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Unpopular Opinion Thread

TLJ is far and away the best film of the ST. Finn and Rose’s misadventures are thematically inseparable from the film, and Finn was given a beautiful character arc here. The film is full of hope for a franchise to grow and be spiritually relevant again.

TRoS isn’t that bad. Pretty fun stuff. Doesn’t retcon or counter anything from TLJ.

Solo is a straight up blast.

Rogue One is cynical and masturbatory and everything that Star Wars shouldn’t be.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

Can I just say that I love the ST and most of the choices made throughout the three films? Can I say that I enjoy the fact that each feels like it’s own thing, but that I still feel an overall cohesion to the story?

TRoS isn’t perfect, but it’s not the dumpster fire some make it out to be. There’s a lot of hate for TLJ, and I know there are a lot of us out there, but I for one find TLJ to be the most engaging of the ST films.

And I don’t think that TRoS retcons or attacks any of the decisions made in TLJ. Most of the plot points in TRoS only seem to solidify the choices made in TLJ.

It’s rushed and maybe tries to do too many things. The choices regarding the use of leftover footage of Carrie Fisher are not the best. It’s really obvious what’s happening in those sequences. But overall we get a galactic sized race and a satisfying continuation of Rey and Kylo’s dynamic relationship. The dyad is an excellent to introduce the divine union into the story. And I love that Finn is force sensitive now.

I have reservations about the handling of Ben’s death, but you know in each trilogy there’s been at least one film that doesn’t live up to expectations. RotJ and TPM & AotC and now TRoS, which isn’t quite as good at RotJ but is certainly miles ahead of the two PT entries listed.

It’s a fun serviceable movie.

Rogue One: Redacted Cut - by natedeug (Released)

Taking a cue from eldusto84, I’m making a short, sweet, and to the point edit of Rogue One. This cut, clocking in at just over 47 minutes, opens with our heroes dropping into orbit around Scarif and ends with Darth Vader looking out at the escaping Tantive IV.

I’ll go ahead and say that Rogue One is my least favorite film in the franchise. I don’t care about the characters (even the ones whose name I can remember), the fan service is at its most obscene, and the dead speak! But I’m not here to get into a debate about the merits of the film. This edit seeks to zero in on the parts I do enjoy by focusing entirely on the final battle and heist.


  • New opening based on Solo’s opening text:
    “It is a desperate time.
    The GALACTIC EMPIRE rules the galaxy through fear and oppression.
    REBEL SPIES lead a daring mission to secure the technical readouts of the Empire’s new superweapon, THE DEATH STAR.
    All HOPE for peace in the galaxy lies within the grasp of a curageous few…”
  • Opening uses “Wobani Imperial Labor Camp” theme.
  • Rogue One title leads directly to shuttle coming out of hyperspace above Scarif.
  • Removed Krennic arriving on planet; he’s just the commander of the station.
  • Cut all mentions, allusions to Galen Erso. Jyn is just a rebel spy.
  • No more “For Jedha!” as soldiers land on the beach.
  • To remove cgi zombies, the only time we see Tarkin is a shot from behind as he orders the Death Star to target the station on Scarif, and Leia is removed entirely.
  • Masturbatory Vader scene is cut down to remove some of the more egregious “Bad Ass” killings.
  • Movie ends on Vader looking at the escaping Tantive IV.

I know some work needs to be done, and help or comments about anything would be really appreciated:

  • Editing opening text
  • Create new Rogue One title card to blend seemlessly into opening.
  • Anything else that stands out

Below are a couple clips:

Toned Down Vader & Ending

DM me for link.

natedeug's The Last Jedi Polished edit V3 (FINAL) (Released)

After a few months taken to reflect further on the movie, I can now present a, hopefully, final Version 2 of my edit. Below are the changes I’ve made for v2. I think the result is much more “polished” now. I have an MP4 available for those who would like one, and will have a DVD5 soon.

• Cut BB-8 spinning around to get Finn’s attention before showing him the recording of Rey
– Also cut Finn thanking BB-8 for recording that moment, as a hand can be seen moving BB-8. Scene now ends on Finn’s thoughtful face looking at the transmitter, hard cut to black as he opens the locker and tries to leave.
• Kept little casino character using BB-8 as a slot machine, but cut the belching. This is necessary because later we hear BB-8 rolling around with change in his innards.
• Cut clothes iron “landing scene”, now cuts from mutiny to deleted infiltration scene
• Infiltration scene lacks long room with Ralph Ineson following our heroes suspiciously. This removes the unfinished roof effect as well as the man moving BB-8 around. Also cut exchange between Stormtrooper and Finn in the elevator. Now Finn straightens the clothes of DJ and Rose, puts a waste basket on BB-8’s head, and the scene resumes as in the movie, on the long shelf next to the elevators with the black droid spotting them.
• Movie ends as in theatrical release. As much as I wanted to end on the Falcon shot and include a mid-credits broom boy, it just doesn’t work out. The ending is too fast.

Ep. III Chronology Cut - by natedeug (WIP)

SparkySywer said:

Can’t help but notice that in the sunset picture, the thing on top of the moisture vaporator changes, but nothing else in the frame does. What happened there?

That’s only because the image was taken just a couple frames apart. So the moisture vaporator has a small spinning thing on top. What I’m trying to show is the slight change in color from the color correction I applied, which has pretty drastically reduced the magenta skin tones I was getting from the source.

Info Wanted: best fan edits you have ever seen?

A few of my personal favorites:

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I’m working on an edit of Episode III that removes the birth of Vader and the naming of the twins. I believe I’ve found a satisfactory means to this end, which subsequently also removes the death scene of Padme while keeping her death intact. This could easily be reworked to keep Padme alive in conjunction with The Other Boleyn Girl scene.

Lemme know what you think: Leaving Mustafar / Children’s Fate