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Highlander II - The ZEIST Collection (Released)

some notes on the other releases...

first off "good job". the special features on the dvd9 set are pretty cool. i have no idea how you got the score for the movie, but that inclusion of it makes the release a must have :)
if there is any chance to get the original, untouched files of the score, that would be super awesome.
the trailers on your dvd are also pretty nice. i only had the trailer from the blu-ray and it was aweful, with a huge amount of red in it. i tried to fix it but i was never able to do so. it felt like a color channel was missing. now your vision fixed that issue. so thanks for that.

while i prefer the final director's cut over the old versions, it's actually very nice to have these other cuts in good quality as well. it shows how much a movie can change, to the better or worse.

so a big thanks to everyone involved in making these releases possible :)

Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Released)

i just sampled this release and boy... it looks overall pretty freaking good. will watch it over weekend in full length.

but a tiny thing i may say i didn't like at first glance. the picture is a bit too dark. some of the details are swallowed up in the dark areas. maybe it was the stock, maybe that's how the film should look or maybe the settings for color correction where a bit off. anyone can comment on this matter.

but other then that, it looks much better then anything we could've hoped for. great job tn1 :)

btw, adding those trailers was a nice touch. i hope you will add more star wars trailers, in scope if possible, to the upcoming movies :)

The Audio Preservation Thread

digitalfreaknyc said:

zeropc said:

anyone has jaws 2?

the bd is in the talks for quite some time. but will it contain the original mono? who knows. besides, there are some hd releases we could use it on :)

so a unsynced ld audio of this movie would be sweet :D

and for the sake of... jaws 3 and 4 too ;)

This would be awesome! Are there HD "releases" of 2/3/revenge?

The only 1080i/p ones I know of are from Vudu.


jaws 2: i have it 1080p oar. also available on itunes in hd

jaws 3: a 1080i oar version exist. it's a cap from around 2007. i don't have it. also available on itunes in hd

jaws 4: available on itunes in hd

Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Released)

team_negative1 said:

Also, about the 25G vs 50G versions, yes it would be possible, we'll see what happens when we get to the end point. The distribution of it online gets unwieldy with those sizes though.

Team Negative1

 usenet = no size limit & long life time span until gone forever.

mega.co.nz = currently a great sharing platform. free accounts hold 50gb and have great download speed. sharing files is easy too. get the link and import into your own mega account.

so a 50gb version wouldn't be the impossible thing, right :)

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (1966) remastered mono track (for 4K restoration + Mondo IT) (Released)

TheHutt said:

zeropc said:

how about a v3?

i might be able to provide the lossless mono from the italian bd. can say more tomorrow :)

Now what would be the purpose of that? :)

 As for synching my mono track to Mondo - I'd rather do it myself.

 well.... you used the itialian audio on your reconstruction. since your source was a lossy audio file, i thought using a lossles audio would improve the overall quality, right?

just let me know if you want it and i'll upload it for you :)