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The Force Awakens: Official Review Thread - ** SPOILERS **

I think you guys are mistaken about Rey being hidden from Ren. I think it’s more likely that Ren is the one who dumped her on Jakku. Ren was Lukes star pupil and likely successor to lead the new Jedi order. Then baby Skywalker is born and is a force prodigy. Ren is pissy about being cast aside and hooks up with Snoke. He’s ordered to wipe out the Jedi order and bring the Skywalker child to Snoke. He decides to kill her instead because he doesn’t want to be second fiddle again but can’t follow through, so instead ditches her on a random planet. She doesn’t remember any of this yet.

Kylo Rens reaction to hearing about the Jakku escape and fear when she starts to realize her force powers make no sense unless they have history, and his inferiority complex makes no sense unless he’s been cast aside before in favor of Rey. It also would completely ruin Luke’s character for me if he abandoned Rey to the same life he had been stuck in, and then gave up fighting for good.

Star Wars Ring Theory

Frank your Majesty said:

I've read only the first page so far, but the author already seems to contradict himself. He says the ending of TPM is similar to the ending of ANH, but later he claims that TPM mirrors ROTJ.

If Lucas really intended to tell his saga in a ring structure he failed to implemet it properly and he failed to make the prequels actually good movies. No matter how elaborate his plans for the structure were, the stupidity of the prequels ruins any enjoyment you could get from "understanding the larger context".

And to imperialscum: Blaming Lucas is not blaming the ice cream, it's blaming the one who made the ice cream.

 Yea, that doesn't make any sense at all. He claims Anakin and Luke are mirrors in TPM and ANH, but Anakin doesn't even show up till what, an hour into the movie? Luke had a character arc, Anakin was pretty static.

A better argument would be that Anakin is akin to the Ewoks. They're both little, static as far as character development, and generally not taken seriously, but they end up playing an unexpected role in defeating the antagonists. That would also support the ring theory bs better by linking to ROTJ.

4K restoration on Star Wars

John Doom said:

moviefreakedmind said:

Tobar said:

darklordoftech said:

If Disney ignores the prequels but keeps promoting the SEs, how are they going to explain who that ghost next to Yoda at the end of ROTJ is?

 First of all, it's still Lucasfilm, not Disney at the wheel.

Secondly, at Celebration there was a lot of prequel love. There was a clear undercurrent of resentment toward the current OT focus.

I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before it resumes infecting the rest of the franchise. It's already started in the Marvel comics.

 What were some examples of this?

-The Emperor saying:"Oh, you are truly the chosen one, Vader. Chosen to be the one RESPONSIBLE";

-Vader killing the Sand People before leaving Tatooine;


-Leia having a hallucination while looking at Queen Amidala's portrait;

This is just in Vader#1-2 and Leia#1, mind you: there are much more PT's references for sure. I didn't like them (some of them seem actually out of place), but to be fair, they kind of balanced them with other OT's references (after all, Di$ney want to reach every kind of fan).

 I think what they had in mind were some prequel oriented comics. Perhaps a Padme series? That could be exciting!

Drew Struzan? No thanks.

I would go very minimalist.

Maybe just the falcon being chased or rushing into battle, then just a small font at the bottom of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lots of empty space.

Or half of the crumpled up Vader mask on one side that fades into Kylo rens mask on the other. Stick a pair crossed lightsabers at the bottom being held by figures that we can't make out. 

Or steal a bit of iconic imagery and have the new main cast jammed into the cockpit of the falcon with looks of distress.

There's so much hype, I think a very low key poster will get the audience even more frothed up.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

AntcuFaalb said:

Anchorhead said:

Yet I'm beyond excited and completely on-board with the seventh film now that Lucas is completely uninvolved.

I am too, but it has less to do with Lucas' lack of involvement for me and more to do with the following image.


 The orange and blue color scheme bothers me...well except for red over there, and what is he doing with that hand??

Edit: Although the more I look a it, theres quite a bit of brown and yellow. Not many dye options on a desert planet I guess, but we'll see how they color grade the film.

ROTJ is the best Star Wars film... discuss!

ATMachine said:

Actually, to judge from The Making of ROTJ, quite a lot of thought was put into Luke's ultimate plans behind the whole scheme to infiltrate Jabba's palace. The problem was that almost none of it ended up conveyed on screen.

I haven't read that, but the way I interpreted the story Lukes intention was to only use violence as a last resort. First he tried to negotiate, then he tried to sneak him out, then he tried mind control, then went ham when they were about to kill him. That would show that he has developed a more Jedi like demeanor.

But if Jabba had decided to negotiate,  would he have just left the droids? Was Leia going to sneak around the palace and free Chewie and the droids too? Kind of falls apart for me there. So the best explanation ends up being "He was listening to the force", and that just seems like a cop out.

I still love the film though because I love the characters. Plot holes aren't as big of a deal when your audience cares about their well being. That's why the prequels ultimately fail as films in my opinion.

ROTJ is the best Star Wars film... discuss!

xhonzi said:

Ryan McAvoy said:

Anchorhead said:

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Dark Knight Rises.

Last Crusade and TDKR are weaker than what came before, but I have to admit they do make a decent fist of wrapping things up nicely, although there isn't any plot to wrap up in Last Crusade, as the Indy Trilogy are all self contained films. TDKR doesn't have much to wrap up either, as few characters crossover the 3 movies, although the League of Shadows storyline comes full circle.

Where as ROTJ brings all the characters from all the movies and all the threads together in one neat bow IMO

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, although excellent is just a third movie (as has been said above). It's not the conclusion of a third part story.... plus arguably it's a prequel ;-)

 I still think often about "Capital 'T'" trilogies.  I know I posted about them a few times here- but I only found this example: http://originaltrilogy.com/FORUM/topic.cfm/Act-Breaks/post/451754/

The BTS stuff for PotC2 is really interesting... they didn't write Curse of the Black Pearl to be a Trilogy opener, so they have to sort of backdoor into it to use it as part one of a proper Trilogy.  They discuss what was in it that could possibly be used to thread out into parts two and three.  Something along the lines of "let's not make sequels- let's make a Trilogy- and if there's nothing in the first movie that sustains that, then we'll just drop it."

Of course... not a trilogy anymore..


I actually consider Pirates 4 to be a sort of rewrite of 1. Most of the cast is completely new. The motivations of Jack and Barbosa change considerably from off-screen events in between 3 and 4. The Barbosa story line is new and different, he's looking for revenge and is more of a gray character than a pure villian. But Jack is back to trying to reunite with the Black Pearl as in the original film.

Oh, and an interesting tidbit on pirates 2/3. They were filmed together, and they did not have a script well into the start of production. They had a story arc, and the writers had a basic outline to do storyboards. But the writers had to tag along during filming and were often writing dialogue for scenes to be filmed the next day. So when some of the logic that the characters use to set up an upcoming scene makes no sense, that's probably why. It kind of works with Jack I guess because part of his charm is how his absurd schemes work out so well.

Jedi does this too, the plan to save Han just seems overly complex. I'd bet that the sail barge, Sarlac, and slave Leia were dreamed up first and resources were already committed to making them a reality. As a result our heroes weren't allowed to come up with a more logical strategy.

ROTJ is the best Star Wars film... discuss!

NeverarGreat said:

generalfrevious said:

Alderaan said:

If you take out Jar Jar, The Phantom Menace is the best of the prequels. Not saying much, I know.

 Well, there's Queen Amidala's ear-bleeding robot voice, Jake Lloyd's cringeworthy performance, several interminable Jedi council/senate meetings, and the overlong podrace sequence no one actually likes.

But yes TPM is the best the Prequels ever got.

Hey, don't go putting words in my mouth! The podrace scene is actually quite fun in the theatrical version of the film, even if it does go on too long. In fact, I think that the entire Tatooine segment of the film would work well on its own. I wonder if someone has done an edit starting on Tatooine from Anakin's perspective.

Annnyyywayyy, how about them Ewoks?

 Heh, go watch the phantom menace deleted scenes. It could have been even longer!

Actually, the Empire and ROtJ deleted scenes are very interesting too. Lots of cringe worthy dialogue and prequel-esque pacing. The full versions of the han/leia tunnel scene and luke/leia medical center scenes are beyond awkward.