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Mono soundtracks that were butchered with 5.1 remixes in later releases

The Decimator said:

The 1982 movie “Firefox” has apparently been altered audio-wise on modern home video releases. I’ve never seen the movie, so I couldn’t tell you what’s been changed.

Pretty much all of the old Clint movies were altered . The gauntlet has way too much LFE for a movie made in 77. Even the dead pool
Which had a Dolby track has new effects. I wouldn’t be surprised if heartbreak ridge or the rookie was changed as well.
Luckily someone posted the ld versions for the dirtyharolds

Goldeneye 35mm Scan and Preservation

The sound is wrong on almost all the bond blurays / 4k releases before tmnd
Aside from the overdone remixes all of the mono mixes are compressed and noised reduced so badly it sounds like am radio . The only one they somewhat got right was the original mix for spy who loved me at 448kps. No noise reduction has been applied and you can hear bass during the fight scenes on the rooftop unlike the 5.1 hopefully they’ll include the original mixes uncompressed on 4k blu

Goldeneye 35mm Scan and Preservation

I watched a sample from a view to a kill iTunes 4k and noticed quite a bit of cropping was done on the bluray . The framing and overall pq on the 4k version is much better Unfortunately it has the same crappy remix as the blurays with all the bass taken out.
I didn’t notice a huge difference in pq on living daylights, dr no or her ohmss tho haven’t seen goldeneye version but I imagine it’s a lot better

Dirty Harry original mono mix

RDPlissken said:

Ronster said:

crissrudd4554 said:

Apparently changes were made to Magnum Force

No they made the gun sound like his Magnum even though he was not shooting his magnum.

How many differences are there anyway. missing music in the park what else?

They may have changed the sound of that .38 in airplane scene (and I don’t mind, because I always thought it as a mistake, not a creative decision), but what puzzles me is that they changed the sound at the end of opening titles, after the “do you feel lucky” line. I clearly remember it being the trademark .44 Magnum sound before Blu ray came along.

somebody on youtube said any gun in the hands of Callahan becomes a 44 magnum. sounds bs but kind of interesting theory though
would like to see that sound replaced if anyone does a LD rip of the audio.