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The Lone Ranger Lives! (edit of the 1981 Legend of the Lone Ranger film) (a WIP)

markapplelover said:

Let me know if you need a better copy than Youtube. I just watched it again for the first time since maybe when it came out and it has all those issues you mentioned, especially the awful voice-over stuff. And i found the fake voice offputting but may not be a way around that.

Interesting to see what you can do. Without the originals, and its separate audio tracks, it is a challenge.

Thanks! I have it on Blu-ray and working with an MKV file. On the surface level, I’ve accomplished all that I set out to do. Now it’s just a matter of fine tuning and working out the sound levels and additional foley sounds. Plus, for some reason the effects I added to the audio to make it match the “weathered” sound in the movie sound good on my computer, but terrible on the tv.

The challenge is finding time these days with a newborn that arrived a week ago and balancing work.

I appreciate the interest!

The Lone Ranger Lives! (edit of the 1981 Legend of the Lone Ranger film) (a WIP)

markapplelover said:

Any updates on this film?

It’s still in the works. There were A LOT of audio problems and level adjustments that need to be made. In some cases, my computer is struggling to handle some of it (because it’s old and a bit slow). That and some additional music replacements I’d like to do.

I’m also changing the title to “The Lone Ranger Rides!”

Glad there is someone interested in this lol!

Superman III/IV combo - looking for some help and ideas

The Shade said:

There was an edit from ADigitalMan from 10 to 15 years ago called Superman Redeemed, that was a combination of the least cringy footage of these 2 movies. Might want to check it out.

Yes, I know. He went a different route with his that didn’t include the supercomputer and had it implied that Lana and Clark end up together. That’s why I was asking about ideas to make an almost opposite angle work.

Superman III/IV combo - looking for some help and ideas

I’ve really been sitting on this one for a while and could use some input and help with trying to flesh this out.

I know there is the Superman Redeemed edit, but my ideas are a bit different.

I have a Superman The Movie edit already done from years ago that I’m actually thinking about doing over and adding in some of the TV cut footage. That was Superman Up, Up and Away edition. I haven’t tackled Superman II because I’m interested in seeing what others have done with it, like Booshman.

For a final film in a trilogy, I’d like to tackle combining Superman III and IV, but trying to tweak it and get some special effects help/tips on having the supercomputer turn out to be Brainiac, but a Brainiac that looks like it would fit in a Reeve trilogy. Also, while I like Lana, Lois should be the endgame in my opinion. So, here are the ideas/layout:

*This goes off of the idea that Superman doesn’t do the memory kiss and Lois knows Clark is Superman.

-Movie opens with a saucer hovering over Earth and entering the atmosphere (footage could be taken from the beginning of The Thing or the ending of V: The Final Battle).
-FOOTAGE NEEDED to show something crashing into an area like the Grand Canyon
-Opening Titles
-Superman does Superman-y save. Maybe recycle the police car chase from Superman I and remove it from my newer edit? The rescue of the guy drowning in the car is so ridiculous, but I love the phone booth change, so I’m not sure yet.
-Clark asks to go to Smallville as Lois asks to go on vacation. I’d cut around it so it isn’t obvious she’s going to Bermuda, but instead Paris
-FOOTAGE NEEDED to help show Brainiac contacting Lex in prison through maybe a radio that he has nearby
-Clark and Jimmy on the bus and Superman saves the chemical plant
-Supercomputer starts powering up and funny things happen like money from the ATM, traffic lights, ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS OR FOOTAGE/IDEAS WOULD BE GREAT
-Clark visits the farm and talks to the realtor about selling
-Smallville reunion and the following day with Lana
-Lex breaks out of prison using the Miss Tessmacher/hiding in the car escape
-Clark returns to the Daily Planet and learns about Lois and the bomb in Paris
-VOICE WORK to help with one of the terrorists mentioning Lex paying them or hiring them for this
-As Superman catches the elevator with Lois, she gets off and yells Clark as she hugs him to help drive home that she knows who he is
-Lex and Lenny grab Superman’s hair from museum
-Clark sees on TV about the nuclear arms stuff and Jeremy talks about the letter to Superman
-Clark contemplates what to do and we see him taking a moment at the Daily Planet
-Lois arrives at Clark’s apartment and he asks her about getting some air, then we cut the rooftop jump and go right into them having a romantic flight (cutting away the stupid parts of him letting her fly solo).
-They arrive back and she says he’ll do the right thing and they kiss (cut away after that. NO MEMORY KISS).
-Superman says he’s going to get rid of the nuclear weapons
-Lex (just Lex if the footage looks good, I’m still waiting on my Supes IV Deluxe with the additional scenes) experiment with the hair with some help from Brainiac heard in the background?
-Superman launches the nuclear weapons into space (including the one Lex has tampered with instead of it being an additional scene)

Now here’s where I’m stuck…Should the nuclear weapons into the sun lead to Bad Superman aka Bizarro Superman which I could try flipping the footage so he’s backwards? What if Superman is flying near the Grand Canyon after throwing the missiles and gets pummeled with rockets from the supercomputer aka Brainiac and then he goes in to investigate and Brainiac floods him with kryptonite forcing Superman to leave and this leads to his sickness? Should Brainiac flood him with a red light instead of green so it creates the Bad Superman instead?

I feel like we need Lex to help Brainiac do his bidding, but making those connect is where I’m a bit lost.

Also, MORE FOOTAGE NEEDED to indicate Brainiac is controlling a bunch of electrical stuff around the Earth. I’d like to build on the tornado sequence from both Superman III and a deleted scene from IV.

My overall goals are Superman and Lois are still a thing, Lois knows he’s Superman and the villain is Brainiac. NO villains from III.

Does anyone want to help weigh in on where to go with this?

Help with getting HAL9000 Edits

Eyepainter said:

I know it’s inconvenient, but good things come to those who wait.

I tried pretty much every hour on the hour between 8am-11pm for 2 days before coming here to ask for some help. I also tried his torrent links which unfortunately didn’t work either.

Rtiller said:

Try downloading at the folder level, instead of going into the folder and downloading the separate files.

Holy crap! That actually worked! Nice! Thank you!

Doctor Who Edit Ideas

Anakin Starkiller said:

People have kinda shrugged off Whoflix since he went on a temper tantrum, but I haven’t heard people praise his edits much regardless.

He went full blown misogynist! I actually felt my heart break as I read his tirade. I ended up walking away from watching everything he had done because it’s all I could think about. The things he said and carried on about are so anti what the Doctor would feel or say and I just couldn’t separate his crappy views from his work.

Also, his edits were nothing special. They were…fine. If anything, as was mentioned before, he’s the only person to tackle the entire series which is no small task by any means. His edits though did create massive plot holes in some instances while he had a few that were pretty solid. All in all, it’s worth checking out since the options of other Who editors is pretty slim, just don’t read his more recent commentaries and you should be fine. The work is a good place for other potential editors to get inspiration from.

Idea: 'Up' - ideas for a fan edit sought....

I appreciate different ideas and takes on things, but I think you’re missing literally the WHOLE POINT of the movie lol. Carl loses his sense of wonder and adventure with his wife passing. He wants to honor her and the adventures they didn’t get to go on by moving the house. It was later that he realized that his life with her was his greatest adventure and she tells him to keep having them, in the book. His loss and jaded approach contrasts with Russell who is young, naive and looking for adventure on his own. Basically, by lessening the wife’s role, you kind of take away how she’s the catalyst for the entire movie. It’s like taking Leia out of Star Wars. She’s the glue that brings them altogether as the wife and her passing brings Carl and Russell together on the adventure.

Sorry. You tackle your vision. I just feel that if you’re feeling down during the beginning, then Pixar did exactly what they were aiming for…helping you relate to the character. You know he’s hurt and sad, not just an a**hole.

The Lone Ranger Lives! (edit of the 1981 Legend of the Lone Ranger film) (a WIP)

I have a similar post over at and wanted to share with any other potential fans!

The year was 1981. There was some hype being built that The Lone Ranger was coming back to the big screen and this was going to be a big movie. A movie that was to have a John Barry score with 10 or so segments narrated by Merle Haggard. Producers were so sure this was going to be so big that a lawsuit was issued asking TV’s Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, to stop doing public appearances while wearing the Lone Ranger mask as they didn’t want to “confuse” audience members. Well, this backfired so hard that unknown actor Klinton Spilsbury, who was cast as a way of taking a page out of the “cast an unknown like they did with Superman” book, didn’t stand a chance of this movie being a box office hit. Also, for some reason, the producers didn’t like Klinton’s voice, so they hired actor James Keach to dub his voice over Klinton’s. On top of that, Klinton was constantly making headlines by getting in trouble with bar brawls and the like. There was so much bad juju around this movie, you would’ve thought Tonto put a curse on it. Speaking of Tonto, he was played by Michael Horse who would go on to garner some fame from Twin Peaks. Needless to say, when the movie finally premiered, it didn’t capture audiences the way they had hoped, and the Ranger rode off for a little over 20 years before the WB tried and failed at making a terrible teen drama pilot using the character, but little to nothing else. Disney tried their hand, but that did even worse.

So, I felt that it was time to give the Ranger his due with the respect the character deserves.

My knowledge of The Lone Ranger comes from the 3-part origin episodes that were edited into a movie which I found on DVD, then there were the 2 movies with Clayton Moore “The Lone Ranger” and “The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold”. The Disney movie is like a combo of the origin episodes and the first movie and this 1981 version is somewhere in between.

This project is going to take a while, but here is what I will be doing with it:

General Edits

  • Convert to Black and White UPDATE: There will be a color release and a black and white one as well.
  • ALL Merle Haggard narrations are gone. They are hokey and very dated (as I’m sure they were when this was released). This is what is making the project take longer. There are several scenes that have about a minutes worth of sound effects that need to be built from the ground up.
  • Add in and swap out some of the John Barry score. I am also using music from John Barry’s King Kong score whenever necessary. John Barry likes to use slower music over faster scenes as well as sometimes no score at all where there really could be. In general, any music added will be from John Barry only as long as it fits the aesthetic.

Specific Edits

  • Cut young Reid saying to his mother “why’d you have to die” while cradling her lifeless body. The delivery was terrible.
  • Cut opening titles and create something new
  • Cut the stagecoach stopping to pick up Amy. Since I’m cutting the opening titles, this brief scene isn’t needed. She will appear already on the stagecoach asking someone to switch seats with her.
  • Cut the music used during the stagecoach chase as this should be more tense that cowboys are riding up and shooting at them. It has been replaced with music from King Kong (1976).
  • Cut the line “so much for the American dream” spoken by the gambling passenger after the passenger across from him is shot during the stagecoach chase. Unnecessary.
  • Trim the conversation between John Reid and his brother Dan inside the cabin where Dan says he wants to piss on President Grant.
  • Cut Butch Cavendish’s introductory scene. Besides the Merle Haggard narration, it was more bizarre than anything else and I wanted to hide the twist that the Del Rio sheriff is working with Butch, one of 2 betrayals that will occur at the Bryant’s Gap ambush.
  • By cutting Butch’s intro, now it looks as if John’s arrival and the party scene occur on the same day.
  • Trim the conversation between John, Dan, Amy and Lucas so it doesn’t allude that it’s been more than one day and also to trim the awkward delivery of the supposed-to-be-awkward scene between Amy and John after Lucas and Dan leave.
  • After Amy’s father Lucas is found hanged, she screams something to the effect of “my father Lucas!”. This line has been cut.
  • Cut rangers chatting it up together as they enter the canyon looking for Butch and his gang. The reason for this is that it slows things down and it’s not like we spent enough time with them to feel any worse as they are massacred. You spent even less time with the rangers in the first episode of the show as it is. Another cut that takes place in this scene as well is Collins saying “I wonder if Cavendish knows we’re riding right us his ass”. This was TOO on the nose when you find out that Collins is the other traitor (besides the sheriff).
  • Cut the dialogue exchange between John and the older ranger during the shootout. This was just ridiculous and nothing was gained from this scene. It’s not like the old ranger imparted some wisdom to John, so it had no point. Again, we didn’t spend much time with the rangers before, so him dying with this conversation exchange or not doesn’t make me feel any different. These poor rangers were wiped out thanks to the betrayal of one of its own.
  • Cut the scene with John breaking Silver in. That scene goes on waaaaaay too long and the music annoys me because of how long the scene goes on. We don’t need to see Silver being broken in. Now John and Tonto find him and for the third time and we can assume where it goes.
  • Move the scene of the Lone Ranger and Tonto’s first ride to the end of the movie. Now, we see John wearing the mask and cut right to Del Rio at nighttime when they go to find Collins.
  • Added a glass bottle breaking sound effect after the Ranger throws Collins’ booze when questioning him. Originally it was just a thud.
  • Cut model train scene. We have just learned briefly from Collins that Cavendish wants a train, but that’s all we find out. The next scene shows Cavendish with a model train set telling his men and the audience that he’s going after the president. I rather we figure this out with the Ranger and Tonto than having the mystery spoiled so quickly.
  • Use Hans Zimmer’s version of William Tell Overture. It is a tad slower, more percussive and kind of matches the pace the Ranger rides as he rescues Tonto from the noose (as well as the galloping sound effect I had to use to rescore this scene).
  • Move scenes around, now the order is: Tonto is captured > We see Butch and gang riding out of their compound going somewhere > Ranger rescues Tonto from noose > we see the little boy telling Amy a padre has summoned her > We cut to Butch and his men near train tracks and we know he’s up to something, but we aren’t sure because all we know as the audience is that he’s got a plan for a train > back to Amy in the church where she tells a disguised Ranger that Grant is coming in on a train > cut to Grant sitting with Wild Bill Hicock and Buffalo Bill Cody > some back and forth between Grant, Ranger and Butch’s men until Grant is capture
  • After the little boy tells Amy that the padre wants to see her, cut him saying “you must’ve done something really bad”.
  • Rescore and new sound effects for when the Ranger and Tonto arrive at the empty train car and then proceed to ride on to Butch’s compound. We can assume Tonto helped track where all of the men went with Grant without the awful narration telling us.
  • Cut The Lone Ranger contemplating shooting Butch. At the point of its release, it was still a cliche, but we weren’t as tired of it as we are now.
  • Cut ending montage and replace with the earlier first ride of the Ranger and Tonto.
  • Use a brief narration clip from the old Ranger radio show as well as radio Lone Ranger saying “Hi-yo Silver! Away!”

The complete movie is on YouTube which is where I first watched it. It’s not THAT bad, but I feel like with my edits we can get to a decent Lone Ranger movie that isn’t as over the top as Disney’s take on the character.

There will be updated cuts as the project continues, but here were my general ideas after several viewings of the film. I spent a few hours on some sound work for an 80 second scene, so it’ll be a while until this is done, but for you Ranger fans out there, soon you will return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when from out of the past comes the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Silver!

The Lone Ranger Lives!

A Palpatine-less Edit of The Rise of Skywalker (Released)

Panakin said:

So how does Kylo find out about the Fleet ? How does Rey find out what Kylo knows & whats her new quest exactly ? Does Kylo need a new fleet ? Wouldnt it make more sense if he was searching out perhaps rumored Dark Siders / Force Users or something like that ? Or better yet instead of Palpatine himself how about rumored Palpatine descendants

I’m wondering if some of these could be answered in the crawl to help solve character motivation problems when cutting stuff out in the edit.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Faster, More Intense! (Released)

Octorox said:

Surprise! I’m more or less done with a V2 of this edit, although I’m going to need help with a custom crawl and credits. The new version is built from the ground up using Hal’s 1080p v6 of Cloak of Deception as the only video source, along with his lossless audio and a few patches of audio from other edits and various other sources.

As for what to expect, it follows the same basic philosophy as V1 and includes many of the same cuts, but it’s a little more reigned in. I pulled back on a few cuts in V1 that I felt weren’t seamless, either due to audio transitions or continuity.I also included some things that were excised in the original cut because I’ve warmed to them a bit, or felt they were ultimately harmless. In particular, two short scenes are re-added in the first act that appear in Hal’s edit, since I felt the pacing in my V1 was a little too “fast and intense”. Jabba the Hutt also appears during the pod race this time around.

Once I get around to titles and credits, I’ll watch it through again and upload the new version.

I literally just finished watching your Episode I edit moments ago and took to OT here to review what was cut and now I find out you have a v2? I’m SUPER excited to hear this, even though I found this edit to be flawless and amazed how much I enjoyed Ep I after never understanding what the hell was going on. Please please please share a link to your v2. Now, I’m gearing up to watch your Ep II in a few days.

The Dark Side Rises (A PT 3-in-1 Edit from a certain point of view) (WIP)

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the Clones portion of the edit. I checked out several 3-in-1 edits (such as Galaxy Betrayed and Empire Begins) as well as HAL-9000’s and octoroxx’s Clones and Sith edits to get some ideas and inspiration.

Attack of the Clones Edits:

-Flipped after the crawl so that we pan down and not up.
-Kept “we made it” but cut “guess there was nothing to worry about” line.
-Padme runs to Cordy after explosion, but when she gets to her, Cordy is already dead.
-Insert deleted senate scene with Padme
-Cut Mace’s line about Dooku not being behind the assassination attempts because “it’s not in his character” (even when I saw this in the theater I couldn’t believe this was actually written and said and then not edited out in post)
-Cut Obi Wan and Anakin reminiscing in the elevator of a past adventure we never saw (mostly because Anakin’s delivery was just jarring and the convo made no sense).
-Cut Jar Jar receiving Obi Wan and Anakin as they get off the elevator. The cut goes from Anakin sweating to Padme and her posse walking towards the jedi from the balcony (without hearing Jar Jar announce them).
-Cut Padme friend-zoning Anakin as well as Anakin’s cringy “you’re beautiful, for a senator” line. Now Padme says “Ani, you’ve grown” to which he replies “so have you” and then she smiles and they sit down. No reason to be creepy right away.
-Cut a little bit of Obi Wan scolding Anakin in front of Padme.
-Cut the whole thing about using Padme as bait and how Anakin couldn’t watch her because she turned off the cameras.
-Cut Jango talking to Zam beforehand. Jango will be the surprise reveal later. Zam inserts the canister and the drone flies off.
-Anakin talks about dreaming of his mother and then we cut to Padme sleeping as the drone is arriving, cut back to Anakin and Obi Wan talking some more about the dreams and then we see the drone beginning to get ready to fire
-No back and forth about not trusting senators. It just didn’t feel right given them trusting the chancellor but not the senators. Either be weary of all politicians or none of them IMO here.
-Borrowed this from the Galaxy Betrayed edit…the drone fires shots at Padme, not slugs. Anakin comes in and blocks the shots and then Obi Wan jumps out of the window and grabs onto the drone.
-Cleaned up a lot of the drone to Zam chase. Anakin does not lose his lightsaber.
-Anakin and Obi Wan arrive at the club and Obi Wan tells Anakin to stay focused and then they enter without the “death of me” and “you’re like a father” conversation (the father comparison didn’t gel for me because Obi Wan calls him his brother at the end of the Mustafar duel).
-Cleaned up the club scene.
-Borrowed from Empire Begins…after Zam is shot with the dart, her dying words are that the bounty hunter is from Kamino
-At the Jedi temple, Mace doesn’t ask Anakin to talk to the Chancellor. Anakin just goes to see Palpatine on his own volition.
-Initially I cut the “chosen one” stuff, but I kept bits of it only to keep things canon. We hear the conversation between Mace, Obi Wan and Yoda about worrying about Anakin on this assignment and then Mace plays the “he’s the chosen one” card only to help sell how blind they were with Anakin. This might be driven home if I go back and keep Qui Gon’s dying words about training the boy.
-Cut the “we’ve got R2” line. Anakin and Padme are both scared and they carry on. R2 as well as 3P0 are in the background whenever I can’t help it, but the idea is not to include them at all in this. It creates too many questions and errors, so they aren’t part of the story and for the most part, you won’t realize they are around based on how I’m cutting things and cropping. R2 around on Naboo wasn’t anything I have the skills to mask away unfortunately.
-Back on track…as soon as Padme and Anakin takeoff we cut to them talking about attachments and I removed Anakin’s poor attempt at flirting. He says we are encouraged to love and she stares at him and then looks down at her food.
-Obi Wan and Mace are talking about Anakin’s attachment to Padme and he gets ready to leave for Kamino
-Anakin and Padme arrive on Naboo along with deleted scenes talking about her childhood and her sister’s children
-Cutaway to Obi Wan arriving on Kamino (all intact)
-The deleted scenes of Anakin and Padme going to her parents and the conversation afterwards with Padme and her mom and sister are re-inserted
-Cut back to Obi Wan seeing the clone troops (all intact). This is not streamlined with meeting Jango, calling the council and trying to arrest Jango. Here are the cuts made to those scenes:
-Cut back to Obi Wan meeting Jango. I cut the line about Lord Tyranus, but the rest is there.
-Obi Wan calls Mace and Yoda (Mace doesn’t ask if Jango is involved in the assassination attempt because it’s like 100% clear and it was said 2 seconds earlier). After the call, Obi Wan and Jango have their fight on the platform as Jango escapes.
-Anakin and Padme’s picnic is in, but the riding of the creatures and the rolling around the grass is cut. Anakin’s political views are shown, but she thinks he’s kidding ironically. This is now streamlined with them having dinner and the pear cutting scene, followed by the now re-colored to look like early evening boat ride and walking to look at the view as she tells a story of swimming to an island.
-Anakin runs his fingers on Padme’s back as she gazes at him, then we fade out to Anakin’s nightmare. No kiss here.
-Anakin is meditating and we have a flashback to him saying goodbye to his mother and asking her if he’ll ever see her again.
-Anakin tells Padme that he needs to help his mother and she says “I’ll go with you” and then we end scene. Anakin apologizing for having to go is cut.
-Obi Wan follows Jango as they arrive on Geonosis. No asteroid chase.
-Obi Wan lands and finds his way inside the temple area and listens in on Count Dooku’s conversation with the Separatists.
-A later shot of Anakin and Padme’s ship is used in place of them arriving in downton Tatooine. Anakin and Padme arrive at his home and meet Owen and Beru as well as Clieg who fills them in. I cut some of Clieg’s lines because one second he says he wants to go after Shmi and the other he says it’s hopeless she’s alive. No 3P0 here.
-Anakin goes after his mother and we don’t cutaway to Obi Wan. We stay with Anakin until he starts killing Sandpeople.
-Obi Wan goes to send the message to Anakin when we cut back to Anakin arriving with Shmi’s body.
-The “not just the men” scene is cut so that Anakin says they’re animals and he slaughtered them like animals, but he feels bad and Padme consoles him. Cut out whining about Obi Wan and of course the “not just the men” dialogue.
-Clieg does not speak at the funeral. Anakin vows to never fail again and we cut to Anakin and Padme in her ship getting the Obi Wan message.
-Padme says to Anakin “you’re not going to leave him he’s your friend” and he responds with “you heard what Master Windu said” and she says well I’m going. Anakin smiles and the ship takes off. No “he’s like my father” line. No droids either.
-Count Dooku doesn’t act like he doesn’t know Obi Wan and no mention of Qui Gon
-Jar Jar doesn’t speak. Palpatine is awarded full control.
-Padme and Anakin arrive on Geonosis where she wants to handle things diplomatically. No droid factory, no other random creatures.
-Deleted scene inserted of Padme and Dooku hashing it out and him taking them as prisoners.
-Before they are taken to the area, Padme says she’s not afraid of dying and that she loves Anakin. They kiss and that’s that. No other back and forth about their relationship.
-Lots of little cuts to the arena fight to tighten up pacing.
-Clones come in to the rescue
-Dooku and Gunray escape and Obi Wan, Anakin and Padme see him and go after him
-No giant Clones vs Droids battle
-Padme doesn’t fall from the ship
-It’s cut so that when Anakin and Obi Wan arrive and jump off the ship to run after Dooku, Dooku flies out of a different exit and escapes while Padme shoots at him.
-No lightsaber duel between them, which also means that Anakin doesn’t lose his hand.
-Dooku arrives and speaks with Palpatine
-Yoda says begun the Clone Wars have then we see the brief montage of the army shipping out for battle
-Mace asks where Anakin is and Obi Wan says he took Padme back to Naboo where we jump to the wedding scene
-The wedding scene will now end with us jumping back to old Obi Wan with Luke and we go into the whole father’s lightsaber sequence
-Luke will ask how his father died and we will jump into Revenge of the Sith…

Running time of this portion is 77 minutes.

The Dark Side Rises (A PT 3-in-1 Edit from a certain point of view) (WIP)

“…many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”

And thus, my edit begins with Obi Wan meeting Luke as he is out looking for R2 and attacked by the Tusken Raiders. Luke mentions the name Obi Wan, causing Obi Wan to have a flood of memories from days long past.

Once they vacate the area and head back to Obi Wan’s hut, Luke and Obi Wan’s conversations lead us into the prequel trilogy.

My edit is different from other PT edits in that older Obi Wan is used to bookend and bridge the stories of the 3 movies together. Luke asking Obi Wan certain questions causes Obi Wan to reflect back on what happened that has led him here to this point where he meets the boy he’s watched over for so long while also unbeknownst to him, getting ready to embark on his final adventure.

The cut list is very extensive, but here are the highlights:

-Edit opens with Luke getting attacked by Tusken Raiders and Obi Wan scaring them off
-Luke asks about Obi Wan and we briefly cutaway to footage of Obi Wan from each of the PT while music from the scene plays on
-Luke and Obi Wan are the hut (using DeSpecialized footage) and Luke asks Obi Wan about fighting in the Clone Wars and as Obi Wan says “yes I was a jedi like your father” we cut to the Maul vs Qui-Gon vs Obi Wan fight
-Once the fight is over, we cut back to older Obi Wan. When Obi Wan starts talking about Anakin, he says he was a cunning warrior, the best starfighter in the galaxy, and we fade out as he says “and he was a good friend”
-“A long time ago in a galaxy far away” appears on the screen with music accompanying the transition and we flash our title and opening text

-Attack of the Clones begins with the assassination attempt as they arrive in Coruscant.
*there are A LOT of cuts from here, so I’m going to summarize
-NO chosen one plot point
-Jar Jar will be seen here and there, but never heard
-Anakin and Padme knew each other as kids, but that’s it.
-The night time assassination attempt will be the probe shooting at Padme, no insects
-The chase will be MUCH shorter and less over the top
-Anakin and Padme leave for Naboo and have the conversation about jedi’s not having attachments.
-Obi Wan investigates the poison dart in deleted scene and then heads to the archives followed by talking with Mace and finally leaving for Kamino
-Anakin and Padme arrive, talk with the queen there and then visit her family. No chastising him in front of the queen.
-Obi Wan arrives on Kamino, learns about the clone army, meets Jango and reports to the council followed by them dueling and beginning the chase to Geonosis
-Anakin and Padme have a picnic in the field, followed by dinner and then the shot of them getting off of the boat and her talking about swimming to an island has been converted into a nighttime scene.
-No hatred of sand dialogue
-Anakin runs his fingers on Padme’s back, but that’s it. No kiss here. Just the start of something brewing between them.
-Anakin has his nightmare about his mother and is meditating the next morning. While he’s meditating, we have a flashback to him saying goodbye to his mother from The Phantom Menace and they talk about whether they will see each other again as he leaves to be a jedi.
-Padme comes out, they talk about going to Tatooine and after she says she’s going with him, we end scene there, cutting Anakin being overly apologetic that he has to go rescue his mother.
-Obi Wan arrives at Geonosis and listens in on Count Dooku’s meeting
-Anakin arrives home (without meeting 3P0) and finds out his mother has been kidnapped. He sets out to find her. Anakin arrives at the Tusken camp, gets his mother and kills some Tuskens.
-Obi Wan sends the message to Anakin after finding out he’s on Tattoine
-Anakin arrives home with his mother’s body and he talks with Padme, but doesn’t do the “not just the men, but the women and children” line. He’s angry that he couldn’t save her and that he lost his cool. Padme comforts him.
-Anakin’s mom’s funeral without dialogue from her husband. Anakin swears he won’t fail again and then we jump to receiving Obi Wan’s message
-Padme says they’re going and Anakin happily agrees
-Chancellor is given power, but Jar Jar is not part of it
-Obi Wan speaks with Count Dooku. No mention of Qui Gon.
-Anakin and Padme arrive on Geonosis, she wants to go the diplomatic route so we cut to the deleted scene of them sitting down with Count Dooku
-Pre-arena conversation is just Padme saying she’s not afraid to die and that she loves Anakin. Now we have our first kiss!
-Arena battle is tightened up a bit before Mace and crew gets there
-After Yoda and the clones arrive to rescue the jedi, they take off and so does Count Dooku
-They chase Count Dooku, Padme doesn’t fall from the ship, they arrive and jump off as Dooku makes his big escape.
-No Count Dooku dual, Anakin doesn’t lose his hand, Yoda’s big moment was showing up with the clone army.
-Count Dooku meets with Palpatine, Obi Wan talks with Mace, we have a longer montage of the clone wars getting started and using lots of cut footage from the Geonosis battle and other battle footage from Revenge of the Sith
-Anakin and Padme marry

-We come back to older Obi Wan and he gives Luke his father’s lightsaber.
-Luke asks “how did my father die?” We hold on Obi Wan and then cut to Revenge of the Sith with Obi Wan and Anakin rescuing the chancellor from Dooku
-No buzz droids and no emphasis on R2.
-No “siths are our speciality” and no reference to Anakin losing his hand.
-Obi Wan is thrown during the fight, but Dooku doesn’t bring down the platform
-Anakin decapitates Dooku without hesitation
-After Palpatine is freed, we jump to Coruscant.
-Grievous will not be featured in this edit
-Anakin learns of the baby and it mostly plays out the same from there with minor edits here and there
-No “it’s unfair” stuff with the council
-insert deleted scene with the senators talking of a rebellion
-No midichlorians
-Palpatine doesn’t twirl as he lunges towards the jedi members there to arrest him
-After killing Mace, Anakin doesn’t ask what has he done. He immediately pledges himself to the emperor
-During Order 66, we will see Yoda kill the 2 troopers who are about to take him out because we should see him wield a lightsaber at least once IMO
-Obi Wan talks with Padme and I cut it so that Padme accepts Obi Wan’s help and doesn’t turn him away
-Cut a few lines from Padme as she talks with Anakin for the last time just because the dialogue wasn’t working well in some ways
-Cut Anakin saying “we’ll see about that” before the final duel begins.
-Anakin vs. Obi Wan is 95% of the entire fight without cutting away (I just cut out the I kick you and you kick me on the table part of the fight).
-No “it’s over I have the high ground” line
-A few cuts here and there and Padme dies, but it’s never explicitly said why. We can assume it was the encounter she had with Anakin as he was choking her
-Once Vader is raised from the table, we cut back to old Obi Wan
-Obi Wan tells Luke Vader killed his father
-After their exchange, we cut back to Bail, Obi Wan and Yoda discussing separating the babies
-Bail leaves, Yoda asks Obi Wan to stay and they discuss more training, but leaving out mention of Qui Gon
-The ending is a montage using the music It’s Over Now from the REBELS Season 2 finale. The montage starts with Padme’s funeral, followed by Yoda arriving on Dagobah, then Bail arriving to Alderaan and finally Obi Wan on Tatooine. The last shot will be of Obi Wan walking away instead of the binary sunset.

Here is a clip of the opening 9ish minutes:

At the moment, my title is The Dark Side Rises, but I’m open to suggestions.