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team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

Asaki said:

negative1 said:

...we already have

your contact information from the last blog.

That's what I figured.

Man, with all the people who were completely oblivious to the first blog, it's weird to hear that the second blog is getting overloaded.

Is it because of the secret public screening or something? I notice a lot of new faces here lately...

there is interest.

however, you're taking this incorrectly.


we are not swamped at all.

in fact i've only seen about 10 people or less

ask about this in this thread.


i expect about 50% of the original people

to stick with the invites if they check their

email, and hopefully it doesn't go into their

spam folder.


it's just a better method to set it up.

and easier for me to send out using emails than pm's.

i didn't manange my pm's well. so that's one thing.


also, we've had some server issues in getting it up.

which hopefully are over now.


lastly, it's a reward to people that were there

when we started the original one.


see you there.




team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

we used pm's back then because it

was easier.


now my mailbox is almost completely

filled up. and besides we already have

your contact information from the last blog.


so why go through all that again?











team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

ok, mark your calenders for Sunday Nov 4, 2012


we hope to kick things off, and get people

going with the registrations.


if you don't hear from us. DON'T PANIC.

we'll take care of everyone.




we're not ready yet for general admission yet.


this is just to let people that were on the previous

blog have a chance to get a login and password

setup first.


once that's working, we'll let the rest of you know

when you can join up


we apologize for the delay, as the storm here recently

threw off our timetable, as we should have been up

last week.


we are only starting out, so don't don't expect much

yet. however, we have a lot of stuff planned, and there

will be timely updates with REAL information, media, etc.


we'll also be trying to archive our vimeo videos, and

soundcloud audio stuff, in case you missed out on all

that. so there will be stuff for people that haven't been

keeping track.


see you there, and look forward to the new discussion

over there.


see you later OT!

it's been fun!




Disney Acquires LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, Episode 7 in 2015, 8 and 9 to Follow, New Film Every 2-3 Years

SilverWook said:

One thing I've been wondering about is what this means to other in house Disney productions. Are they going to bother with a Tron Legacy sequel or that Black Hole remake now that they have Star Wars?

and why not?


there's still a demand and audience for those.


tron influenced me more when it came to getting

involved and interested in computer graphics,

than star wars did.




team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

ok people listen up!


we're in the final phase of testing the blog.

it's almost ready to go.


we're going to open it up very soon(TM) now..


so what we'll do is alert people via email

first, for those that were already on the boards.


THEN, we'll open it up to the OT boards.

don't worry, we'll get to everyone.

it's just easier this way.


because, i don't have a lot of space for the PM's

and it will be easy to be flooded and people

will get frustrated. (which will probably happen



if we do this in an orderly fashion, it will work out.


and don't worry, you're not missing out on any

super-secret things just yet (ha ha)...


we'll make sure as many people are on board,

before we start making announcements like that.


and of course, we'll be checking back here, so

that news stay's there.


i have an AGREEMENT that you have to OK before

signing in. it's no big deal. but if you break those

rules, like re-posting stuff, or making private stuff

public, you won't be around long.


we had a lot of fun last time, and learned A LOT

of information (maybe TOO MUCH!)....


so we're looking forward to a big kick-off,

there's a lot of stuff to discuss as always,

and we're looking for a lot of participation.


i'm hard on lurkers, and if you want to lurk,

why are you there? we even have voting

on comments now, so you can't use the

'well he said what i was going to say' excuse.


if you don't want to comment, and just see

the final product. we'll post updates here,

so you can just check back for a notice when

we are done.


thanks for all the support. we look forward

to seeing a lot of you over there...


may the force be with you!




team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

i know about the news.

but really, how does this change anything?

we're still working on it.

and we'll have our private blog anyways.

even if we didn't have that. we're still

posting updates here.

i see no reason for anything to change,

or rush, or put out anything that's not done

or finished as we planned it.



Disney Acquires LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, Episode 7 in 2015, 8 and 9 to Follow, New Film Every 2-3 Years

SilverWook said:

althor1138 said:

2015 is right around the corner.  There must be some kind of script already?  Also does this mean that the original trilogy will receive some kind of justice in a return to home video releases?

George suddenly remembered he actually did write those outlines for Episodes 6, 7, 8. Or else they've been stuck behind a drawer in his desk since 1980. ;)

it's not that hard for episode 6, since that already came out.

maybe you're thinking about  (7,8,) and 9.




[hdtv] -> _superwidescreen_phillips_21:9_2:35-1_tv_

Davnes007 said:

With my luck, if I bought one, they would come out with an 8k TV the next day for the same price.


yeah, most technology is like that. just ask anyone

with an ipad 3 or iphone, or android, etc..

computers, tvs, are pretty much a given.


just when you think they've run out of gimmicks,

like HD, 3D, etc. they come up with some more.




team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

FekLeyrTarg said:

I agree with AntcuFaalb. :)


Btw what about subtitles? Are there plans to include them, too? If you wish, I can contribute the subtitles of my german GOUT DVD to this project. The subtitles it includes are in English, Spanish and German and there are also german subtitles for hearing impaired people.

at this point there won't be any official subtitles

that i know of.


however, much like a lot of things, we know people

here will be adding their own soundtracks, subtitles,

and other features to customize their own versions.





[hdtv] -> _superwidescreen_phillips_21:9_2:35-1_tv_

ok, the $20k LG 4k tv is out now in the US.


so if you've the cash or the inclination to get one,

you can..





LG Electronics Launches First 'Ultra-High-Definition' 4K TVs In U.S.

LG's 84-inch Class Display Boasts Four Times the Resolution of Full HD, Ushers in New Era in Picture Quality for Large-Screen TVs

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ushering in a new era in home entertainment, the first "Ultra High Definition" flat-panel TV – with four times the resolution of today's HDTVs – went on sale today to consumers in the United States.

LG Electronics USA chose Southern California, the epicenter of entertainment and innovation, as the consumer launchpad for this groundbreaking technology. Teaming up with high-end retailer Video & Audio Center, LG hosted hundreds of consumers eager to be among the first in the United States to have an opportunity to see and purchase LG's new Ultra HD TV.

The LG 84-inch class (84-inch diagonal) LED TV, with a native Ultra High Def screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 to match its impressive size*, has an MSRP of $19,999.99. Model 84LM9600 quadruples the level of detail from full 1080p HD resolution to a massive 8 million pixels. Even before so-called "4K" content is available, LG's powerful up-conversion engine, the proprietary "LG Resolution Upscaler Plus," delivers higher detail from current HD/SD external sources.




team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

the new blog's coming along..


we're still testing some things out:


one of the main things is the optional



the team knows there are plenty of

people that have been asking how they

can help, or what can they do with

providing their time, equipment, and expertise,

along with finances.


we felt that we could be 100% 

self funded for the majority of the work.

and we have been.


i'm not requesting any of it,

or need it personally.


but for the sake of the other team

members. we felt that making it an

option to offset some of the hardware

upgrades and the time spent will be

worth it. it WILL help speed up the

process towards completion and

also for finishing the future projects

we have planned out for the rest

of the trilogy, and more!


again, this is completely optional.

we'll still keep working on the project

regardless, and we know that anyone

that is interested will stick with this

just for moral support and encouragement.


but if you  know you want to help out,

and you can, there is a means to do that now.


the blog


we have implemented a new 

commenting system (through disqus).


which is a lot more advanced than

just simple replies and nested ones.


you can star favorite comments,

AND just like most current blogs,

you can upvote and downvote

comments based on your opinions.


that way, even those people that

don't have anything to say. or just

feel that someone else has a good

thought, can put a +1 or -1 vote

on it.


WE HAVE NEVER had trolls, spam,

or disrespectful comments on our



that doesn't mean that we don't have

disagreements, difference of opinions,

or have posted wrong or misleading,

and maybe unclear thoughts before.


but, we want to encourage even 

more feedback on comments, and

also have a better idea about what

people think.




we had about 60-75 active members

on the last blog.


we're shooting for maybe the same or

if we push it maybe a 100. there shouldn't

be a limit this time around.


also, it's not just a numbers game.

we want people to particpate like they

did last time. i know more than half of

the people made efforts to participate.

we want to see more of that.


why no facebook, twitter, etc.


sorry, none of us use those,

so unless there's a clear advantage to

them, i don't forsee it happening.


what about privacy, security, etc


we expect the same amount of privacy

and courtesy as last time. 


by all means, please show your friends,

and tell them about this. but don't post

the material on youtube, vimeo, etc.

in any case most of those sites just

flag them for copyright violation and take

them down regardless at times. (not sure

about private links).


if you create derivative works from unfinished

screenshots,videos etc. you can share them

over there. but please don't post those publicly

elsewhere either.


as far as news regarding the fate of

the raw files, and distribution. that's

still left in undecided status as it's 

become more of a low-level priority

over finishing the project and

handling that first. in all likelihood

it will be available on a very limited

basis at our discretion.


comments and thoughts


likewise, whatever discussions and comments

are made there.. (unless they reference public

OT.com ones).. will stay there.


there will be some crossover about milestones

and other other events. but details, pictures,

and other information, should never be mirrored

or brought up here.


i think this has been the standard for most preservation

projects of this nature. and we used a standard

set of rules also when you joined last time.


there will be a new one for this site to.




final thoughts and questions.


if you want to know something specifically

that isn't addressed here. please ask.

we'll get back to you promptly.






team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)


msycamore said:

negative1 said:

so look forward to what is becoming the best, and

definitive version of star wars released in the near

future. we know we are going to be setting the standard

for preservations from here on out. we are confident

that this version will be the only one you will need

to own, and with our team, references and adherence

to detail and quality. we know you won't be

disappointed, and star wars will be preserved the

way it always should have been from the start.

That's some big words from you, but true words spoken. :) Looking forward to your new blog, great to hear that none is aboard.


well, there really hasn't been much competition

for this yet, right? also we are the only people

that have this type of material, and references

along with the expertise to approach it this way

that are willing to share it with others.





team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)

well, it's good to see the interest.


honestly, i haven't had time to keep

the blog posts up (although we still

have a ton of material to post),which

is why we closed it. there's no point

in just repeating previous thoughts.

and we were just going into the 

crunch on the transfer, and you had

already seen what we were capable of.


in opening a new one, it wasn't my idea!

it was actually cinch and the other team

members that felt we could do more now,

considering the circumstances that have

come up in the several months since we

last left off. i'm happy to take a back seat

now, and let the other members get more

involved with the community, as they don't

have the time to post on OT. but for the blog

we feel we can be more open, and have

more of a direct contact with the members

that really are interested.


we know it's there.

although there's not as much activity

like when we first got it. it's pretty much

straightforward progression of the work

on each reel.


there's damage to be fixed at the beginning

and ends of most reels. and with the exception

of the 'han shoots first' scene, the rest is just

slight color correction and some dirt removal.


there's a few anomalies, and some scenes

which look different from every version out there,

including the technicolor.


we're starting to think the technicolor references

we've seen are not the final word on the colors at

this point.


some upcoming topics:


1 intro to new blog and discussion

2 new team members intro

3 the screening and what we learned

(media pics and video)

4 LPP vs technicolor - the great debate,

what we think (pics and video)


of course we have some behind the scenes

stuff, discussion of the progress of work on

the reels, some all new HD samples, and

even more surprises in store down the road.


stay tuned..