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DVD Labels
Originally posted by: scalesojustice

yeah, but stick on labels are $16...

Actually they cost way more if the dvd fails. Which it will and did.

Why ask this question when you are obviously planning to continue to use the stick-on labels? Are you waiting for some one to reassure you that your disc failure problem is an isolated case? It is not. It is a well known fact that stick-on labels ruin discs and I also know this from experience.

Hub printable media cost about $0.40 a disc at most. Here is a deal for .27 each disc Taiyo Yuden 4x injet hub printable 100 pack

Taiyo Yuden are considered the best media you can buy.

Printer cost under $100 with rebate. Epson or canon(with eprom hack)

So for a total cost of about $.50 a disc, you get very professional looking DVD and they will last.

Your initial costs will be more but in the long run it is worth it, trust me. I was in your same position a couple of years ago until someone set me straight. Now I can't believe I ever used stick-on labels.

DVD Labels
Do not use labels! They will ruin your disc eventually, sometimes very quickly.

Get yourself a printer that prints on cds & dvds. Pick up some hub printable DVD-Rs. Join a website like and get some labels or make our own labels in photoshop.

Use krylon #1305 UV resistant coating to seal the ink on the disc.

Finally enjoy your dvds for many years to come.

Let me make it perfectly clear: DO NOT USE FREAKING STICK ON LABELS!
How do you report illegal solds on eBay?
It never really bothered me.

I bought the original tr47 bootlegs for $25. I did not mind paying it. I got what I wanted and I felt it was a fair price.

At the time I did not have high speed access or bittorrent and had not found this site.

You have to remember that some people have more money than time or knowledge.

Things are worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If someone pays $100 for a set and he is satisfied, then it was worth it for him.

For example, Airline seats: The person next to you on your flight more than likely did not pay the same price for his seat as you did. Does it make the flight any less satisfying?

I say relax. Once you have posted something on the internet, it becomes community property. If you want to truely own your work, DO NOT release it on the internet. What others do with it or to it from there, you really don't have any control over, nor should you.

If you make the best SW DVD cover ever and there is no one to admire your work, did you really create it?

I would feel proud that someone felt that my custom cover was the one they thought would sell their product the best.

Since we do not own or have any legal rights associated with the SW films or its images, we should do it all for personal glory and satisfaction. So let it be...
.: The XØ Project - Laserdisc on Steroids :. (SEE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES)
The matte lines are by far the most annoying part about the original films. The are also the most distracting. Everything else I can live with.

Although they supposedly removed them in the newest DVD release, there are still places where I can clearly see them. I do not remember seeing them in the theater when I first saw SW. IT was only when I saw it on LD that I noticed the mattes.

I am with Rob, vote to remove them

God, I hate those things.
Printing out DVD Labels
You can also upload stuff to gain access.

Cover scans. Disk labels. Custom created label is what they like best.

Scaramanga is one there. His covers are in your Star wars covers torrent. Some of the stuff is awesome.

They are getting ready to expand the server so uploading is a problem right now. Just upload jpgs of your work in the Proving Grounds and they will look it over and give you the yea or nah!