at her and chattering a blue streak. Leia holds out the helmet to him.

LEIA: Look, it’s a hat. It’s not gonna hurt you. Look.

Reassured, Wicket lowers his stick and climbs back on the log, coming to investigate the helmet. Once he has satisfied his curiosity, Wicket regards Leia with new respect, mumbling his awe. Leia stands back up, looks around, then motions the wiry little creature into the dense foliage.

LEIA: C’mon, let’s get outta here.

As they move into the foliage, Wicket takes the lead. He shrieks and tugs at Leia to follow him.


Darth Vader walks down the corridor to the private turbolift which leads up to the emperor’s throne room. A pair of Royal Guards and Moff Jerjerrod stand in Vader’s path.

MOFF JERJERROD: (points at Vader) You may not enter.

Vader raises his gloved hand to the moff. As Jerjerrod begins to CHOKE, the two guards raise their force pikes, ready to strike the Dark Lord down.

MOFF JERJERROD: (choking) It is the emperor’s command!

Vader relaxes his grip.

DARTH VADER: The emperor will see me now!

MOFF JERJERROD: (nods) Very good.


Two Royal Guards stand watch at the turbolift as the door opens to reveal Vader. Vader enters the eerie, foreboding throne room. It appears to be empty. His footsteps echo as he approaches the throne. He waits, absolutely still. The emperor sits with his back to the Dark Lord.

EMPEROR PALPATINE: (irate) I told you to remain on the command ship.

DARTH VADER: A small Rebel force has penetrated the shield and landed on Endor.

EMPEROR PALPATINE: (swivels around to face Vader) Yes, I know.

DARTH VADER: My son is with them.

EMPEROR PALPATINE: (cold) Are you sure?

DARTH VADER: I have felt him.

EMPEROR PALPATINE: Strange that I have not. (beat) I wonder if your feelings on this matter are clear, Lord Vader.

Vader knows what is being asked.

DARTH VADER: They are clear.

EMPEROR PALPATINE: Then you must go to the sanctuary moon and wait for him. His compassion will be his undoing. He will come to you and then you will bring him before me.

DARTH VADER: (bows) As you wish.

Palpatine turns his chair back around.

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