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RoboCop (1987) Criterion Collection LD Audio Preservation

hello friends :-)

i finished capturing the pcm from the robocop cc cav-ld (bit-perfect), so it can be used for upcoming 4k mastered bd (january 2014). i've also captured the video at a low bitrate for easier syncing (needs ivtc).

if anyone wants to use these files for syncing to the current bd and/or upcoming bd, let me know. i wont sync it myself, so please don't contact me, if you want the synced audio.

release format

audio: 2.0 pcm 16bit 44.1khz bit-perfect capture, transcoded to flac for a smaller file size
video: ntsc sd 1mbps with ac3 audio in m2ts container

release status

ready for download
size: 1.4gb
download service: google drive - no account required

special thanks to bendermac for providing the ld.

The Dark Knight - HD Widescreen Version

was this ever brought up, to create a 2.35:1 version of the dark knight in hd? the bd only contains the imax version, while the dvd had the actual widescreen version. i personally dislike these aspect ratio changes and was hoping that warner would release a widescreen version on bd. they never did.

so how about to re-create the widescreen version, using the dvd as reference? this would be a scene-by-scene approach, as the widescreen version moves up and down within the screen.

sounds crazy enough for someone to try this?

The Matrix [spoRv] *BD-25 RELEASED*

getting the german audio for this movie shouldn't be a problem. but why would you want it? do you speak german?

increasing the bitrate helps to keep the video from creating problems in the encoding. remember, you doing a conversion from a highly compressed source (around 16.5mbps), apply color-correction to it. i would pump every possible bit into the video to keep the video problem free as possible.

that's why i suggested to drop all audio except english. but also not go crazy on the subs. no one needs 25 subs in all sorts of languages.

but that's just me ;)