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Toy Story 2020 Theatrical "$5 Fan Favorites" Re-Release Recreation (a Work In Progress)

IncrediStudios said:

Well in a way, each theater chain gets a different version of the same movie, but the only thing that changes really is with different bumpers and previews

It’s not the film distributors who add those. The theaters just get send the film (either print or DCP) and the theaters themselves slice in previews, bumpers, or whatever else.

Info: Films re-released with alterations

The Decimator said:

The Muppets came to Disney+ recently, and, wouldn’t you know it, they’ve been edited to hell and back! Not only is The Muppet Show edited to remove “copyright infringing” material, but there are two episodes missing entirely. Namely, the Brooke Shields one, and the one hosted by Chris Langham (for those of you that don’t live in Britain, he was a comedian who got arrested for looking up child porn on his computer).

I knew they put that dumb disclaimer in front, but I didn’t know they censored it as well. How’s the quality? Maybe someone can do a proper restoration using them as a primary source.

44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration (Released)

Nick66 said:

So I’m curious about something. When you stream the new master from iTunes/Apple TV on an 1080p SDR monitor, what are you actually watching? I get that the 4K would just be downscaled to 1080p, but what about the HDR? Is there some kind of tone mapping being done, or does Apple already have a 1080p SDR version of the new master that automatically streams if they detect you’re using a non-HDR screen?

I’d assume all streaming services have an HDR and SDR version of films, and just give you what your monitor supports. Tone mapping HDR to SDR is very resource intensive and not very accurate, while storage is cheap.

Terminator 2 Extreme Edition: HD WMV - <strong>info wanted</strong>

I recently discovered that a 2003 DVD release of T2 included a bonus disc with an HD version of the film for playback on PCs. It was in an encrypted WMV container, and using Windows Media Player it would pull down a 7 day decryption key for playback. From what I’ve gathered it was possible to use that temporary key to completely remove the DRM from the files back then, but now the server is no longer available so that method is no longer usable.
I’ve acquired the encrypted WMVs, and I’ve been trying to decrypt them for the past few days. Does anyone have any insight for how to achieve this? Or maybe somebody has an archive of already decrypted files?
Every HD release of T2 has been notably flawed in one way or another, so I’m very interested to see how this version stacks up. It’s also possible that the audio and/or video can help in any current or future fan restorations. Either way I’d say it’s important to preserve and archive this version of the film, especially if future releases continue to disappoint.

Help: looking for... Friday the 13th - Alternate Versions...

ZombiEsushi said:

I actually have a copy of the F13 New Blood workprint composite. The quality is not the greatest as the deleted scenes are straight from an old vhs, and are missing some elements such as background music etc. and while they have been added back into the film itself (using the deluxe dvd set version if I remember right) the effect is far from seamless, again due to quality, but for what it is it is still a huge treat to see this as the director intended before the MPAA butchered it.
This had the potential to be the best F13th sequel out of the bunch but sadly I doubt that we will ever get to see this one in better quality than this.

I’d love to check this out if you can provide me a link.
It’s a shame no one had the foresight to save a lot of old “unrated” footage.Friday 13th, Event Horizon, and Nightmare on Elm St stick out as films I’d kill for a good unrated/Directors cut.