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Terminator 2 Extreme Edition: HD WMV - <strong>info wanted</strong>

camroncamera said:

Apologies for the necropost; has there been any updates to crack this Easter Egg?

Nope. The auth server that stored the decryption keys is down, so there’s not really any way to crack it. Unless someone cracked it while the server was up and archived it, this version is pretty much lost. Though from what I’ve heard from people it’s pretty much the same master used on early blu-rays so not much of value is lost here.

<em>Help Needed</em> : Halloween 4 &amp; 5 - Laserdisc Audio

With Shout Factory releasing Halloween 1 - 5 in 4k this year, they’ve announced the original audio for 1 -3, but not 4 & 5. If I can I’d like to secure the LD audio for them and have them synced and available by Halloween this year.
So if anyone has the audio and can send it to me I’d greatly appreciate it.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Laserdisc Audio (released)

After being very disappointed with the audio on the 4K blu-ray, I have taken it upon myself to sync the audio from the LD to 4k video.
The LD audio is much fuller, and doesn’t have the added foley that’s in the new mix. AFAIK the LD is a direct port of the theatrical stereo mix.

This project will sync to the US 4k blu-ray. Possibly other BD releases but I’ve only tested the 4k. This is my first time doing a project like this so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to HippieDalek on Fanres for providing me with the audio.

PM me for a dl link.

Inferno (Dario Argento, 1980) – 35mm Scan opportunity (WIP) - Help Wanted

LucasGodzilla said:

Just wanted to inform everyone that I’ve been able to have a peek at the scan preview.

The colors look quite nicely recovered (apparently the print was originally red), though unfortunately, the 4-track mix is not capturable as the scanner sold off the necessary equipment to do so some time ago much to my dismay. Thankfully the mono optical is still a step up from the blu-rays though it could use a bit of cleaning. The print is also the director’s cut it seems, so although that alternate cut is lost to history, at least it means this’ll be a more complete Argento experience.

I would like to note though that I still require $225 to cover the rest of the scan though so any donations would be greatly appreciated to help me complete this preservation endeavor.

Looks great!
Damn shame about the 4 track mix. Out of curiosity would it be possible to send it to another scanner and have the audio captured, possibly for a lot cheaper since the video has already been scanned?

The Shining - 35mm print opportunity (a WIP)

narth said:

I did a fan edit that is supposed to be a recreation of the theatrical version. Given there aren’t may changes compared to the 4K transfer. My project included a recreation of the Saul Bass WB logo that was on the original release, done by me. Also the original mono tracks from the LD and 1999 DVD and the original blue credits at the end.

This may be what you are looking for.

Exactly what I’m looking for!
Mind sending me a link while I have your attention?

The Simpsons: Embiggened Edition (* on hiatus *)

MilesMetal said:

spideronfire said:

Did you ever finish the script?
I found S1-12 NTSC Full DVDs and have both Waifu2x and Topaz setup for upscaling but want to feed it the cleanest possible signal.

You’re better off training an ESRGAN model to upscale rather than an off-the-shelf solution like Topaz or Waifu-2x. Those can be good but a specifically trained model would be many times better.

Here’s some examples of my attempts to upscale the first two seasons of Metalocalypse. These are from series 3 or 4 as I was using the DVD as the low-res input and the Blu-ray as the hi-res input. Pretty amazing results if I do say so myself.

Damn those look pretty good

Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) - SD Episodes restored in HD (On Hiatus)

Mango said:

That seems a bit overkill. The game footage is turning out surprisingly clean, so I think it’ll be fine.

Here are some screenshots.

Not bad, that’s better then I expected.

YoshiKiller2S said:

So episode had that were removed in the DVD versions BUT, some episodes had scenes added in the DVD version (ex, the Rocky review) so what I think you should do is combine all of them to create the ultimate version of each episode.

I think it’d be better to have 2 versions, an original version and a DVD version.