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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Here is a portion of my Phantom Menace edit:

There are countless specific changes but I can run through the major stuff:

  • Removed Jar-Jar
  • Anakin is less enthusiastic; he’s a slave.
  • Character interactions have been edited so that it becomes clear to the viewer that Qui-Gon is Anakin’s father without outright saying it.
  • Anakin no longer comes up with the entire plan to get the money, he just brings up the race and prize money.

What do you think?

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Here’s the first bit of Obi-Wan on Kamino with that same mentality:

Obi-Wan has a problem in this movie where he tells strangers his entire plan? Instead of being a detective, and seeing where his suspects go with things, he gives them more information? Why would he tell the Kaminoans that Sifo-Dyas was killed? In this clip, it’s clear that something’s wrong with what they tell Obi-Wan, so the audience can stay invested. ‘Why is Obi-Wan confused?’. Later, when he talks to Mace over skype, is when the audience can learn.

I also cut off the beginning of the scene because it wasn’t needed. We don’t need Obi-Wan to tell the prime minister his name, the audience already knows who he is!

I also removed the unrealistic waterfalls. They’re a distraction.

JEDIT: Another clip:

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Here’s the introduction of the army:

In keeping with the idea that Obi-Wan is lead through a mystery in this movie, You don’t actually know that they’re clones up until this point. The Kaminoans don’t mention the word ‘clone’, they only explain that they have an army in the previous scene. The audience finds out when we cut to the shot of all the identical children.

I removed the name ‘Jango’ and instead referred to him as 'The Bounty Hunter, Fett".

The cut from Padme to the Army suggests that while she’s having a fun time with Anakin, her mind is also on other things. I always wondered why she looked sort of upset at the end of that shot?

I also thought that Obi-Wan smiling at this weird mystery-army didn’t fit with his character and made no sense? Also, at the end of this scene, I might cut back to Anakin and Padme, or I might cut to Jango’s apartment? I feel like the spot I left it at is a good ‘cliffhanger’ for a scene transition, but I feel like we haven’t spent enough time with Obi to justify cutting back to what Anakin is up to.

Also: I plan on adding more dialogue to the shots of the clones.