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FanFiltration's Release & Feedback Thread
Star Wars *mystery project*
This is 45% done, and I still don't want to let the cat out of the bag on this one. This DVD project is something that has not been done by anyone in the fan community yet. **It's focus is on Episode 4**

Wait, wait, let me guess...

"The Phantom Menace: How George Lucas Took the Greatest Science Fiction Trilogy Ever and Single-Handedly Flushed It Down the Toilet."

Edit: Oh wait, forgot, it focuses on Ep 4, not Ep 1. Well, there's a fantastic idea there for the taking.
Star Trek V - Re-Edit (InThyImage) (Released)
Originally posted by: Jaiman Tuckuh
(Off Topic)

Correction, I was thinking of a reference to "Planet of the Apes - The Twilight Zone Edit" or "Twilight Zone - the Planet of the Apes edit", or words to that effect, mentioned on the NewVoyages forum. Jack Marshall didn't do that one, apparently. Anyone heard of it?

Yup, just watched it a couple days ago. It can be downloaded here:

As far as I know, it was only released as a crummy-quality quicktime movie. But something is better than nothing
I really like what you did--great job.

There are just two issues I have with it:

1) In the beginning, the echo effects are a little strong on Jar-El's voice, so between that and the background music, it's a little hard to understand what he's saying. But I really like the presentation, with that stirring music that is playing, and Jar-El sounding sort of ghostly. Just tone down the echo a touch.

2) In the trial with Zod, you hear him say "Join us," and then you cut to Jar-El calling down the crystal--it'd be nice if you cut out the "Join us" altogether. It'd be nice to see more of that scene, but it would just make the credits run too long, and just having the "join us" feels a little odd, because we don't actually see Zod say it.

3) The credits run a little long, and the voice overs (like where Lois is freaked out when Superman catchs her) are kind of distracting. You could cut around the part where her mouth is moving, and it would look great with the background music playing, and then cutting to the newspapers without the voice-over from the newspaper editor.

But overall--absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Very, very nice job.
Idea: a 2005 King Kong edit...
Catofong, I've seen the DVD. The issue is the source material--no matter how good of a transfer you do, the source material is crap. The movie is 72 years old, so it's grainy AS HELL. As I said before, we have no high-resolution material to work with, simply because it was shot in 1933. Secondly, there is absolutely no way to integrate the old natives into the new DVD, even if the source material for the 1933 film were in good shape. They would stick out like a sore thumb.

If you think I'm just crazy, why don't you try it? You'll figure out a whole lot quicker that way.
Idea: a 2005 King Kong edit...
catofong: That's a really interesting article, but you've missed the details, as it doesn't work in the case of King Kong, for obvious reasons.

In the case of the article, the 3 Dr Who eps were originally produced in color. BBC retained high quality black and white copies, but destroyed their color copies. Only lower quality consumer copies existed of the color broadcasts. So they basically laid the color copy over the black and white quality, allowing the eye to see the detail of the B & W, but with the color from the less-sharp consumer tapes.

Here's the problem:

King Kong was filmed more than 70 years ago, in black and white. They weren't filming in color at the time. Secondly, there are no high quality black and white copies, because the original copies have an inherent fuzziness to them, because that's the quality that was available at the time. So we have no high quality black and white version, and we have no color version AT ALL. A few years ago, a colorized version was produced, but it has the fuzziness of the black and white version, and the colors have a somewhat washed out quality to them. If you tried to put the 1933 colorized natives in the 2005 King Kong, it would look like hell. You couldn't color correct them and adjust the image so that they fitted in. Compare the two images below (the first is from the 2005 film, the second from a colorized print of the 1933 film):

In the 2005 film, the natives are always darkly lit, their faces are seen in detail, etc etc. Notice the quality difference in the images. Could you slap the dude with the feathers into that second image of the cave, or any of the other native scenes, and not make him stick out like a sore thumb? No.


The 2005 film is pretty much a scene for scene reconstruction of the original film. Jackson liked the 1933 film a lot, and so I guess he felt that he couldn't disrespect the film, just for the sake of being PC. And actually, Jackson's depiction of the natives wasn't all that far off from the look of the aboriginal tribes up to shortly before WW2.
Idea: a 2005 King Kong edit...
Originally posted by: catofong
Personally I thought that the natives in the new film kinda sucked ,
in my opinion that look like mutant zombes from some sort M. rated video game.
If one could use the 1933 natives and comp them into the new version
but that would require rotoscoping in a pseudo green screen
frame by frame so that one could remove
the old backround

Don't ask for much, do you?

That would be insanely complex, as the old natives wouldn't look like they were reacting to the people in the new film. Secondly, the original Kong film isn't in very good shape, so the contrast between the old (not to mention black-and-white) natives vs the new material would be really, really jarring. Also, the old natives are pretty goofy looking too.

Oh, and I did look at the colorized version of the old Kong movie--the image quality is still pretty rough.