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Da Nao Tian Gong -- The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965) RESTORATION *v2*

Sounds great Satanika!

I can't believe how much work you've already put into just this restoration. Especially if you're serious about a series of releases called The Monkey King Fan Project.

You clearly love these films a great deal. While I was lucky enough to have seen the first film in a theatre when I was young, it's a real shame that they've pretty much been lost since then (I had no idea there were sequels). I hope your passion will bring greater attention to these genuine masterpieces of animation that they really deserve.

Best of luck on hitting that first deadline!

Da Nao Tian Gong -- The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965) RESTORATION *v2*

Wow, I'm shocked that you've accomplished so much already. Especially since you've done it all yourself without much help.

It would probably take forever to fix every bad frame, and to be honest considering how old the film is and the condition it has been kept in, it probably wouldn't be worth the effort considering all the other quality problems it would still have. Just fixing the big stuff is enough.

I think it's a great idea for you to release the complete 'long' version as a bonus disc, especially for people who have never seen it that way.

If you don't find anyone for quality control, I'd volunteer (although I'm all the way in Canada). I'm somewhat familiar with the old VHS transfer and I have a copy of the 40th anniversary version if that's what you mean about the original DVD.



Da Nao Tian Gong -- The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965) RESTORATION *v2*

This is a great fan project! I have the new version of Uproar in Heaven, but I had no idea it was missing 20min. of footage! When I watched it again, I thought that it seemed to be missing scenes that I remembered from watching in the theatre, but that was so long ago that I thought it was just me. The discrepancy in runtime could be due to Pal speed up on the European versions.

I would like to help this project in any way I can. My brother is taking Mandarin classes and can help translate if necessary and I'm trying to track down an old VHS tape of the film in question, but even if I find it I doubt it's in any better quality than aything you already have. In any case good luck!

The Monster Squad Widescreen
Monster Squad is an all-time favourite mine, so I do hope it comes out officially on DVD someday. Until then, someone on the DVD Talk forums posted that:
For anyone interested and has VOOM's MONSTERS HD ( Dish Network ), they are showing it again this month.
JUNE 17 - 9:15AM
JUNE 24 - 8:15AM
JUNE 25 - 11:00AM

Not sure what time zone those are though. So if you happen to subscribe and have a DVR or DVD recorder, now is your chance to get a really nice copy.

If anyone who's capable of grabbing it this month (and hopefully in OAR), it sounds like it would make a great start for a preservation project.
Originally posted by: ocpmovie
Doesn't matter now. I was never into pre-release hype, unlike some releases.

Unable to find alcohol, I lay down and thought about this.

I fought to get At Last the 1948 Show on DVD for a long time (and Do Not Adjust Your Set). Finally they released a DVD set, and it was indeed At Last the 1948 Show (and Do Not Adjust Your Set) and it was wonderful ... but it was none of the episodes I had, or had seen. It was all new to me. I loved it, but they hadn't released what I'd expected. And they still haven't. They released other stuff.

I fought to get the rather crap Rutles 2 released actually, and when it came out no one cared including me.

I fought to get Rutland Weekend Television released, and now it's been announced.

I wanted the Frighteners extended LD released - Alex was working on a version of it - then it came out, which was nice.

All this is nice.

But, y'know, you spend so much time fighting these battles, you're not a regular consumer anymore. Somehow you can't share in the joy in the same way. Or it takes a minute to.

When my rough cut of the Thief and the Cobbler was released on GBS.TV, somebody posted, really happily, at IMDB saying, we won! It's restored! We are the champions! We've defeated Disney, etc ...

Well ... no. No one defeated anyone. I restored a movie, the fight goes on.

It was like at the end of the Seven Samurai ... a film I haven't seen in a few years so pardon if I misquote. At the end, as I recall anyway, there's been a great victory won, but the old, experienced samurai just say to each other, it's been another battle lost.

Because so many died fighting, y'know?

We were fighting a war here, and we've won it, but we'll never be thanked for it. We, the fans, will never be thanked for our part in that. The joy we get is from the film itself, on its little picture disc.

We know, on some level, that we've been duped again. That George got us to freak out again, and buy his things over and over and over again, again.

Like when he wouldn't release Star Wars on video. Like when he wouldn't release it on DVD. Like when he wouldn't release the original versions.

It's like a cosmic joke on some level. He always hurts the ones who love him.

I feel a fool.


Holy crap! I haven't been around in a while (mostly lurking when I do), but the second I heard about I had to come over to and find out what was going on around here. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel, just kinda weird-happy I suppose, but when I read that quote above by OCP, you summed things up nicely for me, so a big thanks!

You also help put things in perspective. Things have been rough for a while and I'm unemployed again, but no matter what Star Wars and especially its fans have always been there. Sure, it's just entertainment, they're fun movies, but the way they're enriched our lives, the ideas they represent, and the people they've inspired and in turn have inspired others is so much more than I can imagine.

It's clear that Star Wars fans have at its best been a wonderful kind of family (with all the good and bad that entails), and it doesn’t take much to see that the has become a very strong and supportive community. While I wish that I could contribute more to this place as others have, I'm glad that's here and for all the people that it's brought together. I may never meet any of you, but I'm thankful for all your efforts (while I only know Rikter, this pretty much goes for everyone here).

Now before all the preservationists cheer hallelujah, or give up in disgust, Lucas has just announced a new baby. Let's wait and see this sucker get delivered before we decide one way or another. I'm cautiously optimistic, but wary enough to know that not much effort will have been put into this, especially so close before the 30th anniversary (I’m sure they weren’t kidding about this: “Sources said the transfers won’t be as clean or vivid as the digitally modified versions.”) If Lucas fails its fans again, it will be the people here whom I would trust the most to safeguard the Star Wars legacy. This battle may be over, but the war goes on…

Force FX Lightsabers
I never got into the whole prop collecting thing (too expensive, especially for something that you're just supposed to look at), but when I finally saw an FX in person, I was blown away!

The hilts are incredible, they look very authentic and have a real nice heft, but when you turn it on- wow! I almost blinded myself the first time! When you use things at night or in the dark they look and sound like a real lightsaber. These things are really a dream come true for me.
New fan-made trailer for Episode III

Originally posted by: joe_H

That trailer is a lot better than Lucas films's!

Oh please! It's stupid statements like this that make taking the whiny, disgruntled fanboys seriously. They just make sh*t up to take potshots at Lucas because they're mad at him. Even a retarded person wouldn't make such a ridiculous statement.

Wow, talk about being a "whiny, disgruntled fanboy." You should just relax and with hold from insulting other board members here just because they have a dissenting view from your own. I, myself found the old Lucasfilm teaser fairly underwhelming so it's not difficult for this well-made fan teaser to impress, although I'm still looking forward to the full trailer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so there's no need for such disparaging remarks.
Anniversary Editions
Ah, way back in '87... I was in high school and everybody was too cool to be a Star Wars fan anymore, except for me.

Although Star Wars was largely forgotten by then, even the long-running Marvel comic series had been cancelled. Nonetheless there were a few items of note for me to celebrate. The VHS tapes were re-released with a tenth anniversary trilogy commercial added (wouldn't mind seeing that again); the Trilogy was released in widescreen for the first time (!) on laserdisc (drool... they were so expensive I thought I would never own them); Blackthorne publishing picked up the license and launched a 3-D Star Wars comic set during the trilogy time period (not after ROTJ like Marvel and despite a bad 3-D gimmick it was a pretty decent book with great art, managed three issues before it went under) and Marco props produced the most authentic and realistic Star Wars props including lightsabers that actually lit up with lights and sounds (wish I could've afforded their $125 price tag back then) that have only been equalled by Master Replicas in recent years... that's all I can remember for now but I'm sure there might have been a few more, ah, good times...
***The Cowclops Transfers (a.k.a. the PCM audio DVD's, Row47 set) Info and Feedback Thread***
Moth3r, just to clear it up for you and everyone else here, I'm pretty sure that Cowclops has indicated that his new version is definitely going to be DVD-5 hence his stance that LD quality hasn't really taken a hit during compression and that there would be little difference between a DVD-5 or 9.

Thanks for the great work Cowclops! This new version definitely sounds cool, but I was wondering if you've checked out the screenshot threads to see the other great projects the other members (like Moth3r's stunning transfer) are working on, and how they look in comparison to your work?

And not to hijack the thread, but hey Doc!

Great to see you here again! So how are you doing (PM me if you've got the time)?
Greetings from Wookie Groomer; Split Screen News
Hey Wookie Groomer, just wanted to let you know that what you've done with the OT DVDs is great!

While I don't have any feedback for you(sorry) as I haven't seen any of 'em yet (only have dial-up), I instantly loved the idea when someone here described your project. I haven't seen the 2004 editions and until now have had no intention of watching them, but with what you've done, you've put a whole new light on all the new changes so now I can't wait to see 'em (and prove definitively the changes just don't hold up to the originals).

Bravo sir, and keep up the great efforts!

(p.s. just out of curiosity, what does NG mean?)
***The "EditDroid" Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread***
Wow, this set sounds terrific! Ah... will the Star Wars goodness never end?

I have a set of the Fox '89 Widescreen Trilogy with the same soundtrack so I'm not in a mad rush to check this disc out, although it would be really cool.
Originally posted by: Dr_Gonzo
BTW, there's two revisions of the ANH disc for this set also. The other disc has different menus and options for the mono, Dolby Stereo and matrixed 6 channel.

But Doc just mentioned some revisions and I just want to be sure theat the new sound options are still of the same sound mix right?
My apologies to the members of this forum.
Originally posted by: MeBeJedi
Oops, didn't forsee that one. We're not allowed to post in our underwear anymore?

Whoa, I didn't know we could do that. [unzippp-whooshk] Now I'm much more at home around here!


And I, too understand Jay. With so much potiential around here, it was bound to happen. I will help out with whatever small effort I can. I just want you to know how much I appreciate having this place around, thanks to you, and I'm sure others feel the same way.