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Great Monster War: Godzilla Monster Mash Edit (* unfinished project *)

Thought I had made a post about it here, but it looks like I haven’t.

I’m slowly working on this, but I’m far enough along in this Showa era project to announce.

Here’s the gist…

Ghidorah the The Headed Monster and Invasion of Astro-Monster are both great movies and a nice showcase for Godzill’a arch-nemesis King Ghidorah. I tend to enjoy the Invasion storyline more than Ghidorah, but the finale fight of Ghidorah is WAY better and also includes Mothra where Invasion didn’t because of budgeting issues. Here’s the edit idea:

Using the Japanese editions of both Invasion of Astro-Monster and Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster along with footage from Godzilla vs. Mothra and Rodan, I am going to mash pieces of them together to make Great Monster War (one of the original titles for Invasion).

-The movie begins with Ghidorah’s egg landing on Earth (GtTHM)
-Rodan reappears after his death from his solo film (GtTHM)
-Godzilla appears and blasts a cruise ship (GtTHM)
-Godzilla follows Rodan and they fight (GtTHM)
-Ghidorah’s egg will hatch and Ghidorah will now begin flying around causing havoc (GtTHM)
-Ghidorah will interrupt the battle between Godzilla and Rodan and they will all fight (Invasion)
-All monsters will fall into the ocean and Ghidorah will emerge and fly away (Invasion)
-6 months later…astronauts are on their way to explore Planet X and text will explain this(Invasion)
-Invasion will play out mostly as normal with some minor edits and trims (Invasion)
-The Xiliens from Planet X take Godzilla and Rodan back to their planet and they fight Ghidorah (Invasion)
-Once the Xiliens tell the Earthlings that they now have control of Godzilla and Rodan, they will demonstrate by setting the monsters loose (Invasion along with editing of the subtitles)
-The government decide to call on Mothra to help (GtTHM)
-Because the government called on Mothra, the Xiliens decide this is an act of war and unleash Godzilla, Rodan and King Ghidorah
-Once the mind control has been broken, we will see the Mothra larvae speak briefly to Godzilla and Rodan (GtTHM)
-Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra will team up against Ghidorah and the battle will take place (GtTHM)
-Cutaway battle scenes to onlookers will be mixed with battle from GtTHM with onlookers from Invasion

I’m using the Japanese cuts, so I’m fixing up the subtitles and slightly changing anything I need to help further my intended plotline.

Wonder Woman: No Ares Twist (Released)

Here’s the problem though, what the hell is Diana doing during the ending then? She’s not going to just stand around while Steve and his gang are doing all of this fighting and she’s just standing there feeling upset that Ares isn’t there.

I agree wholeheartedly about the ending being a bit cheapened by the reveal, but after seeing it again last week I can tell you that it’s going to be a real challenge making the ending work. Diana wouldn’t let Steve just sacrifice himself because she was willing to do that.

Info & Ideas Wanted: for Godzilla Fan Edits (Showa, Heisei and Millennium series)

It’s surprising that there are little to no edits or edit ideas floating around for these movies. I just recently completed watching all of the Showa series (after having seen a few from the Heisei and Millennium ones). While I appreciate all of them for what they are and the legacy they’ve created, a lot of them could use some tightening up. I have to admit that I’m rarely interested in the human elements and mostly interested in watching Godzilla fighting some monsters. Raids Again is one of the few that I felt I really loved the human element to (besides of course the original).

Let me point out that I’ve only watched Japanese releases and not any U.S. cuts.

What are some ideas that some of you have for any of the films?

I wonder if there was a good way to combine elements of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla OR combining elements of Ghidorah The Three-Headed Monster and Invasion of Astro-Monster.

Info Wanted: Has anyone done... Jaws/Jaws 2 extended editions ?

Slavicuss said:

RayRogers said:

Only have JAWS 1 & 2 on Blu-ray disc. Don’t even have 3D or THE REVENGE on the format though. Carried over all the features from the DVDs too.
Pity the deleted scenes aren’t 1080p.

It’s very noticeable (deleted scenes PQ) after viewing the Blu-ray versions of the first two films. Presented as supplements allows for their poor state. I’d like to see an extended cut of JAWS & JAWS 2. Very probably never happen though.

I didn’t bother with 3 & 4 - truly wretched films.

I actually had started work on a JAWS 2 Extended Edition using the DVD instead of the Blu Ray. It got sidelined, but I’ll have to dig it up and finish it.

Star Wars - Rise of the Dark Side (a PT 3-in-1 edit)

Well, it’s not exactly Obi Wan telling Luke what happened per say…

It’s more like Obi Wan is answering Luke’s questions about his father and then when he asks “how did my father die?” we then see Obi Wan kind of freeze on that question and then flash to the Star Wars logo and opening crawl. We’d be coming back to Obi Wan once Vader’s helmet is lowered onto Anakin and we hear the iconic breath a few times. Then Obi Wan says how Vader betrayed and murdered Luke’s father. This also helps line up what Obi Wan says in ROTJ that it’s true from a certain point of view (still a dick move, but it aligns things properly). I’m not sure yet, but we will jump back one last time for the ending from older Obi Wan to the conversation between Yoda, Bale and Obi Wan about going into hiding and we will end not on the binary sunset shot, but on Obi Wan looking at the Lars’ as they are holding Luke.

The Legend of the Magnificent Seven (Fan Edit of the 2016 Magnificent Seven) (Released)

Hello! I have a thread going at as well about this project I’ve been working on.

Here are the three things I am aiming to accomplish with my edit:

  1. Replace some of the film score with the original 1960’s score by Elmer Bernstein
  2. Insert 3 of the 4 deleted scenes from the home release (the Goodnight deleted scene serves little to no purpose)
  3. Rid the film of any indication that Sam Chisolm’s motivation is purely out of revenge. It doesn’t feel right that he would drag these 6 other men and a town of innocent people into his own personal fight against Bogue without them knowing it.

I’m happy to share more of what I’ve done up to this point as well as a cut list if there seems to be some interest.

Here is a link to a clip from my edit:

Password: magnificent

Info Wanted: Has anyone done... Jaws/Jaws 2 extended editions ?

On I had a thread about doing a Jaws 2 Extended as well as a trimmed down version of the film. There are parts where I felt the movie really could use some trimming and there were a few too many fake outs on potential victims, plus too much time with the kids. The Extended version I was working on had some rough deleted scenes, but it was still going to add about 4.5 mins to the overall film. I stopped due to a computer issue mixed with my editing software, but I’ll be getting back to it soon.

ACTION HERO (Last Action Hero Fan Edit) (Released)

In re-watching Last Action Hero and reading about the troubles it had along with watching some reviews on YouTube, I felt that as an Arnold fan I should give this a crack. One of the things that bothered me was that as the movie went along, Jack’s life didn’t seem all that great in the movie, which we saw in his apartment and when he spoke of paying a cashier to call him at work. Also, dog pyramid? I also wanted to try and make things a little more believable in the real world, but that was hard to do with what I had to work with, but why was Death allowed to walk around NYC and retain his powers while Jack was mortally wounded? Anyway, here is my cut list of the edit I’ve done:

-Cut the robbery scene in Danny’s apartment (didn’t add anything to the movie outside of the keys for the cuffs later which has been rectified)
-Cut the reference to Danny being late to the theater since the robbery scene is gone
-Cut Lethal Weapon reference to the cop who dies in the tree 2 days before retirement (no sax riff)
-Cut “I’m a kid” line as Danny lands in Jack’s car
-Cut Sharon Stone and Robert Patrick cameo since T-1000 and Catherine Tremmel don’t exist in JACK’s world. Because it was a moving shot, I cut the exterior as well as Danny looking around because he mentions how he was recently in a police station which calls back to the earlier scene I cut about Danny’s apartment being robbed
-No cartoon cat or mention of him (sorry Danny DeVito)
-Cut the dog pyramid (ugh)
-When Slater is remembering the ending to Slater III it cuts away to him at a news stand and then back to the ending again. It was a bit jarring, so now we will just see the full ending play out and then cut back to Danny and Whitney talking about the son
-When Slater jumps off the balcony, cut the over the top Olympic diving moves. Just not necessary. Jack jumps and we see him coming down in slow motion then we cut back to Danny grabbing the bicycle
-No ET reference. Now Danny will glide off the road and just crash the bike with Jack cringing
-Cut the captains head steaming as he yells as Slater and Danny. Most of the yelling happens off screen with the focus on Jack and Danny
-Cut out the random Bogart cameo
-Trimmed Jack’s apartment scene where he isn’t reflecting on how bad his life actually is. This meant cutting the reference to his ex-wife being happily remarried and he pays someone to call him at work. I always HATED that and felt it was TOO real for his movie world. Now he is just bummed about losing his badge and how Whitney is not the most normal of daughters
-Trimmed the Practice betrayal so it looks like Danny pulling the gun on him saves Slater and doesn’t involve the handcuffs or cartoon cat. The scene itself is great, but the cartoon cat needed to go.
-Cut all scenes of Death (I had a way of cutting it so Danny has a eureka moment and goes for the other half of the ticket without needing Death to tell him)
-Changed title within the credits from Last Action Hero to Action Hero
-Changed music during credits so we start with an AC/DC song then the rest of the credits use some of the very cool score that was composed by Michael Kamen, including Jack’s theme

I wanted to rework Jack throwing Danny while they were hanging from the theater in our world, but as much as I tried different things with slow-mo and reverse shots I just couldn’t get it right, so it had to stay in. Plus, Benedict needed to explode because it was how I explained them losing that half of the magic ticket without showing it falling or leaving it open-ended.

I’d be happy to share this with anyone interested. I need some people to preview and give suggestions.

Original running time: 130 minutes
Fan Edit running time: 120 minutes
Time cut: 10 minutes