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The Mandalorian: <em>NAME TO BE DECIDED</em> (Season 1 into a 2 hour film) <em>Spoilers!</em>

Hi, seems like a good idea for a fanedit, i enjoyed the show, but i dont wanna watch all 8 eps everytime I rewatch the STAR Wars on Blu Ray, So it would be nice to watch it in a 2,5h movie format.

About the title, maybe you could think about using some Old Eu Boba fett novels title?
Like for eg, Hard Merchandise. Or The Mandalorian Armor? I think both would fit and it would be a nice nod to the previous SW material.

Or maybe you could follow the anthology titles format? THE MANDALORIAN:A STAR WARS STORY?

Quick question, will you use “Long Time ago…” at the beginnjng and the classic ending credits?

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (SPOILERS)

idir_hh said:

The film originally did open with the flashback, it sets up Leia being a jedi as well as subtly emphasising that Luke and Leia are in a way the heart of the film(which was the directors intention) , the planet they trained on is the one Rey is training on, Luke’s search for the wayfinder in the jedi books is the starting point for the crew’s journey, Leia’s involvement in her sons awakening to the light, their lightsabers in the battle against palps and last but not least their ghosts handing Rey the mantle of Skywalker.

That Vader/Kylo fan film could come in to use if needed, maybe a quick flash as Kylo meditates on the helmet, we’ll see.The cantina shots in the Mandalorian will be handy to use also.

These are just concepts and ideas that I’ll be throwing around, if anyone wants to use them, feel free do so.

Okay, the flashback makes sense then.😉
Anout using the fan film, I think that After using it, the part with Vaders voice on the Exegol ("… inside your head") would make more sense even.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (SPOILERS)

idir_hh said:

Soo, here’s my very early stage concept of Lord Ren’s Seat of Power on Coruscant.
This plays in to my proposed restructuring of the first act of the film.

  • Open on Luke and Leia flashback.
  • Rey trains
  • Falcon arrives
  • Palpatines Broadcast. Using reaction shot montage from crew( ala IlFanEditore) and from people around the galaxy ending on Kylo’s face on coruscant.
  • Rey has a moment with Leia- end on closup of wayfinder on the page of Jedi Text.
  • Kylo and Vader’s helmet - “go to the mustafar system”-“find me”
  • Rey and crew depart to search for wayfinder
  • Mustafar - Kylo finds wayfinder - Exogol and Palpatines reveal.
  • Vader’s Castle - Kylo fixes helmet- goes to Board room meeting
  • Film continues as per.(for now)

Wow, sounds great in general.
I Just dont understand why opening a movie with the flashback?

Another idea, did you think maybe about adding this cool well done fan film with Kylo fightimg Vaders spectre? I think it would fit to your vision. Maybe u could insert it at the beggining of the movie. Then at the end of the seqience you add “find me on mustafar”, or add audio from Rots when Palp says “you Will go to mustafar system” 😉 and then, few scenes later you d show Kylo Ren on Mustafar.

During the broadcast sequence, you could maybe add some random shots of ppl from around the Galaxy from other SW properties, like the Mandalorian (you have So many different setting there, like a cantina, Village, prison), ewoks (from TV movies for eg) of even fan films. Like people looking in the sky or listening to the radio 😉

What do you think?

Novels/comics fanedits

Hello guys 😉
So I ve been wondering for a while now. We have dozens of fanedits of the movies and serieses, but has anyone ever thought about doing a fanedit of a Star Wars comic book or a novel?
I think it could be as much fun and even much more simple than editing a movie. I mean, videoediting is like thousand times more difficult.

For example, wouldnt it be nice to edit a Little bit Thrawn Trilogy So it would fit the current Canon movies? Like changing the twins into Ben Solo, fixing the date issues etc.
Or trying to edit a Legacy comic books So it fit TROS ending. For eg. Cade as a grandson of Rey Skywalker. It would explain well the healing abilities and the dark side roots.
Or Dark Empire. I think the part I and II could be easily modify to fit the sequel trilogy (especially the big TROS twist).

What do you think people?

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Have anyone thought about doing an edit in which Rey heals Kylo, then we dont See what happens to him. Later he Doesnt show up to help her fighting Lord Sidious. Then, she dies (or lives). And After the battle, the last scene would be Kylo seeing the vision of HAN Solo, then throwing off the lightsaber and that would be the closing scene. Why does work for me? Because, Kylo Doesnt redeem himself, he Doesnt die. We dont know what happens next. He s like, he cant go back to the FO obviously, he cant join the resistance either. But he is Ben again, and we know he will have to figure out somehow how to live, what to do, how to repair all the evil he made. And that would be a great ending to the story. It would leave us with a good open ending.

‘Heir To The Jedi’ Duology

Maybe you could somehow create an force vision for Luke on TJL shpwing some bits like Rey training, resistance winning the battle, Rey Killing Kylo etc.

BTW, i like the idea of the duology with TLJs open ending.

You could still use Episodes though in my opinion. Maybe you could use T Zahn titles as a nod 😄 lets Say, “the spectre of the past” and “the vision of the future” 😉

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

Since I ve never been a fan of those fanedits that make invasive changes to the official Canon, Id like to see an edit that would included those cosmetic changes:
-firstable, remove the damn kiss. Its So bad, So awkward, So out of place.
-remove the fleet’s capacity of destroying planets. Seriously, its gettin ridiculous.
-I d put the scene with Leias body dissapearing After Rey strikes down Kylo. Or, maybe After Hans vision.
-Maybe Id remove the twins’ghosts from the ending. It just looks weird.
-and, if possible, insert as much of deleted material as possible.

Im also not a big fan of the Title. Maybe someone could change it into “The Last Command”, as a nod to the TT. Especially that for a lot of fans, this books was like a “True” ep IX.