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Team Negative1 - Star Wars 1977 - 35mm Eastman Vs Technicolot Theatrical Version (* unfinished project *)

We don’t have any completion dates for these projects.

All the time spent on working on them is done by volunteers during their spare time.

Most of our team is on break currently after having finished off the first part of our Star Wars project.

It might be better to ask if there are some forum members that can burn or download the movies for you,
Possibly just for postage. There should never be a charge for them.

Team Negative1

Team Negative1 - Return of the Jedi 1983 - 35mm Theatrical Version (unfinished project)

We are using Intel core I5/I7 machines with 8G-24G ram. There are no custom setups, basically higher end PCs, with mid level and higher end GPU for rendering. Lots of drives, internal and external ranging from 500G to 3-4 Terabyte ranges.

Some members have dual custom monitors, while others have ultrawide 21:9 monitors.

Screenshots of monitor and layout: 

Note the Metal Xwing and Tie fighter

Screenshots of the trilogy.

Normal size for 1080p (1920x1080)

Full widescreen (some tiny edges at times depending on cropping)

You can read about other people’s setups here:

Or feel free to add your own setup to that post

The number of people on the team varies from time to time, started off with 1, expanded to 2,
and then finally got to 4-5, with some leaving, and others joining.

We have several ‘helpers’, that are just like team members, that help with distribution, quality checks, etc.

Poita, Harmy, and others are contributing and collaborating directly and indirectly. There are many others here at OT that also help out.

Team Negative1

What is your home theater setup for watching Star Wars movies? (or what equipment would like to get if you could afford it/or dream setup?)

We are having several screenings at peoples houses.

  • Some have 75 inch UHD TV’s
  • Some have 4k screens

Most have 45-60 inch screens.

We would like to hear if other people have upgraded.

Team Negative1

Edit: Consider this 1 out of 3 strikes.

- Jay

Team Negative1 - Star Wars 1977 - 35mm Eastman Vs Technicolot Theatrical Version (* unfinished project *)

I think you are making this way too confusing.

  1. Base of the project is from Technicolor
  2. Missing frames and scenes will be from an Eastman Kodak print (Crawl, etc)
  3. The LPP was only used for cleanup on frames that still had damage even after the automated process, we have not decided on using it for complete replacement just yet

The project is too early in its stages, to discuss concrete details about what
exactly will be done.

The examples and previews are from tests that we have done, that are still undergoing
changes. Hence, why we are not committing to a concrete process.

This thread is a placeholder for upcoming information, and people to comment on.

The most up to date information, samples, and discussions can be found here:


We will also be updating the facebook link, and youtube channel when we can.

Team Negative1

Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Released)

We don’t actually know what the Restored version will be called.

Thanks again to people that support this project with on-topic posts.
Off-topic posts will be reported.

We have completed receiving feedback from the members that saw the previews.

Thanks to all of them for their comments, and we will try to fix what we can.

Improvements in Sanitized version

Stabilization of shots across all reels.

Team Negative1