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The Da Vinci Code Movie
Originally posted by: Shimraa

yeah Angels and Demons is the far better book. its Browns best book too.

That's not saying much. Angels and Demons, while an interesting plotline, had even more inconsistencies and factual errors than Da Vinci Code. Brown, rather than trying to pass theological theories as truth, simply made errors in physics, architecture, name it. Dan Brown, as an author, is terrific at making stupid people feel smart for having read the book, and smart people feel stupid for having read the book.
Are you gonna buy 'em?
Yeah, I'll probably buy, but, like Gaffer, if it really does look shoddy, I'll turn away and go back to my VHS tapes. At this point, I'd buy just to legitimize all the bootlegs I have.

EDIT: On a related note, I still have the Faces VHS set in mint condition. While this isn't much, I bought it when I was 12 because I wanted to keep it forever. Wehn I heard that the OUT was coming to DVD, I almost cracked it open to watch them, but with the non-anamorphic news, I'm glad I didn't
Topic Hockey Playoff Pool RULES IN FIRST POST
Yes, that's just it. One conference contains all the western teams and the other all the eastern teams. The big reason it's split up like that is to cut down on travel expenses. North America is much larger than Europe, geographically, and if you were to have Montreal playing LA every couple weeks, that'd get expensive after a while. That, and there's 30 teams in the league, so you've got to cut it somewhere.

As for the AFC and NFC, that's NFL football. Don't ask me about it. I'm Canadian. We have our own football league....with 8 teams