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Original cut showing in a theater in Wales(U.K.) tonight!

You_Too said:

A showing that only one article talks about before it happened, a showing nobody seems to have attended, a showing nobody even knows anything about is a showing that never happened, I guess.

Star Wars fans have access to the internet in Wales too, right? :)

well to be fair,


we didn't give any notice for our screening. and as far as you know

only one person here attended our screening on the

east coast usa.


it all depends on how much publicity or notice they

wanted. and in this case, it was pretty much zero.




General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

Jetrell Fo said:

THIS rocks!!!!


started here awhile ago:








Making our own 35mm preservation--my crazy proposal

we will still post the occasional

update or details here.


however for more current,

and in-depth discussion.

it will be found on the private

blog that will be forthcoming.


there's still a long road for the

rest of those projects.


Princess Leia: It's not over yet. 
Han Solo: It is for *me*, sister. Look, I ain't in this for your revolution, and I'm not in it for you, 




Private Screening of Star Wars 1977 35mm spanish LPP - USA oct 2012

just wanted to congratulate 'none' for

all his hard work and efforts here on



he is joining our team to help out

with the star wars restoration projects.

and will be taking over for me once

i'm done.


i know you'll give him a lot of support

and encouragement, as you've done

with me.





team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

AntcuFaalb said:

Exciting news! I hope I'm invited to the blog :-)

if you were on the previous one,

we'll send out an email to the address

that it was registered too.


it will be an open invite to members.

we know who people pretty much are.

so unless you're a lurker that never posts

or a brand new member. consider yourself



don't assume you're in though. check in with me first.

i'll probably stick around to make sure people get in.


i'm going to have  clear my pm's. they've been full for quite some

time now. 


hang in there, there's still work being done before

we're ready to go.




team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

hey everyone,


just wanted to get everyone up to speed 

on what's been going on. some exciting stuff!


1) as you can tell, the progress on the work has

been going on, with the occasional video and

some screenshots. we had some glitches recently,

but we'll keep going


2) we're working on a new web blog, where we'll

be able to discuss and show a lot more behind

the scenes. more about that when it happens,

we'll of course let you know, and have a big invitation



3) we'll also be asking for your participation and

help in supporting the project. we've been ok, and

have been fine doing it on our own. but now we think

you'll be able to help, and contribute to it if you are

willing. we think that with the new developments

we have, and with what we're gearing up to do.

you'll be more than happy to see what happens.


4) we have new team members.. actually williarob

has been doing our web/admin for quite awhile,

but he'll be more prominent also.... and a big welcome

to 'none', who is officially joining our team.


i mentioned i'll be gone once star wars is done.

so he will probably be picking up where i left off.

his knowledge an experience with the material

will be a great advantage for the team to have.


5) we will be transitioning away from, but

still post a few comments every so often, in case

there is a major update. as before with,

all the important and major news and details will

be over there. there will be a lot of exclusive and

NEW content.


so look forward to what is becoming the best, and

definitive version of star wars released in the near

future. we know we are going to be setting the standard

for preservations from here on out. we are confident

that this version will be the only one you will need

to own, and with our team, references and adherence

to detail and quality. we know you won't be

disappointed, and star wars will be preserved the

way it always should have been from the start.


there's a lot more coming in the future, and a lot

of surprises in store, so keep an eye out for those



i know it's been a long road getting to this point,

and it will come to and end. but i think i knew i would

have to call it a day sooner or later.


i look forward to seeing you on the new blog,

and handing over the reins to the other team

members once i'm done with my part.


this isn't the end, but a beginning.


a new hope.


may the force be with you.





Info: cleaning up dirty frames for scenes

jero32 said:

Any updates yet?

tried it again today.

it locked up when the file is converting.

and i couldn't delete it either.


i think i'm just going to convert it to another

format, which means less resolution and

some downgrade in the picture quality.


well, it will have to do for now. so at least

you can watch it. i didn't use to have problems

with vimeo.


has anyone tried uploading 1080p clips there before?

the reason i switched away from youtube was

they were deleting star wars clips. vimeo works

ok for SD video. i don't want to get a PRO account,

i just have a free one.




Private Screening of Star Wars 1977 35mm spanish LPP - USA oct 2012

AntcuFaalb said:

Do you also plan to sell TESB, -1?

Are you guys done digitizing it?

sure, we've been done for awhile now

with that. however, we might hold onto it

a little bit longer for redoing a few scenes.


lpd said:

negative1 said:

well, as a heads up.


the print will be for sale on the 35mm forum.



Wow! Would you take an IOU? :-)

sure, i'll give you a virtual copy of it!





team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)



thanks to everyone for their continued support.

sorry about the lack of updates and videos recently.

we were preoccupied with the screening. but work

has still been going on too!


however, now it's back to work! i'll have a little more

time to work on making sure those previews are up

and running... and maybe some other news.


we'll see how it goes this weekend.




Making our own 35mm preservation--my crazy proposal

on the issue of cropping.


since we were able to screen it a theater recently,

cinch was able to get an idea of how it was going

to look like because of the projection and what  was

acceptable to crop.


i think there was a little more off the sides, and not

to much of the top portions.


once i get more details about that i will post them.




Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

Midnight_Trooper said:

Regarding the menu; I dont like the idea of being reminded that the special edition exists every time I go to watch Star Wars.

Not saying you dont have the right to make sure everyone knows its Despecialzed 2.0 but being reminded of that first thing every time and, if I am showing it to a group, having to discuss with to people before they enjoy the film (instead of after) might slightly lessen my enjoyment of the experience.

Also I realize I could probably separate the menus from the feature somehow? but to a not tech savvy person like myself, that seems fraught with potential failure on many levels. 

it is nitpicky,

but what else are you going to do? rename it to something

that isn't despecialized also? and pretend that it's the real

star wars too?


the point is, IT DOES EXIST because of the special edition versions.

why should that lessen your experience.


why don't you just create your own menus that just say star wars,

and add them in. if you can figure out how to burn them, you can

figure out how to create a menu. it's not that hard, pretty much

every program out there like nero, etc has built in templates for



if you're going to go through the trouble of complaining and

giving recommendations, you could at least learn how to make

your own menus, so that other people WHO don't mind what

we're going to get can enjoy those instead.