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a new hope, adding visual effects, emotion and more character (a WIP)

Artan42 said:

Maybe brighten up those recessed lights slightly and make them more blue than white. You’ll still have the darkened foreground but it might be easier to see into the room.

Thanks for the idea 😃
I’ve been very careful not to blow up the lights too bright throughout what I’ve done so far. I despise flat lights XD
In this scene too, I feel it would introduce too much contrast, where my goal was to keep the contrast at what I feel is a comfortable level. I have been thinking on this though and I realised that the only parts of this scene I have shown are those parts where vader’s power has caused the lights to dim. here is a screenshot of the very start of this scene. I hope this allays any concerns about the grade for this scene.

EddieDean said:

I think a lot of the technical changes you plan for here sound really sensible.

Intending for this to be helpful feedback rather than criticism, however, personally I have a couple of issues with the colour grade which you might want to look into. Firstly, to me, your grading looks like it’s putting a brown/grey filter over everything, which I think is detrimental. Secondly, I think the filter is particularly affecting your human fleshtones, which I think look quite pallid, giving the characters pale skin and pinkness around the eyes.

As I say - not intending to criticise your work at all, merely offering that up in case it helps you tweak to achieve your desired effect.

There’s nothing wrong with criticism, it helps us all learn and grow. 😃
Thanks for your view on this. I have to say first off that there’s most certainly a lot more work gone into this and I’m sure your intention was not to downplay that at all, but I feel I need to show the HDR source I am working from.

from the HDR source, I apply a LUT that feels right to me, then I grad from there based purely on my memories of a Ralph McQuarrie artbook I used to own and also based on my own artistic choices and knowledge of how light works in real life.

I’m not discounting your observation, in fact I have shared your concern at times. It’s a fine line to walk though. at occasions during this process, i put the theatrical release on and have a look and i also put on the special edition and have a look. I feel like the theatrical looks better and the special edition looks garish and flat in places. This could just be a matter of taste.

yes, in some places it will look somewhat brown, but usually this is down to ambient light. a desert is brown so ambient light will be brown. good colour balance of a photograph would require the other colours to be muted, to create a gentle aesthetic.
Up to this point I’ve shown a desert planet and a dark space station with cold lighting. I’m looking forward to getting to yavin as I will be dealing with a very different environment and some different colours.
I hope you understand my process and I’d love to hear any further thoughts you have based on this.

Dat_SW_Guy said:

Building on what EddieDean said, I suggest you should calibrate your monitor to a pretty good and somewhat accurate color-space if you are planning on color grading or color-matching shots. I feel like certain scenes make characters look really different, in the case of C-3PO, he looks more bronze than his gold colour. I’m simply giving constructive advice and hope for the best in what you will achieve for.

Thanks. yes calibration is important. I’ve gone to great lengths to calibrate my two screens. in actuality the TV has slightly lighter dark tones and a bit more saturation in the orange hues. to most people looking at a test card, the differences are imperceptible. I haven’t seen anyone mention the mask edge that is visible in that admirals hair while he is choking, as it’s not visible on my monitor but is visible on my TV it’s annoying, but when I look at calibration images, I literally can’t see the difference. It’s something I just have to live with.

About C3PO… he is gold and shiny and I don’t like it. I deliberately tone down the shiny yellow areas because damn it all, by my decree he will be dull. 😆
Lucas made the decision part way through production that the droids will be the main characters. I reject that notion, so I will attac C3PO and his bling. Sorry, this the way of the heathen ^^

a new hope, adding visual effects, emotion and more character (a WIP)

TestingOutTheTest said:

Do you plan on doing the same for TESB and RotJ?

uhm… I’m going to say no, strictly on the basis that; if I were to say yes, or to entertain the idea at all, I am liable to start to feel very overwhelmed. That’s not to say I never will… Just need to focus on what’s in front of me right now.

a new hope, adding visual effects, emotion and more character (a WIP)

Chase Adams said:

Woah, I actually felt physical discomfort seeing Motti’s face go red as he was choked! In other words, what you were going for with that effect worked. 😄

that’s so encouraging, thanks!!

NeverarGreat said:

Something I’ve learned from color correction is that even if you’re changing the time of day to be much darker, it’s important to retain close to full brightness in some parts of the image, such as with artificial lights or simply keeping the highlights at the same level while lowering the overall gamma. Without these considerations, scenes can quickly go to looking like there’s a mistake with the monitor rather than an intentional effect, something I’ve done many times. I see some of this creeping into the Lars dinner shots and the Imperial conference, for example. Finding some places to keep a strong light source would really sell these shots.

hmm… ok well this is hard to hear… because doing custom lighting is not easy!!! ok after a few failed attempts at simulating an indoor light shining on the cups etc. i came up with this idea. I think it works rather well! thank you for the tip!! any ideas for what to do with the conference room? to be frank, I want it all darkened due to Vader’s oppressive power.


a new hope, adding visual effects, emotion and more character (a WIP)

I’m a star wars heathen. no purist here.

Got some ideas… learnt some things from doing captain marvel. decided to experiment. using my bluray UHD source and regrading it to my liking. adding some visual effects.

I might introduce some deleted scenes if I can clean them up well enough for my liking. also, if I can figure out how to edit them well. the dialogue is a little aimless…

want to make Darth Vader more imposing and I want to make the characters more well rounded and more prominent, and want to reduce the presence of the droids. I can’t empathise with droids and I think it’s why I personally find this movie to be a bit boring.

in case you don’t notice some things…

  • I’m colour matching the tantive IV interior to the scenes from Rogue one, which I plan to include.
  • I added a sunset to the scenes in the moisture farm.
  • I restored the mountains the the dual sunset. it was really sloppy of them to just remove the mountains, it was a really beautiful shot and they trashed it.
  • I adjusted smarmy imp’s complexion to match the fact he is choking.
  • I added smog/haze to mos eisley
  • I did some stuff to try and improve the horrible CG closeup of a beast thing.
  • I did some adjustments to Leia’s skin tone to try and enhance her emotions.
  • I added mood lighting to the weapon startup sequence. so romantic now. 🥰
  • made alderaan look somewhat hot before it explodes.
  • gave the death star an actual shadow that is cast on hte millenium falcon as it approaches. .


Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

Artan42 said:

I finally got around to watching the draft you sent me. I found it to flow essentially as if it was cut that way initially. I may download this and burn it to disc.

Many thanks ^_^
I’m really glad it all works well. I’ve sent you a final version if you want to burn it to disc 😃

Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

Thanks for the support you have given me!
I am happy to say I have arrived at my final version!
It’s not perfect and I could always do more, but I have to draw the line here and all identified issues from first two drafts have been resolved.

I am very pleased with my work and I thoroughly enjoy watching this movie without the more unpleasant elements, and I hope many more people can enjoy it also.


Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

Captain Marvel : Where’s the Love

Love can set you free

An amnesiac Kree Starforce operative with mysterious powers, discovers her true past and slowly learns that her emotions can set her free from the shackles of those she once considered allies.

To make Carol more likeable. A lot of people had an issue with anti-male sentiments in this movie. Some people didn’t notice it, but for other people it stuck out like a sore thumb. My intent is to apply ointment to the sore thumb of this movie. To give it some love and allow love to reflect back out. Sorry about the silly analogy, but I am a girl and I didn’t feel empowered by this movie. I feel much more empowered by strength through love, and so I tried to take the movie in this direction. Emphasis on emotions and friendships.

I also received a request to remove Fury losing his eye due to a scratch. He still gets scratched, but I made it a point to show his eye healed afterwards in a mid credits scene. Since Goose is in Fury’s office, it is still possible he gets scratched by Goose again so if people like that part then it can still have happened after the events of this movie.

Colour graded entire movie to reflect Carol’s emotional state.
Added visual effects to reflect when Carol’s implant was subduing her powers.
Switched Carol and Yon Rogg door scene, to a deleted scene of Yon Rogg teaching children.
Removed Carol needlessly insulting her Kree colleague.
Inserted deleted scene showing more upbeat and friendly interaction with Kree colleagues.
On skrull ship, during memory search, cut some parts where she was obviously being ‘put down by men’.
Removed Carol screaming at skrull. it was stupid.
Removed Carol telling Fury “you finally asked a relevant question”
Removed Biker “how about a smile?”
Removed Fury and ‘Keller’ looking under autopsy blanket.
Removed “noble warrior heroes”, the way she said it was too smarmy.
Removed Carols smirk and “huh” just before the “welcome wagon” in the pegasus facility.
Inserted flashback to memories of Goose when they meet up with Goose in the corridor.
Inserted a few relevant flashbacks when Carol is studying the files on the crash.
Replaced Yogg Ronn/Ronan scene with deleted scene of ‘Keller’ talking about tracking the plane.
Re-inserted Yon Rogg/Ronan scene midway through the scene in Marie’s house so as to make it feel like she was there longer.
Inserted a shot of ‘Goose’ at the cut back to Marie’s house. (from stock footage)
Inserted some warm memory flashbacks when Carol is looking at old photos…
Inserted an unpleasant ‘memory’ of the ‘Skrull’ shooting Lawson, just before there is a knock on the door, to introduce more tension.
Inserted scene of Yonn Rogg talking to supreme intelligence to show just how intimidating the supreme intelligence can be.
Removed Carol saying " reached blah blah altitude" and inserted a reminder of her and Maria’s relationship.
Changed scene of scanning goose and fury, so it says “human” instead of “human male”.
Reduced volume of “smells like teen spirit”. it just seemed way too loud to me.
Removed memory of bike crash and baseball. these seem to serve only to suggest “she’s clumsy because she’s a girl”. extended the gocart clip just to pad this out for the dialogue.
Completely replaced montage of “Carol standing up because she’s realised she’s allowed to” with a montage of “Carol reflects on her friendships and realises her emotions give her strength”.
Removed “just a girl” and replaced it with “violet” by ‘Hole’.
Removed horrible effects shot of carol falling towards the ground. It was just ugly XD
Removed Carol’s line to Yon Rogg “I have nothing to prove to you”.
Removed Talos’ reaction to Goose scratching Fury’s eye. Now it is not indicated that This is the cause of is lost eye.
Removed Maria’s line asking Fury about his eye.
Removed final scene to reinsert it as a mid credits scene
Mid credits scene features part of a deleted scene of Fury walking to his office with both eyes intact.
Obligatory edit of the end credits.

Special thanks:
Other members of Fanedit forums
Other members of TheOriginalTrilogy forums

Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

Hey everyone, thanks to those of you who gave feedback for version one.

I’ve made many tweaks and fixes and completely regraded the colour for the whole movie to improve it further.
I’m at what I consider either a near final or final version. I’m mainly looking to find errors and bad cuts now.

If anyone is willing to give this a look (or another look) then I’d be most appreciative! ^_^

Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

Thanks, It’s rendered and I’ll send you a link out now ^_^

Alas, I have identified a problem with this already. There was an issue with framerates due to my carelessness. it’s present in a couple of the added scenes that I transferred from the special features.
So that’s the first thing on my list of fixes. XD

Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

Hey all!
thank you for your input so far. I have arrived at a milestone. I have finished doing all the cuts and edits I had in mind.

I am now rendering a movie file out and pending feedback, I have completed this project! ^_^

I am now putting out a request, if anyone here wants to take a look at my work and give me feedback, I would very much appreciate it!

Jurassic Park 35mm 16:9 (Released)

this is the problem with intellectual property law. I am a content creator and I certainly support people being protected and compensated for what they produce, but it is all imbalanced in such a way it is difficult for fan creations, adaptations, and archival etc.
I mean if a film has been shown on TV 100s of times, I think that’s enough. if these versions are not actually being sold by the IP holders, then why shouldn’t they be made available through other means? it’s all wrong.

there’s lots of films i’s love to see the original print of, but I’d hate to ask for them because i might ask for too much and I’m also not great at one to one social interactions.

Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

thanks very much, that’s really helpful. I’m not super practiced with editing so that helps me confidence a bit.
I’ll see if I can adjust the levels a bit. I wonder if there’s a danger of the original music becoming audible though. I removed it from all the silent bits, but some of the sound effects still have it and i’m not sure how to remove.

Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

LeperMessiah117 said:

Captain Marvel really hamfisted the “girl-power” thing in to the point where Carol Danvers was pretty annoying at several points in the film.

yes, ham fisted is a good way to describe it. I want to keep in the girl power as an underlying theme, but just tone it down a bit. or maybe a lot. we’ll see how it goes XD

Artan42 said:

I had no problem with her being arrogant and condescending. I also had no problems with Strange and Stark being arrogant and condescending. The problem I had was the latter two were allowed to also be funny whereas Danvers wasn’t. Though that’s probably because she spent most of the film not knowing who she was.

That’s a good point. the comedy does tend to soften the arrogance quite a bit.

Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

Ok, thanks ^_^

I’ve added the link to my edit of the music. I’ll also add it here - https://mega.nz/file/Cm4RlACL#kvtZ1-x_IBUh19CRnC-OOp4NtTg25laJZZKbBzyZ6D8
I would welcome any and all feedback!

oh… yes I’m aware of the strange glitch at the start before the music begins. I’m not sure what caused that, probably a misalignment i can iron out later. This clip is more to demonstrate the audio work I did.

Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)

i particularly disliked captain marvel as did many people. for me, carol came across as arrogant and condescending, particularly to men. this anti man feeling also extended beyond carol and in my opinion the worst part of the film where “I’m just a girl” started playing. As a woman, I didn’t find any of this particularly empowering as I think it was meant to be.
I wondered if these things were the main reason why this film feels bad to me so i have been taking another look and considering how the film would work with some alterations.

the first thing I have done is to try and remove that song and replace it with something i felt fit the theme better.
I have this sequence already done and rendered out.
If anyone is interested in taking a look and giving any feedback, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.

Captain Marvel : Where’s the Love is not listed on the IFDB - https://ifdb.fanedit.org/captain-marvel-wheres-the-love/