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Open Matte Bond Movies

Pretty cool to see the open matte Quantum shots though!

I have also heard the same thing about the Casino Royale PSP disc… But I have not seen one myself.

I also was fortunate enough to see Skyfall in IMAX… This might sound dramatic, but it is one of my all time favorite movie-going experiences. Truly immersive (even if they JUST opened up the framing from the 35mm ratio). It’s how I first experienced this and I think it’s a damn shame it hasn’t seen a home video release.

Not gonna lie… I did feel a bit of a let down that Spectre was not an open matte IMAX release. Skyfall really raised the bar for me.

Aladdin 35mm (Released)

LHSmarchingredcoat said:

captaineos said:

I hate to say it but it’s been nearly a year and I still can’t get a copy of this release. I saw Aladdin at Greater Union cinemas in Civic, Canberra when it was released and fell in love with it. To this day I have the original poster up in my computer room along with a collection of Aladdin toys, characters etc. The ‘release’ ins’t accessible so be sure to reply with ideas other than Blutopia. 😃

Same, I’ve been able to get a myspleen account but not Bluetopia.

Would love to get BACK to Blutopia… I am a member that got banned while in my month away from my computer while moving, getting married, and going on my honeymoon.

Logo Preservation

LexX said:

Ugh, I hate when they change the logos. MGM is missing from this thread it seems, it looks so stupid to watch a 50 year old film and have it start with a logo.

Couldn’t agree more! One problem I have with the 007 blu-rays… Weird seeing Connery films with the thing. Even the Brosnan films had changes… removal of the the UA logos… The World Is Not Enough had the MGM 75th anniversary logo changed as well.

James Bond The Living Daylights 35mm (Help Needed)

Williarob said:

fmalover said:

Looking amazing Williarob. Let’s hope you eventually find a 35mm print of GoldenEye in excellent condition, which is IMO the worst looking of all the James Bond movies.



If you want to buy it, I can arrange to get it scanned, and clean it up a bit.

I would absolutely make another donation to such a project!