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The Simpsons: Embiggened Edition

Chewielewis said:

Now that phantom menace is all but finished ill surely be working on it more. I’m looking for more NTSC DVDs as the ones i have are crummy PAL ones.

Not sure where you’re located but has the NA DVDs for pretty cheap usually (though right now they’re around $25 CAD/ea I bought a bunch when they dropped to $10/ea)

I also have all the season DVDs that were released (I don’t yet have Season 17) if it helps.

The Simpsons: Embiggened Edition

I’m behind this project 100%. As an avid Simpsons fanatic it interests me greatly.

I recently downloaded one of the HD iTunes rips to see how they fared, and they’re not bad, but not great. Cropped which means I’m sure it’s FXX transfers.

I ripped all my DVDs myself so that I could get the commentaries, which are fantastic, but they’re all in SD, so would love something much more cromulant.

kk650's Regraded Dunkirk (2017) (blanket yellow tint removed from blu-ray)

This looks very nice. Would love to check it out.

Is the yellow tint different from the theatrical exhibition though? I only saw it once (70mm IMAX no less) and don’t honestly remember, but it does feel VERY golden in those images and your “after” certainly looks more natural (I just wonder if its more accurate)

Captain Eo Laserdisc on Ebay

It doesn't help that so many MJ fans are completely clueless when it comes to video stuff, they'd buy it and hoard it and never be able to use it. 

Some of us would prefer to get this stuff in the hands of "experts" to share with all. Like, holy crap, how did we miss that 70mm print!?

Also curious as to how much is actually 70mm. According to IMDB it's a partial blow up (not sure of the source on that though)

Pierce Brosnan era James Bond movies

My understanding based on some first hand accounts of those who've seen them is that the films are currently be re-mastered in 4K, but for overseas use (I think some french channel wanted to air them or something)... Apparently though they didn't plan on releasing these on Bluray or anything since they were going to soon be re-doing them in 8K?

They talk about it a couple times on the James Bonding podcast. At any rate, hopefully they'll see the light of day sometime soon. I love my 007 50th Boxset but there are some flaws with it. Thankfully all my favourite films (other than Goldeneye) are in pretty good nick.


StarThoughts said:

To bring this back on topic, was there any commercial release or otherwise of Bruce Broughton's score, aside from the suite conducted by Erich Kunzel contained on the Telarc Fantastic Journey CD?

 I don't know if there was a commercial release, but I feel like I remember some of the fan sites having a score you could download.

EDIT: A ha! I thought so... Not sure the source, but it should be what you're after.!204n3DQK!hXOyHzpmwL11NklWtLSiIa7QZeSRaSxND9ppXIYtt7w

titanic said:

I wanted to ask:

I have found an HDTV version in a russian tracker.

It's 6,56 GB in size.

Does anyone know if that version is also censored?

 Not sure, but I'd guess they used the same HD master which is probably edited. Might be worth checking out.

The colour timing on the bluray is really out there, VERY cold. But it's worth it to see that incredible Man in the Mirror performance in HD.

Here's hoping they'll one day spruce up more of the MJ back catalogue in HD.