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The Exorcist (Original Theatrical Release)

Jonno said:

A conversation about the Fear of God versions here:

No mention of a +20min version at the time, I wonder what that might consist of? By the way, I can still provide the BBC broadcast version if it's useful for a project.

 It would be great if only to re-edit in the Mercedes McCambridge bits that got cut for the home video release.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail -- 1975 theatrical

Love that this is happening. The bluray is great but that scene is annoying. The dumb thing is that with seamless branching they could have made it optional on the bluray disc quite easily.

As for Graham turning to ask for his lines I believe that was from the Python Night special but I've read some places that earlier video recordings had that still in. Not sure it's true though.

I do know that the VHS I used to rent from blockbuster had the jesus christ intact, but then a DIFFERENT blockbuster had it deleted. Saved up my pennies for weeks to buy the FIRST DVD which was pretty terrible but didn't include the added 24 seconds  at Castle Anthrax. Then saved up my money AGAIN when it was re-released. Never got the three-disc edition or the various other re-releases but the Bluray was a no brainer.

Watching Life of Brian right now in fact. Great looking blu!

The Exorcist (Original Theatrical Release)

Oldfan said:

borisanddoris said:

This was released at one point.  I've got it.  It's wonderful.  

The mono track is just terrific too.  Made the film much more authentic, scary, and enjoyable.

I should say it's not without faults: the person who did this did add their own credit to the titles and credits in a way I find a bit obtrusive.  

They did restore the red WB logo too...which is a HUGE plus in my book.

This fanedit was actually discussed over on, and the general consensus was that this fanedit was terrible. I took a look at it myself, and I agree, It is sickly green, and like many others, I have a hard time believing that those were the original colors. It is highly questionable in my opinion. And the compression was awful on the mkv. He also slapped his name all over the edit - a very poor idea to feed his ego. I deleted it after just jumping around a bit.

The majority on feel that the new blue color timing is terrible on the blu-ray, and I agree. I just don't think that green is any better. I currently own the digibook blu-ray, and while I hate the blu-ray coloring, I think the green is even worse. This needs proper color timing desperately. I was hoping the recent re-release might correct it, but it's the same exact print.

Also, I hate the cgi-enhanced jump-cut at the end that they use on the alleged "theatrical" version. That shot shot be restored to the rough jump-cut as it was originally. The original logo at the beginning would be nice too. I hate it when they feel the need to use their new logo instead of the original logo seen in theatres.

 I'm with you. The green looks terrible, and until I see some cold-hard evidence that this is how it was "supposed" to look I'm going to consider it no more accurate than the bluray (which looks just fine to me, albeit a LITTLE cold). 

I skimmed it as well, loved the addition of the original warners logo but that's about it. I for one am indifferent about the jump cut since to my eyes it looks better anyways with the smoothing, but I can see how people can get nit-picky when they say it's the "theatrical cut" and that wasn't how it was originally in theatres (but it's just that, nit picking).

But that green! Yikes.

At least The Exorcist 3 "Legion" fan-edit is good! Need to get that on Blu.

The Exorcist (Original Theatrical Release)

Lets get Mark Kermode in on this. No one knows The Exorcist like that guy.

I saw a screening of an original print at the Bloor cinema in toronto. it's colours had got to the point where almost the entire film had lost it's blue and yellow channels and basically was red. but it added to the mood. saw it on halloween night. 

it was great fun. this film really is a masterpiece.

Do you think Disney will release the unaltered versions for DVD and blue ray

This *is* Disney we're talking about - a company that loves to re-release their content every few years before locking it away to screw parents.

If they think they can make a buck, I can see them doing it. And what better way to get Star Wars fans to buy the films again? A new restoration of the film as it originally appeared.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Maybe not the TRUE originals but as close to the non-SE versions as possible. At least I hope they do.

Films re-color timed on video releases

TServo2049 said:

The film was shot Academy and matted. Moonwalker was intended for theatrical release, but also for the song segments to be shown on TV as music videos. So it seems to have been shot to work in both ratios.

Usually, "open matte" home video transfers lose a tiny bit on the sides but gain more on the top and bottom. On the other hand, if the visual effects scenes are in VistaVision format, those scenes have a little bit of extra image on the top and bottom but lose a lot more on the sides. (Some examples: the Back to the Future trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Jurassic Park.)

Dream Quest did the effects for the Smooth Criminal/Mr. Big segment, and I believe they used VistaVision. If this is the case for Moonwalker, then any time there's a scene with optical effects in that section, it will be the widescreen version that has more picture info, not the full-frame.

That said, the zoomboxed-to-hell YouTube clip of Smooth Criminal sourced from the Moonwalker remaster is absolutely not representative of the actual framing of the Blu-ray release.

This is from the Blu-ray:

This is the same shot from the YouTube clip posted by "MJacksonHD":

So don't worry TylerDurden, the actual BD is not horrifically zoomboxed.

I don't think this "MJacksonHD" channel is officially sanctioned by Sony or the Jackson estate, either; it seems to be a fan. Whoever it is, the crop job is almost certainly theirs, and not an aspect of the BD transfer itself.

As to *why* that YT clip is so severely zoomed - you got me. Maybe it's some kind of trick to fool YouTube's copyright-infringement-detection-bots? I have no idea.

Thanks for the extra info... I knew that the BRD wasn't that bad since I remembered watching it and it looked fine. I can also assure you that YouTube channel is 100% un-official and probably run by a 15 year old who knows next to nothing about video quality.

I'll tell you a little secret about Jackson fans: a lot of them are idiots when it comes to tech. They all *think* they know a lot, but most of them don't. Search for HD videos of MJ on YouTube and you'll find SLEWS of poorly up-rezed videos from DVDs riddled with the term "remastered" that have had their colour timing ruined, their blacks and whites crushed, it's just an absolute mess. 

Not that the Jackson estate is much better; putting out a VHS as a DVD in celebration of Bad 25. But still, the amount of garbage put out by the fans is far more staggering.

So thanks for clearing up the info regarding the visual effects. I figured for some time it was matted theatrical but framed so it would be okay in both presentations (of course many other fans told me I was wrong).

Regardless (and sorry to derail this thread so badly): Bluray looks great, apart from a slightly cool colour shift.

Films re-color timed on video releases

TylerDurden389 said:

Another one that got a very odd re-time is Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. The bluray (which was only released in european markets but is region free and can be ordered to North America) its timed to be VERY cold. The detail level is very high, and its especially nice to see some of the old videos (namely Thriller) in HD since they have yet to get proper remasters, but the blue colour cast is distracting.

They may have remastered the pq, but it wasn't the entire picture. Do a side-by-side comparison of the old tapes (or dvd) and you'll see that they zoomed in the fullscreen video until it fit the entire widescreen window.

Pause at 0:09

Pause at 0:59


Such a shame. All that time, money and effort goes into making those sets and costumes to provide a visual depiction for us, and it's partially lost due to laziness (and greed) in the editing rooms years later.

There was some back and forth about this in the fan forums for years... it did certainly appear that the film was cropped on the top and bottom but in some other shots it appeared there was more picture information on the sides. 

So I don't think the bluray was simply a cropping of a full frame image. I think it was shot open matte. But who knows, no one actually involved with the process/film has ever weighed in. 

Here's a post I found online discussing the AR: 

IIRC there was a DVD release that was nothing more than a cropped full-frame but this appears to be legit.

Of course it *is* the UK edit of the film which means it's been censored. So it's got that against it. 

Films re-color timed on video releases

rockin said:

The new remastered Se7en in blu-ray looks closer to the Criterion LD and DVD. The first blu-ray edition had framing problems and the colours weren't quite right either from memory.

Ah yes, I forgot about that terrible Alliance Bluray release. I remember reading all about the new line DVD and how it was sourced from one of the special prints. As someone who never saw the film in the theatre though I don't really know what to expect, but it always looked stellar to me. 

I must admit, it's pretty shocking the number of botched bluray releases. Considering the format seems to be designed more for film purists than your average consumer you'd think more time and care would be put into the releases. I remember reading about the horrific mastering of Gladiator the first go around that was so bad the studio had to recall all the discs. And of course the infamous Lord of the Rings mess up that people are trying to rectify (also surprised they haven't gone back to recall those).

Of course, there's also no accounting for taste as in the case of French Connection. Friedkin went back and RUINED the film with his terrible colour timing. But again, after enough complaints (including those from the DP himself) they went back and fixed it and released a new BD (albeit with little to no fanfare).

Another one that got a very odd re-time is Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. The bluray (which was only released in european markets but is region free and can be ordered to North America) its timed to be VERY cold. The detail level is very high, and its especially nice to see some of the old videos (namely Thriller) in HD since they have yet to get proper remasters, but the blue colour cast is distracting.